Trainwreck Onision / James Gregory Jackson / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/Avaroe - Edgy king of the tweens, Vegan with deformed dick, Pedo, Destroying the Environment. Serial Domestic Abuser, Served the wrong Chris Hansen.

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Aug 3, 2014
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Onision, aka Greg, is a 35-year-old (b. November 11, 1985) self-described entertainer and YouTuber from Gig Harbor, WA. He became popular from his Banana Song in 2009.

At one point, Greg was extremely successful on YouTube, but has since struggled to stay in the spotlight by making controversial videos and broadcasting his personal life all over the internet. He now makes a fraction of what he made in his prime— and still makes a fool of himself online.

Name Changes:
Gregory James Daniel (original)
Gregory James Jackson
Gregory James Avaroe
James Jackson (Current)

Internet Career
As one of the early YouTubers, Greg mostly focused on doing comedy skits and giving raw commentary on various topics as the “most honest YouTuber.” However, his brash, sanctimonious personality, hypocrisy, and questionable content/actions has led him to receive backlash and criticism over the years.

Views and Commentary
He once identified as an obnoxious militant vegetarian who thinks meat eaters are murderers. He loudly disparages meat eaters to the point of berating his own wife over Twitter who was recommended by a doctor to eat fish for her anemia. Yet for all his preachiness, diet knowledge, and caring about animals, Greg has been reported to mistreat animals on and off camera. And failed being a vegan.
He had a tortoise named Reptar. Greg put him under a plastic bin so he could be protected while he was outside. Greg forgot about the greenhouse effect, so Reptar was baked alive.

Apparently, Greg used to have a chicken he let starve, and confirmed in an old video he made (@0:55).

More dog antics:
  • He let his dogs (one overweight and one w/ arthritis) struggle in the mud for a video (@6:45).
  • An interview with a witness [archive] who stayed over at the house said that the dogs were kept in terrible conditions.
  • Greg had a dog that would pee itself whenever he gets close to it (said here @ 2:11).

Greg had also identified as a big-brained atheist who hated the Bible and once tried creating his own religion (See Pre-Youtube Antics).

On the day after YouTuber/singer Christina Grimmie’s death, he made multiple controversial tweets and later received massive backlash.

Bonus: Greg criticizing a fan for having depression due to their abusive mother.

Interactions w/ Other YTers
Greg’s collabed with big names in his heyday (Shane Dawson, Olga Kay, Jacksfilms, etc.), but also had disputes with his fellow YouTubers— whether it’s one-off, one-sided, petty, or he feels he has something to air. Usually, it’s because they’ve criticized him, wronged him somehow, they’re more successful than him, or he wants attention (or all of the above). See Orbiters/People of Interest for more prominent examples.

Minor spats, Major YTers
Jeffree Star

False DMCA Strikes
Greg’s also been known to abuse YouTube’s copyright system against his critics by filing false claims on videos about him protected under Fair Use.

Other Content
On the main Onision channel, Greg mostly does comedy skits. Moreover, he makes repetitive, low-quality songs and has several albums on RYM’s Worst Albums of All-Time. Since the banana song, Greg has repeatedly failed to replicate the same level of internet success, and compared to other YouTubers of his time, his content appears to not have evolved as much. At age 35 and after a decade on YouTube, he still has a bit of a thing for Death Note, being emo, the banana song, and holding onto the past with the occasional old video he reuploads to one of his many channels.

Like Greg's age gap with his wife, this is a 9-year difference:

Greg became more of a cause for concern by also making certain videos like rating girls' bodies, with submissions coming from underage girls on his forums posting half-naked photos of themselves.

Over the years, Greg has had multiple failed relationships, mostly with barely legal teenage girls far younger than him. Greg finds girls who are typically unhappy at home and encourages them to fly out to him, promising them a better life. He then proceeds to alienate them from friends and family and make rules, contracts, and NDAs for them to follow. By having the girls pay their stay by cleaning, having sex, and helping with Youtube, Greg makes them financially dependent on him. If things go wrong, he makes public videos and posts about them, which leads to his fans harassing them online while he profits off the clicks. Greg is most likely a sex addict with an impregnation fetish, and he expects sex multiple times a day. Below summarizes some more prominent relationships over the years and highlights the allegations about him:

Skye ("Tantaga"; 2005 - div.2010) was Greg’s first wife that he met in high school. Greg wouldn’t let her work because he deemed it inappropriate, so she helped him create and edit his videos (his only somewhat good ones, including “I’m a Banana”). Greg first tried to divorce Skye for Shiloh with an autistic contract he made himself until Skye got a lawyer. Greg has continuous meltdowns over having to pay her alimony even though she is a major reason why he made so much money on YouTube.

