Oct 3 2021 - Chris writes letter rejecting attempt to convert him to Islam -

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I think all the letters, gifts, and commissary money that will inevitably be sent to Chris will turn him from a nuisance in the eyes of fellow inmates into an easy mark. I expect us to find out that he was... making regular purchases for other inmates, shall we say, and for some reason he also kept deciding to pass on the gifts to other prisoners.

Cwc likes attention and being extorted for gifts is attention, in principle it's not different to trolls extorting money and chris didn't seem to mind that much as ruining a cake, but I don't think chris is in contact with general inmates like that so that bit is moot.

but trying to unironically turn chris into muslim to get chris to be better? LOL WTF. that's the dumbest stuff I've heard all week, even more stupid than chris ebegging via proxies. when people send money to chris then chris will just ramp up the jesus/allah/sonichu stuff and sending out letters, because chris does work on a feedback loop like that. at least chris's ebegging via proxies gets chris commissary so it makes some logical sense for chris to do it with immediate benefits to chris, but there's no logic in that chris would get "better" by having a religious awakening into any religion, if anything chris would make any religion chris would get into look bad. that's just what chris does.

Some people will surely send chris money.

The ultimate worst thing everyone could do to chris would be to simply not write back, not send money. just totally blackhole chris. That would be an actual punishment, chris just sitting in a jail cell receiving letters is not a punishment for chris.

but we all know that wont happen. as for extorting chris out of commissary chris would babble about that and furthermore it would need the other inmates to interact with chris and spend time with chris like being paid friends, so who is exploiting who. they don't want to do the hankypanky with chris anyway and chris might like it if they did whereas they would be doing it just as part of humiliating chris for extortion purposes, being basically same old troll dynamic with the same questions about who is exploiting who.


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I noticed this letter is more refined in its holy scripture than Null's was. I guess the bible and other religious stuff is the only thing Chris is getting exposed to (minus any STDs). He has this way of remember things, but like in a commercial catch phrase sort of way, which he's always had, but it's like his life has suddenly lost all it's commercial advertising influence, and he's trying to make up for it.

That said, this a pretty bottom feeding post-merge ween scheme.
look closely at the "auras" drawing, you can see a couple engaged in what he calls a "soul bond."

View attachment 2623954
Note what seems to resemble long hair on the top figure and the visible breasts on the bottom one, self portrait of Chris fucking barb trying to be hidden by outline silhouette type drawings? Forget the letters THIS is the damning piece of evidence that'll convince them he's guilty as sin.
That is a really good catch. I think you solved the Tardiac Code.


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is likely to result in him getting beaten to death
And? Perfect ending for prison arc and the series. Also, if Chris wants to be Jesus, dying from a bunch of jews muslims after getting sentenced for a crime he didn't commit is going to be an honor for him.

I think that reaching out to Chris in earnest to give him some spiritual guidance is admirable even if most people would consider him a lost cause
When exceptional individual does stupid thing, people blame said exceptional individual. When exceptional individual with a tard wrangler does stupid thing, people blame it on his wrangler. It is that simple.

someone send a letter to chris and tell him to draw himself "healing" barb

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I wonder what would happen if there were some sort of benevolent Idea Guy. Like what if there were someone who was intelligent enough to manipulate Chris' fantasies without just trying to humiliate him or extort him. What would happen if someone actually blew up CWCville with that moon laser?

"Oh damn, all your imaginary friends are dead and the dimensional merge is aborted. Guess you have to make some real friends and get a job now".

Not suggesting anyone to try it, just my hypothetical idea for how someone might help Chris if they wanted to waste a year of their life playing make-believe with him.

Positive trolling, that's a interesting concept and for some it might work but with Chris...

Any positive influencer would have to induce him to work toward changing himself without a maladaptive compensation established. So you can't use sex, or coercion. And as soon as Chris hits some form of struggle he'll go right back into escapism if not outright stonewalling.

... it would run into that wall prety hard and fast and would stop working unless you dangle a carrot just ever so too far out of his reach he will stop doing anything at all and 1/8th his half arsed effort. To get him to keep doing it you need to give him short fuzzy wuzzys of serotonin that don't last and every now and then one that will get him to clean his room in return for a free big mac and then every 5th or 6th time he does it add in a small toy to remind him of his effort and keep doing that till he forms it as a pattern of behaviour and start spacing out the rewards and every now and then throw him a bigger one to cement the effort in his brain, it's a more advanced version of what's worked with him in the past but if you do it for things that are harder and have a genuinely improving effect on him it could work out well.

But we are far past that point now so it's all hypothetical speculation at this point.

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Das rite!
Is there any reason to think Chris will be housed in supermax with the sandniggers and wewuzmuhammads?

He'll be in protective even if he gets jailed. Worst I think he can do right now is get into an argument with a methhead.

Also, heh, allah being CWCs bottom bitch is quite funny.
This letter is kinda illuminating. Chris is absolutely clueless about the world, and is completely unaware about his ignorance, prefering to plunge into his delusions (and into Barbussy) rather than learn more about the world. Thanks to whoever transcripted this on the CWCki so that I don't have to read Chris' chickenscratch handwriting.

