NoraReed / Nora Fleck / Nora Reed Heineman-Fleck, Sugar Daddy John Fleck, and the Norasphere - The neverending fuck-ups of a sadistic thumb, codependent dad and tons of white knights

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If you really had to who would you sex?

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This thread in a nutshell:

Evidence that Nora has a bizarre scooter fetish:

"Norasphere" spinter threads: (Alex Leal) (Mark Boyd)Æryn-simpson-sfthewolf-shadowfire.21311/ (Aaron Simpson) (David S. Gallant) (Robert "Rob" Marmolejo / UnseenPerfidy) (Andri Erlingsson)


Special credit goes to @Hellfire, @CatParty, and @Cynical for their important contributions to this thread. Dox was made possible by /baph/'s Nora Reed thread, which I then found even more information on by typing the name of Nora's dad into Intellius and going from there.

Who said there couldn't be non trannies in the rat king cult? I've been told that this nut isn't a tranny at all so for now, I'm going to assume that she's cis but looking at pictures for myself, I could hardly believe that this wasn't a MtF tranny anyway. M.A. Melby (bisexual) and Izzy Galvez (straight) aren't trannies either but I wouldn't be surprised if either of them wanted to go there one day and end up like Chris or ADF in trying to do a hamfisted, half-assed job at trying to pass. I mean look at this thing. It's gross and right up there with any one of ADF's asspatters in being as grotesque as possible with their own looks.
Nora 17.jpg
Jesus, did NekoArc have a daughter already?

That's enough pictures because if I look at any of these too long I'm gonna get sick myself, especially if there are any nudes of this woman out there somewhere which I have a bad feeling that there are.

The story as to how I became aware of this woman was that she had blocked me on Twitter for some reason and she was asspatting some rat king ass. I posted about them not only in Rat King General but in the Sarah Nyberg thread where they were doing some ridiculous sperging. They are rat king'ed to Izzy Galvez and Zinnia Jones at least.


From here.

Zinnia Jones thread:


@Hellfire capped the rest of these from their profile.

Unbeknownst to me, Cynical had brought them up before last year in the Wu thread and linked to their Patreon page back then. It proves that rat king content crosses over with a lot of other topics here on the forum and the connection needs to be noted more.

The reason this woman is getting her own thread now as opposed to just being having a passing mention in the Rat King general thread is because recently after Candace Owens of Social Coroner fame decides to change their Twitter handle, this opportunistic cunt took over that name and started to chimp out and sperg really bad about the whole thing.

douchebag2.png from:norareed&src=typd (Word filter)

They were doing a lot of bitching about Randi Harper earlier.

What comes next is a whole assortment of archive links of some of the best examples of Nora freaking out about the dumbest shit. Since there was so much archived already, I'm going to split this into several posts for the sake of having an easier to read OP. This is just a good idea of what you're in for.

Has used alternate Twitter display names such as Norapinephrine, The Bot-Mother.

Hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, still lives there according to the Facebook.

While currently feuding with Randi Harper, Jesse Singal, and Candace Owens, she previously clashed with Shanley.

Tons of stuff has been archived about this nut.

Facebook: Disqus (Archive ) Orbiting Aneeda and others

Her reddit:
(Could be lots of content here, someone archived her overview in August 2015 and I just archived it now, so that's a huge void) Bot twitter Her Buzzfeed account "An interview with app artist Nora Reed" Raging on twitter about Singal Another clash with him KIA thread about them fighting A blog using Nora as an example of why to avoid SJWs Same blog, different post about Nora Crying on twitter about Milo's articles on Nyberg Raging at Shanley, something about Nora being "driven off" MetaFilter Medium From her 'barrl' site, "an open letter to the dude who honked at me and my friend with his kid in the car" Salt where she is telling you to paypal her to be unblocked on twitter Rage about Ellen Pao, she has some kind of sub-blog called 'What has Gamergate ruined' that is full of angst KotakuInAction thread about Nora getting someone banned on Twitter or something Calling Gamergate's Deepfreeze site a "hit list" Crying about Twitter harassment stats and Gamergate Crying about someone, yet again Crying about Hugo awards RRRREEEEEing about Gamergate and Twitter Orbiting John Flynt Mentioned in a KIA thread about anti-GG loons targeting Jamie Walton Orbiting Randi Harper, evidently before they got butthurt about each other David Futrelle retweeting her calling a 4chan prank "internet blackface" Ebegging, has a "priestess", mentions making her Gamergate blog GamerGhazi thread where she is posting about Flynt Posting on an "offendgamergate" hashtag Looks like her commenting on that MetaFilter thing she got "driven off" off Crying about Archivist Becks being "targeted" Crying about Gamergate and Gawker Crying about gamergate and OSCOn KIA thread about Nora white knighting Sick Nick Nyberg Something from the Randi-Nora bromance phase The Storify