During and after his marriage to Skye, Greg had an obsession with Skye's younger sister, Alicia (“Netunesa”). Greg went out of his way to find Alicia's Suicide Girl modelling photos and jerked off to them [source]. Once, when Alicia was 15 and drunk, Greg tried to kiss her [source].
Shiloh ("Draculoh"; 2010 - 2012) is a Canadian singer who dated Greg from 2010 to 2012. Shiloh was a fan and started talking to him when she was 17 and Greg was 26 and married. She talked to Greg on Skype for about 8 months every day for 8–10 hours a day.

Their First Meeting
Greg checked state laws to see if he could have sex with a 17 year old in PA. The two met in a hotel room and Greg slept with her in the first 5 minutes. Her mother called the cops and told them what hotel they were at. When the police arrived, they saw the camera equipment in the room and searched his computer for child pornography. Both were sent home and Greg began to alienate Shiloh from her parents.

Shiloh Moves In
Shiloh spent her 18th birthday next to the airport so she could fly out to his house in Tacoma without her mother’s consent. 1–2 weeks after she moved in, Greg locked her out of the editing room to masturbate to porn and jailbait Hentai. Greg also gave her a set of rules she had to follow [source]. Greg had sex with her 8 times a day, shaved her head during sex, called her degrading names, and gave her frequent UTIs. In June 2011, she started having seizures from the stress.

First Breakup
In July 2011, Greg broke up with her, she had a breakdown, and Greg posted it online. Greg wouldn’t let her call her mother to get her so she threatened to kill herself while he was on the phone with the police. She was taken to a mental care facility and was later released her into her mother’s care. Greg made other videos, making the entire situation public. In September 2011, Greg lured her back in, flew her to LA, and had her pick out an engagement ring.

Last Breakup
In October 2011, Greg got her pregnant. After he shoved her into a door, Shiloh had a miscarriage and was at risk of going septic. Greg refused to pay for her healthcare so she flew back to Canada. Greg released a video about the ordeal and broke up with her. In December 2011, Shiloh went septic. Her mother took her passport so she cannot return to Greg.

In January 2012, Greg wanted her back and sent her money for a new passport. Instead, Shiloh spent the money, pawned the engagement ring for an Xbox, and slept with someone else. Greg continued to post about Shiloh and his fans harassed her online. [source 1, 2, 3]
Adrienne (2011) started as a fan Greg met through his website in 2011 and they briefly dated for two weeks. Unlike the other girls Greg dated, Adrienne was Greg’s age and did not put up with his manipulative tactics. She wrote a letter telling her story. During their short relationship, Greg asked her to marry him and move in, tried to alienate her from her friends, tried to get her to quit drinking, and forced himself on her within a minute of meeting. Greg eventually defends his actions, saying that he couldn’t have raped Adrienne because she was a slut who slept with over 20 people.

After quitting her job to work for Greg, he broke up with her. Adrienne refused to get back together with him and he proceeded to call/message her about 60 times. In 13 voicemails [archive], Greg starts by begging for her back and ends by angrily spiraling and threatening to expose her.
Name Changes:
Taylor Elaine Anderson (original)
Taylor Elaine Avaroe
Taylor Elaine Jackson
Kai Jackson (Current)