Chris starts by immediately rejecting the allegations that he is delusional. He counters that he "meditates" (read: daydreams while playing with toys) a lot, and is connected with all universes and dimensions, so he is already in touch with himself. Chris doesn't attempt to use any for of reasoning; before his arrest he would attempt to prove his divininty by making stones move with his mind, predicting people's actions, and being possessed, but now he's just saying "I know I am God because I feel so." In the past, Chris would at least attempt some crude form of argumentation when pushed, but now he's completely abandoned logic. This is probably because using logic would lead to him admitting to himself that he has done something wrong, is currently powerless, and needs to be punished, but Chris' ego would never let that happen.

Chris then somewhat reveals his version of cosmology. He believes that he is God, but still obeys the commands of a higher God, and Allah is just one of the many gods that are on equal levels with him. This is his way of affirming several concepts. Firstly, Chris is powerful and respected. Secondly, despite his power Chris is still capable of getting into trouble because if there is a God above him, that means he's not omnipotent. Thirdly, Chris does not need to humble himself by worshipping other gods, since he is among their peers. Fourthly, Chris is justified in getting that Barbussy, because how can an omnipotent God be raped?

This part also reveals to us what Chris does not know. Chris does not know that Abrahamic religions are monotheists; so most likely he hasn't read Genesis or Exodus (or just really any early part of the OT). Chris does not know that God and Allah are technically the same deities, though to be fair, a lot of Christians in his demographic do not know of the common roots of Christianity and Islam. Chris knows that Jesus is the incarnation of God, but is completely unaware of the Holy Spirit. Chris believes Allah to be a national god like Yahweh in the Canaanite pantheon, and oddly enough considering that he follows identity politics, he views Islam as a violent and repulsive religion, in line with Classic Chris. I don't know where he got the 40% statistic from, but it's enough evidence for him to get "bad vibes" off of mentions of Islam.

Chris keeps referencing Malachi, the last book of the OT, yet he also refers to himself as the Second Coming, which only occurs in Revelations, the last book of the NT. Has he not read Revelations yet? Or does he believe that the NT is a story about him now, and he will soon be out and about multiplying fish and turning water into Fanta? Even then, he believes the NT to be a description of the past, and he believes he's currently at the point where Judas betratys Christ. He definitely shows a very weak grasp of the concept of linear time, which might indicate he's almost completely losing his sanity.

On to the grammar and vocabulary of the letter, Chris' grasp of English has definitely degraded a lot. He mixes up singular and plural forms in the same sentence, and writes "rather" rather than "whether". I also get the feeling that he's capitalizing words that he usually wouldn't capitalise in the past (when he would only capitalize nouns and any words that indicated a heavy tone), but I feel I might be wrong on this part. Interestingly, he uses "thou" and "thee" correctly, so most likely he's reading the KJV Bible in prison.

In conclusion, Chris is definitely showing that he absolutely has no idea about the religion he's trying to supplant. Even despite having nothing to do other than read the Bible, his lack of reading comprehension skills and critical thinking skills can only allow him to engage in power fantasies. While many people read as a form of escapism, Chris takes it to the next level. It's unlikely, in my opinion, that we will see Chris mentally recover from his stint in prison.

Tl;dr: Chris is stupid and insane.

P.S. I just realised the CWC cross is supposed to also look like a power off button.

N.B.: Got some details about Chris' cosmology wrong, see The Dude's post below.
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Is Chris saying da merge happened and those of us who aren’t living in Toon Town are the dregs who were left behind on the old earth?

I wish our savior could make a rambling smug video about all this *sigh*
Yes he's really saying that the rapture is happening and the worthy will be taken to live with the avengers and my little pony like Randy Stair and his cartoon ghost girlfriend

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Chris is not saying that Barb is God. He is saying that Barb is not his real mother the same way that Joseph wasn't Jesus' real father. He is saying that his real mother is Emmanuel, (his name for God, which he got from his time growing up in church but not paying attention, so he mistakenly thinks that Immanuel is the name of God the Father ,who he has decided is actually a woman, while it's actually the name of Jesus)

In short, Barb is is earthly mother, who is distinct from Emmanuel, his heavenly mother, according to Chris.

Eh, close. Chris is pretending to have someone possessing his body again. Only this time instead of it being Sonichu or Roger Rabbit or whatever-the-fuck, he's pretending its the goddess version of himself, who also used to be Jesus. You can consider it as two Chrises: Chris the "body" and Chris the goddess who also used to be Jesus, etc. So Barb is the mother of Chris the body, while Emmanuel is the mother of Chris/Jesus. I hate that I've been following Chris for so long that I understand his blasphemy and sacrilege.

It's possible that he might be trying to distance himself from accountability for raping Barb by trying to convince himself that it was Chris the goddess who was responsible for trying to "heal" Barb by giving her regular crooked duckings, but that's giving the child-brained exceptional individual a LOT of credit. Much more than he deserves. And if that is the case, it's not going to work. The psych evals he is/will be undergoing will make it clear that he's just playing make-believe because he's an immature exceptional individual who is scared, bored, and doesn't want to face accountability for his actions. Chris isn't intelligent or cunning enough to fool professional mental health experts, especially ones who make a living sussing out if criminals are sane or crazy and aren't the kind of mental health workers who are going to go soft on Chris to spare his delicate feelings.


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hey coupon, don't you mean ComputerFixer926 on reddit? how's UTDallas treating you?

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