Nora's also one of these people obsessed with trying to call Cathy Brennan a fake goth as a shitty way to troll.
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Part 2:

Most of this is from Hellfire.

Archives of her reddit overview:

Something she uploaded about getting banned on reddit A tumblr Active tumblr Etsy Sperging about lipstick Is/was a Discordian DS code Whining on reddit about being home alone



It seems to be deleted, but someone had a "Lora Feed" weeen account that she was screencapping and whining about.

Whining about "virtue signaling" with Jesse Singal

She calls some group she hates "tankies" from:norareed&src=typd Fake Robot Tranny raging at her Raging about Jamie/Wayne Foundation from:norareed&src=typd

She's also constantly searching for herself and will do opposition research on anyone she comes in contact with, such as scouring their blogs etc.



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I checked the Social Autopsy twitter handle and it's completely been deleted so Nora must have backpedaled somewhere. What a sperg.


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Oh boy, this thread is going to be fun, I can tell.

Also, pardon my idiocy, but what exactly is the "rat king"?

The new ⚧ Rat King tag is for a specific group of gender-defiant people who all know each other. It's kind of hard to explain this concept to someone who doesn't immediately know what I mean.

Online trannies who are self-declared advocates all know each other. They're like the folklore concept of a Rat King, tied together at the ass by their own tails and shit. They back each other up, have their own circles of followers who buy into their shit, support each other on Patreon to inflate their numbers, and throw in with each other's Internet fights to intimidate people who disagree with them. They are the new modern SJW version of mobsters and they use their oppression points to make money and gain influence.

They are evil in a way that is so stereotypical of a villain, if it were written into a book, you'd consider it a flat and uninteresting character. This definition is very strict, and doesn't pertain to all (or even most) trannies. Jenffer is not a Rat King, but Laurelai, Neko Arc, Cogsdev, and those brood are.

Please use the tag responsibly. If this trend keeps up, they might get their own subforum dedicated to the chronicles of the Rat King, but I'm reluctant to do that because it may attract very far right redpillers who have some sort of weird hateboner for trannies.
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I don't know who Davillage is but they're having an absolute shit fit about us and Big Blue and getting most of the facts wrong along the way.

View attachment 89241


Here's a hint.

This said, have you ever noticed how willfully obtuse these people are? We've long since left the station when it comes to us being able to blame simple mental illness; the fact that these morons can outright claim their little clique did nothing wrong even as they then immediately turn around and do the exact same thing they bemoaned is a sight to behold.


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Here's a hint.

This said, have you ever noticed how willfully obtuse these people are? We've long since left the station when it comes to us being able to blame simple mental illness; the fact that these morons can outright claim their little clique did nothing wrong even as they then immediately turn around and do the exact same thing they bemoaned is a sight to behold.

It makes sense now.

The hydra has grown so many heads this week that I'm having trouble keeping track of them.


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semi-OT but the Rat King concept is pretty funny if you have even a low Warhammer power level. if you don't, skim a wiki's entry on the Skaven (rat-people who bring disease wherever they go) and their god The Horned Rat.

clanrat wu.jpg


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Nora has been chimping out on Twitter about the KIA thread(s) and her thread here.

View attachment 89245

View attachment 89246

View attachment 89247

View attachment 89248

She is talking about the some blog archives from this thread OP:

View attachment 89249

View attachment 89250

View attachment 89252

View attachment 89251

View attachment 89253

This from the same shithead who used to run extortion lists (PAY ME $50 VIA PAYPAL TO GET OFF THE LIST OF SHITLORDS) and who demanded payment to be civilly disagreed with. There's a certain irony here that makes this especially delicious.

Also "lovefriend?" fucking really?

Calling it now, she's dragged some poor schleb into a poly relationship. Start the betting pool, Kiwis.

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