Oldies - Playing the Greatest Hits of the 50's, 60's, and 70's

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I salute this thread!

We still have an alright station where I am that plays the "oldies" but both them and the classic rock station have to cram in other less-fitting stuff too nowadays, because pretty much every other station here only plays the same pop from 5 years ago. RIP Radio, but that may be a topic for another thread entirely.

Anyway, I'm a British Invasion fan myself. I know we love to laugh at the britbongs on this site but man, they made some good music back in the 60s. Their American contemporaries, too.

You'll not often hear this Beatles track get much airplay compared to others, which is a shame because it's got that lovely three-part harmony. I think the sparkly guitar is from George Harrison messing about with a volume pedal.
This group's actually American but I think the story goes their label told them they ought to change their old name to something more English-sounding to capitalize on the Invasion. In the promotional films for this song they have Union Jacks all over the stage.
Another British-name-having Yank band. These guys were on the Flintstones one time, you know. Billed as "The Beau Brummelstones."
Obligatory, given my account name. The early Who were very nice. This is back when they were still "pretending to be mods."
I don't think this was a hit for the Zombies, but the original track was. They really knew how to do good covers back then, that's all I know. I actually caught these guys live a while back, well before the lockdown bullshit. They put on a great, great show.
I'll leave on this. One of the greatest songs ever made as far as I'm concerned. That organ, man. When's the last time you heard organ like that in a new song?
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Another song completely eclipsed by a cover, Love Hurts originally performed by the Everly Brothers is now under the shadow of the cover made by Nazareth.

More AWS-8Q Than You

This thread has made me go dig through some of my favorites, with a bias towards folk rock.

My Favorite from probably the best musician Canada's produced

I grew up with these two, which is probably why the Disturbed cover makes me sad, the first is just fun, the second is probably my favorite
This one is just fun

I spent a lot of time travelling across America when I was younger

He may be a Scotsman, but I don't hold that against him
I can almost picture some Casablanca style scene

Inspired by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, might be the most Russian thing I've ever heard


A snark and a salve
It's a long one, but somehow never long enough...

Traffic-Low Spark of the High-Heeled Boys



This thread has made me go dig through some of my favorites, with a bias towards folk rock.

My Favorite from probably the best musician Canada's produced
I think it might be worth to mention these others songs he did.

Let's enjoy that classic from CCR(Creedence Clearwater Revival). They got lots of #2 on the Billboard hot 100 but never a #1 althought "Lookin' out My Back Door" hit #1 on Cashbox, a former rival of Billboard.


So I grew up listening to the oldies and I first heard this song when I was around four or five. Great song, but even then I remember the Big Bopper making me feel somewhat uncomfortable. He reminds me of one of those weird uncles who wear loud Hawaiian shirts and are way too handsy with young girls who may or may not be of legal age. And that creepy laugh!

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