Official Tor Hidden Service for the Kiwi Farms -

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Brave has .onion access built-in, for things besides shitposting you'll want the Tor Browser bundle for true safety.

If you access the Kiwi Farms on any domain from within the Tor network, you will be 302 redirected to the Tor hidden service. Cloudflare will require you to complete a captcha, however.

In the future I may add restrictions to what can be done from the Tor node but for right now I am not inclined to.
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Well if it goes down let me know. It's on my own hosting service now so it should stay up. They'd break in the past when I drunkenly shut down unnamed VPSs I forgot about.
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@Null Can't wait for that writeup. I'm wondering why exactly it's so difficult to keep the hidden service up.

On a related note, if it's going to be an ongoing problem, what about the redirect? It makes it a pain accessing from Tor. I guess we should use the .is domain then? Or what?