One year of weeb wars -

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special need's H20

mostly here to lurk. nlame bull.
Still not optimistic about the case but the anime community is destroyed. Just as null planned.


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Man, I still remember this nonsense like it was yesterday.

My involvement in Weeb Wars started back on the RWBY subreddit (Before it became a knob sucking place for Miles and Kerry), where Vic made a announcement addressing the rumors, where people claimed he was against the LGBT community and inappropriate contact with others in which he denounced them.

Didn't think much of the announcement, until Cuck Teeth let Vic go and were replacing him with douche canoe Jason Liebrecht.

Didn't believe what Monica or Jamie said on Twitter (This was long before seeing fujoshit and human failure Allison's Twitter posts) and before you knew it the shitty KickVic movement started by Armzgurl hijacking the thing from Ally, because Armzy was approaching towards the pit of irrelevance after CtC ended quickly as it got started by the Channel Autismo dumbasses from Armz to Lupa.

Was familiar enough with KF thanks to reading some threads on Chloe Sagal and other things, but I lurked WW back when it was only 400 pages or so before ending up with my posts against that Sam Swicegood faggot archived here, so I decided to join this place.

Seen enough of #MeToo being abused by awful women who didn't care about the lives they ruined or felt remorse for lying, that there wasn't much competition in supporting Vic over the Cuntastic Duo or their exceptional friends from Weebstein to Toady Edwards~ Vic deserves justice after these two fat bitches, a snack tray boy, and all their lackeys who dance like monkeys when Weebstein demands it all were scummy snakes hiding in the grass;for ruining his entire career.
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nothing but a bunch of anime avatars writhing in desperation and declaring victory while continuously losing

Bruh. The court case was ALWAYS going to go into appeals. Do you honestly think if the results swung the other way that they wouldn't appeal? Even now Rial and Toye's lawyers filed a cross-appeal over fees!


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shame it's gonna go for another year with how slow the justice system is

I got bad news for you. 2.5 years minimum. This year will be to hash out the appeals portion and remand this back to lower court. Which if all goes well will be done by the end of this summer. At which point the cat fight about discovery will recommence and should be resolved/done by spring next year. At which point the parties will begin motions for dismissal/summary judgement and that should be resolved by fall next year. Fights over evidentiary motions will commence about what to add or remove from the record and if everything goes well a Jury will be enpaneled and trial commences in the summer of 2022. The Gofundme will need another 100k too by then for sure. This of course assumes no further Chuppery that will require another round of appeals as well.

Wow 1 year already of Weeb Wars, when I started following the Vic case I was lurking and didn't read daily (thing I do now lol I'm a degenerate now), didn't know Vic aside from some stuff I've watched on yt years ago and not being the target audience of US dubs I don't watch anything dubbed in english (duh not US citizen anyway but a sad EU one), what attracted me was the simple fact that another poor man was being targeted with no real evidence by some dumb+childish women that used the usual #MeToo to convince themselves and other that their fight was a good one, while it's the literal opposite. Plus all the dumb stuff their side did during all this time provided me with far more entertainment I'd have expected, which made me stuck around KF and made an account :P
Knowing that it will be at least other 2-3 years, I can totally wait just to see the breaking down of those stunning&brave women+cucks.


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Man, already a year.

I remember the ANN article suddenly appearing on reddit, and the initial argument of "what's more likely, that there's a vast, mysterious conspiracy against Vic, or that Vic is a creepy molester" actually had me convinced Vic had to have done something, somewhere.

Even I could tell ANN were horrible biased, so I started looking for a more neutral, or even opposing viewpoint. Watched a Rackets video. I had never even known "tort" was a word, but it was informative and easily understandably. Eventually found the Farms, lurked for a bit. Then @Captain Manning (hope he's doing okay, where ever he is) posted Ty's We Will Be In Touch Tweet, and I decided fuck it, I'd like to join. And here I am today.

I'll be honest, this whole shitshow has been very informative on civil law (at least in Texas) and also informative on the importance of archiving.

Speaking of KiwiFarms, fuck Animal Control. My eyes.

People shouldn't be acting like that's impossible either. The standard of review may be very favorable as appeals go, but it's still an appeal. The majority of appeals are denied.
I'd like to think the majority of appellants are sore losers and/or have nothing to lose, and are going against a well-reasoned judgement, not a Chupp ruling.

But in any case I know the salt from Vic winning appeals, much less winning at trial, will be exponentially higher than if he lost. The Kiwi in me wants to maximize the lols.

The human in me wants to see a wronged man get his life back and these garbage human beings get what they deserve.
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Enjoy your life as a laughing stock.
I wasn't too big of a Vic fan until this cluster fuck of mess. Thing is I used to idolize many of the fuckers that are KV especially Neil Kaplan because my first few tweets ever on Twitter was to the man, but when this shitshow began it was brutal.

I may admire people but I also don't take bullshit lightly form anyone and seeing just how deranged some people were was sickening, a lot of people pretend to be sane as long as you don't challenge them, then the mask falls off really fast.

And I saw that with ISWV as well. It slowly but surely becoming worse and worse and then they become as bad as KV. Its the same deal as revolutionaries and Dictators, one craves the power and one holds it and the cycle goes on and on.

It just goes to show that the anime community is beyond fucked in the west and that ISWV and KV are cut from the same oiled up, everburning cloth.

Used to fear the farms and kinda still to an extent and I came here originally because I was in Twitter jail. Glad I did because this place is fucking awesome and its me to never get too invested in this shit and in the end, not even bother with these fuckers because they only want attention.

One thing that has been fucking amazing with Vic has been how he's been stone walling these people, yes he's been hurt badly and had to take antidepressants but people and his fans, old and new, have his back and I think he finally knows who's his friends and who are not.

Vic is an icon and someone we desperately need in this day and age because he brings so much positivity and without him, the dub industry would decay and collapse.

That I stand with him.

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