Taylor ("Laineybot"/"CoolGuyKai"; 2012 - Present) is Greg’s current wife. She obsessively tweeted Greg as a fan in 2011 until Greg noticed and contacted her.
The two started dating in 2012 when Taylor was 17. Greg rented a house in New Mexico to wait for Taylor to finish high school. Soon after, Greg started calling her Lainey. Taylor’s parents disapproved of the relationship, so Greg and Taylor got married when Taylor turned 18 without telling them. Months after doing so, Taylor got pregnant with their first child. Ever since then, Greg has encouraged Taylor to get girlfriends so they could be in a polyamorous relationship. Multiple grooming allegations have come out against Taylor. Of note, Taylor became the legal guardian of Sarah, but sent her romantic text messages, nude photos, and eventually had sex with her. In 2019, Taylor came out as trans and changed her name to Kai.
Billie (2015 - 2017) was Greg and Taylor’s on/off girlfriend from December 2015 to January 2017. Billie was 18, Taylor 21, and Greg 30. Billie was initially interested in only Taylor and was coerced into also dating Greg because he assumed he would get something out of it [source]. Greg would also frequently pressure their relationship to go further. It eventually became clear that Greg had some sort of obsession with Billie, so Taylor would frequently send Billie home during visits.

While Taylor was not home, Greg gave Billie a full body massage and they cuddled in Taylor’s bed. When Taylor found out, she broke up with Greg. During this period, Greg goes back and forth between blaming Billie for the situation, apologizing to Taylor, and wanting to leave Taylor for Billie, who was ultimately labeled a homewrecker online. [source]

Breakup Cycle
Eventually, Billie was brought back to the house and a cycle of breakups ensued throughout 2016/2017. Greg made Billie sign five contracts he wrote himself during the course of the relationship. The three of them would have threesomes almost daily, all controlled by Greg. One day, Greg and Billie had sex without Taylor, who found out, got upset, and blamed the entire situation on Billie. Billie was forced to sign a contract to stay longer and work things out. Greg also tried to convince her to get a tattoo for their relationship. Billie refused to Greg’s dismay, and she snuck out of the house, hiding out in the rain until she got an Uber home. Greg sent her a manipulative breakup email. [source]

Final Breakup
The final breakup ensued after Billie, her friend Ayalla, and Sarah publicly get into it over Billie smoking weed. Billie is later thrown out of the house. When she asked for Greg’s forgiveness, he said he will only forgive her if she gets an “I’m a liar” tramp stamp tattoo or she gets chained up in his basement for a week.
Years after the breakup, Billie still gets obsessive emails from Greg and Taylor (but could just be Greg).
Sarah (2016 - 2019) was first a fan of Greg at age 12 and began talking to Taylor online when she was 14 (Taylor was 19). Sarah had a difficult home life. She eventually dropped out of high school to be Greg and Taylor’s live-in nanny and Taylor obtained legal guardianship over her [source].

On and off, Sarah lived at the house for a few years. During this time, Taylor sent Sarah flirty text messages, they exchanged nudes, and they cuddled together in bed [source]. Sarah was also given alcohol and was promised to be in a relationship with Taylor in the future [source]. During visits, Greg would make fun of her body and sex life.

Sarah Turns 18
Almost immediately after Sarah turns 18, Sarah loses her virginity to Greg. Greg and Taylor started having sex while Sarah was in bed with them and she was invited to join [source]. Sarah has also detailed having sex with them while their daughter was in the same bed, which the onions have done before. The relationship ultimately ends because Greg accused Sarah of rape and blackmailing them into having sex with her. [source]

Legal Issues
Tax Fraud
In 2017, Greg got audited by the IRS because he didn’t do his taxes right. He went to Reddit for legal advice and blamed his shortcomings on TurboTax. He ended up having to owe $150,000 in taxes due to writing off so much shit (an entire house, an ATV, his divorce from Skye, etc.) as business expenses— solely on the basis that he used them for his videos.

Wetlands Destruction
In 2018, Greg purchased the Swamp Shack, which has wetlands in the backyard of the property. Even though it is in the deed of the house that the wetlands are government owned and must be upkept, Greg decided to clear the area and bulldoze trees right into it so he can build a dock. Not only did he film a video of him doing this on his Patreon, his neighbors also submitted a video of him bulldozing the wetlands. A Google Map view and pictures from his own videos show the damage he’s made.
The county filed charges against him for doing this and Greg claimed that they trespassed on his property. He submitted an autistic appeal, but eventually Greg was given a wetland mitigation plan that fixes the damages he’s done on his own dime. The plan includes building a fence with a sign and replanting the wildlife he destroyed.

