Oct 22 - Diplomatic Overview -


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Woke up to this....

Going back to what @Batman VS Tony Danza said, I don't know if going to his mom will do anything about the tism. I've had experiences with my family about things and she would laugh it off saying i was a hypochondriac or my brother said I just wanted attention. Of course, my condition would get worse and I've ended up having to go to urgent care.

Be all end all, this is a tough call. No kid would want to tell their parents they think they have autism. Its so random yet so oddly specific that its slightly laughable. (Not making fun of autism, but just imagine going to a loved one and saying that out of the blue)

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Fuck, I'm autistic too. Still, I was diagnosed when I was 3 and my Dad did everything he could to make me like everyone else. Sure, it's a challenge to make sure everything's taken care of with my job and the bills, but it's worth it. Autism isn't a good thing, but knowing that you have it will help you deal with it.

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This is a fairly good insight into his current decision making process...

-So, I've had a rational chat...

No, you really didn't. You came in and proudly exclaimed about how you don't really see the problems with yourself everybody is telling you about as actual "problems" that you need to fix, then started randomly demanding for personal info from users here like you were entitled to that info like you think you're entitled to everything.

-"Done what I can..."

This blog post immediately shows you haven't done shit, GK.

-"royally mucked around"

Welp, here's another GKism, folks!

-"The Golden Rule: think of everybody in sight as being like me!"

Well, this explains alot, actually. The fact this is completely the wrong take on the actual "Golden Rule" that kids learn in like, elementary school or such, aside, this suggests he literally is of the opinion everybody actually has the exact same likes and dislikes as he does.

- *GK Acknowledges then disregards the Ego problem*
Of course you're happy having it, dipshit, the whole idea of an inflated ego is that you think you're the best goddamn thing that ever existed. You refuse to acknowledge things that would deflate your ego, because they make you unhappy, but spoiler alert: that's life. Deal with it.

Yeah...just my opinion, but I don't think GK actually thinks he's autistic given how he downplays it so much here.

-"Appology to Heather"
Holy shit, progress!

Let's see if it holds.

-"Being emotionally abused by the Kwkis"
AAAAAAAAAAnd that didn't last long. Apparently, telling somebody that being a pedophile is bad because that's telling them to be something they're not. And that's the same as all the shit GK put Heather through. I think not.

-"Fundamental Changes in who I am"
Well, yeah, that's kind of the point. You have to change yourself before others will treat you differently and presumably in the better light you want them to. Nobody's going to change their minds when you refuse to be a better person.

And see the ego problem for why liking yourself too much blinds yourself to actual problems.

-"Sacrificing Heather for a better match"
Spare us the bullshit, Chromedomed Zippo. You pushed Heather aside for somebody you spent less than a day talking to over the internet without finding out any actual information about them, such as the fact they were a guy with an awesome beard.

And that wasn't "the" blunder, either, it was one of the last after a whole series of ways you abused her.

-"ideally not even if the adult is a parent"
The fuck? Is he trying to excuse himself again from being held responsible for that Christmas Journal BS by throwing a "I'm not a parent adult type person" card or something? The fact he felt the need to point out a non-existent exception as if it's worse than what he did shows he still doesn't think he's in the wrong about being a fucking pedo.

-"Disagree on all counts"
No, we believe it is objectively wrong to be those things every goddamn waking second of your life. There is a time and place for everything, aluminum wastebasket, you just choose to not acknowledge when you need to act your fucking age and be a goddamn adult.

-"lots and lots of bad-mouthing!"
You acknowledge that we "hate your guts" or so you think, what did you expect?

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Most of us actually did try to be polite to him. But he just had to start acting like the little creepy dickhead he is, and then he got offended when people told him to cut it out. Also, The fact that he still sees nothing wrong with feeling up kids is honestly disturbing


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I saw several people say in the other thread that they were most "ashamed" of trying to help him in the first place, knowing he almost certainly wasn't going to listen. I'm sure that's partly rhetorical, but I'll just take this moment to reiterate that I don't regret trying to meet him half (or maybe three-quarters) of the way and seriously help him without giving him a bunch of guff. I really don't feel like anyone here that follows him actually has anything to lose by doing that.

What'll happen if he doesn't take that advice? He goes right back to being that muletted royal ass-hat that everyone laughs at, but virtually no one likes. What'll happen if he somehow had a change of heart and did take our advice? He pulls his head out of his ass, slowly learns how to get his shit in order and maybe ends up leading an adjusted semi-normal life. Seeing a lolcow turn things around is just as entertaining as anything they can possibly do while they are a lolcow IMO.

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Fuck you Jay Geis.


If you don't want to become a better person, that's fine. Just continue to wallow in the hell that you're creating for yourself, it makes no difference to the internet. But don't ask for advice on HOW to become a better person and then brush it off with bullshit lines like "They're trying to change me". No one is trying to change you, they're telling you what YOU should be wanting to change about yourself. Things you already would want to change if anyone in your life had cared about the type of person you would grow up to become.
If a person lifts weights to increase their muscle and lose fat, it's not because they should hate their existing body. It's because they want a fitter body.
If a person studies to become adept at new skills and fields, it's not because they should hate their existing brain. It's because they want to be smarter and more talented.
If a person goes to therapy to work through the issues weighing them down, it's not because they should hate their personality. It's because they want to become more wise and emotionally stable.
Not Jay Geis though. Jay Geis ain't having none of that, and it's because his ego is larger than him. And that's the real root of the problem.

Being egotistical is a negative trait, but it's not an inherent deal-breaker in whether a person is likeable or not. People have occasional negative traits that balance out the positive things about them, and that's okay. We can all be a little selfish, or short-sighted, or cocky, or lazy, or anything at all really. It doesn't automatically make us terrible people, because most people have some positive traits that add to their overall value. But Ego is a very very big negative trait, because there's literally only one thing that balances it. The only thing that balances out ego is being awesome.
If you're as strong as a horse, clever as a fox, and completely jaw-droppingly beautiful, you're allowed to be a little egotistical about it. It's still not a positive trait. You'd still be even cooler if you were that awesome person and humble to boot. But at least no one interacting with you would be confused when you swaggered a bit.

And that's the problem of Jay Geis.

Jay has a giant, massive, sun blotting ego. And he sucks. He sucks so bad that his own father barely speaks to him. He sucks so bad that his online girlfriend left him the instant she started talking to other people. He sucks so bad that almost everyone's reaction towards him is immediate disgust, or complete apathy. He sucks so bad that a forum dedicated to him think its too boring to watch his streams. He has no redeeming qualities.
Physically he's a greasy, ugly worm. He's too lazy to fix his hair in anything other than some weird, hideous style he picked when he was 12. He's too oblivious to shave off the half-grown pedostache (or he's too lazy to shave (Or he's afraid of razors!)). He's so frail that someone smoking near him or wearing perfume is enough to make him afraid of passing out. He looks like a holocaust victim because he eats like a toddler and barely moves.
He's a coward. The idea of trying new things upsets him so much it makes him sick. He faked fainting to get out of riding a roller coaster. He drove to an unfamiliar neighborhood and wished he'd brought a gun along. He's brave as hell when he's in the room his dad pays for and his mom cleans, but an hour of driving in the city left him emotionally shattered.
He's lazy. He thinks improving his art style is a chore he shouldn't have to do, even though it's the only thing he intends to do with his life. He does this because he thinks it will make him enough money to buy power armor. This is important because it ties into him being physically pathetic and mentally cowardly. He wants power armor because it will make him impossible to hurt and much stronger without him actually having to expend any effort.
And he's a flipping psychopath. His fantasies involve walking down the street "killing punks with impunity", and having enough control over reality to make his enemies "simply cease to exist, as if they were never there in the first place". Somehow he thinks this is heroic, even though Heroes generally try to not kill if they can. In fact, the most heroic figures in our culture will go out of their way to not kill anyone, even villains. And he hates all animals and loves killing them any chance he can get. That's a huge red flag. Protip to any would-be knights? Killing isn't what makes you strong. It's a last resort when you couldn't fix the problem any other way. The stronger you get as a person, the easier it is to help wayward souls and defenseless creatures without burying them.

And despite all that, Jay's only insight is "Well I like me".

I've never said this to anyone in my life. But you shouldn't like yourself Jay. You shouldn't like yourself at all. You should want to be better. Really better. Not just your pathetic self inside your Iconic Golden Power Armor.

But Jay doesn't want to become a better person. He's too lazy to work towards improvement. And he's too much of a coward to really look at his reflection, because he knows what he'll see if he stares deep enough.



That certainly seems possible, judging from his comment to you on dA about autistics being "a different breed of human who should have their own culture". Good lord.
Autistic people just have a diffrent wiring of the brain then your average person.Although to call them a different breed of human and the need for them to make their own culture...is just crazy talk.

Am not really surprised he said this TBH. This is the same guy who still thinks that pistol wiping and jellyfish stings are "safe".


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Up until now, I lost sight of THE Golden Rule: Think of every person I see as if that person were ME!

Well, thats kinda what the Golden Rule is.
A better version would be: "Don't do to someone else anything that would suck if someone did it to you."

I have a giant ego, but I am happy with having it. (Wayside reference in a later journal) They are not.

There is a difference between being proud of one accompliments, and being conceited without justification.

I am probably autistic. For good or bad, the label is not as important as what it means. I'll spare the lecture about autism this time!

Ah, but lets hear what his definition of "autistic" is. I suspect he doesn't know what the word means.

I emotionally abused Heather by hoping I could develop her into my perfect match. Heather, I am officially sorry for forcing such upon you.

Well, some contrition is better than no contrition.

Oddly, I feel they are enacting the same emotional abuse onto me, trying to mold me into someone I am not.

Actually I think the Christorians want to see Golden Knight actually achieve his potential.
Y'know, to actually BE a hero in real life, that he merely pretends to be in his imagination.
The CWCki massive has a very clear idea what happens when an arrogant autist is left to fester in ignorance and self-delusion. OPL may be a lost cause. I still think Golden Knight can be saved.

This is because according to them, the only way to expunge my bad points is to fundamentally change who I am. I like who I am.

Benito Mussolini held himself in very high regard.
He was an arrogant, delusional douchebag.
Not exactly a role model.
Golden Knight needs to read up on The Dunning Kruger effect: "An incompetent person is least competent about their own level of competence."

My relationship blunder is haunting me; sacrificing Heather for a better match. They did trick me, but it did teach me a lesson. I formally apologize.

Again, I am having flashbacks to OPL's habit of quickly "apologizing" without showing any real contrition.

It is never cool for any adult to make any physical contact with a child, ideally not even if the adult is a parent. So says my generation.

So says any sentient being with a conscience. Kiddyfiddlers are probably the most hated paraphiliacs. Even more so than necrophiles or sadists.

They believe it is objectively wrong to be childish, sadistic, cheesy, or hopelessly romantic. I disagree on all counts.

His disagreement is noted.
Now he has to show how these traits are virtues and not crippling personality deficiencies.
Also I suspect his definition of "Hopelessly Romantic" doesn't match anyone elses.

And most of all, they provided lots and lots and LOTS of bad-mouthing!

Funny....I kept seeing alot of constructive criticism.
GK must not know what that is.
Same way he doesn't know that Narcissistic Injuries aren't real injuries and Butthurt is not a legitimate medical condition.