Grooming Allegations
In 2019, Sarah and many others went public with their stories about Greg and Taylor. The Internet rallied around them with support as Greg lost most of his fanbase. This got the attention of Chris Hansen of "To Catch a Predator" fame. Hansen had since conducted interviews with many of Greg and Taylor's victims. He had supposedly gotten the FBI involved and evidence had been turned over to them.
Greg pretended to be unbothered by this, but had sperged out to those who work on the show via email multiple times [response].

A kind kiwi archived all of the interviews thus far.

Civil Lawsuits
In 2020, Greg attempted to take matters into his own hands and filed lawsuits against recurring onion critic Repzion and Chris Hansen. It then turned out that he served papers to the wrong Chris Hansen. Greg later dropped both lawsuits while showing up to court wearing a bulletproof vest backwards.

Other Business Ventures
To get extra money, Greg created a Patreon around April 2017 where his fans got access to disturbing, sexual videos he made. Although he clearly attracted young viewers, his Patreon wasn't 18+ until October 2018. At one point he had over 1,000 Patrons and made over $4,300 a month, but as Patrons began leaving, his desperation to get them back increased.

In November 2019, his Patreon was removed for doxing Billie's phone number. His desperation for the money he made monthly on Patreon made him post a series of increasingly irritating temper tantrums on his YouTube and create a new subscription.

Greg has written several books that are all equally disturbing and poorly written. The books have received harsh criticism and reviews for his horrible grammar and storytelling abilities. As usual, he does not take criticism well, as he has made videos about the reviews and has sperged on his twitter. His fans have offered to edit his books, but he rages at them in response.

Stones to Abbigale [2015]
This is Why I Hate You [2015]
Reaper's Creek [2018] Read it here.
Untitled Book [2019, Unfinished] Read it here.

Greg created a Twitch channel early 2016. He was banned in January 2020 due to the grooming allegations, only to be unbanned days later and still a Twitch partner. He began streaming more often starting around September, playing games mediocrely with his few remaining fans that he doesn’t always treat well. He was unpartnered near the end of October, so now he only uses Twitch to stream his old videos.

Greg also decided to turn to OnlyFans around March 2020. He initially posted poorly created CGI porn before eventually posting content of himself. Greg tried and failed to get leaks taken down from here.

Since Sept 2020, a 35-year-old Greg tries to appeal to today’s youth.

He was twice temp-banned.

Pre-YouTube Antics
Attempted Cult Leader
Greg once attempted to start a religion called Sicesca when he was younger. [archive]
Essentially, it revolved around beliefs that humans and energy came from the earth, some shit about bodies being shells, different kinds of souls, etc. Also, aliens are real and watching us. More info here.

Joining the Air Force
While he was starting to make videos, Greg had joined the Air Force when he was 19. He was in SERE training, but said he dropped out because he refused to kill a rabbit. He claimed to have gotten an honorable discharge, but he actually got a general discharge after he stripped naked in his CO’s office and had a few meltdowns. Greg describes his version of his military story here.

Orbiters/People of Interest
Greg and Taylor have two children together and do not put them in videos (probably the smartest thing they have ever done). It’s been said that Greg does not take care of the kids (Taylor does) and he completely ignores his daughter. Greg also yells at his son for beating him in video games and horny-posts even while his daughter was in the hospital for falling out a window.
  • Troy Alexander Avaroe/Troy Jackson (b. 2014)
  • Cloey Abbigale Avaroe/Cloey Jackson (b. 2016)
Greg’s father and sisters seem like completely normal people, but Greg’s mother, Tami Jackson, is a cow in her own right. This sums her up pretty well.

Vincent Cyr: YouTuber/Twitch streamer. Former collaborator and ex-best friend of Greg who lived with him while Greg was still married to Skye. Ended friendship after Greg got pissy over Cyr’s voting choices during the 2016 election.

Eugenia Cooney: A YouTuber with anorexia. Greg has made 73 videos to date about her eating disorder and frequently tweets about her despite her asking him to stop and Greg saying multiple times he would.

Shane Dawson: A YouTuber who has been posting content as long as Greg, but became more successful than him. Greg constantly tweets about him, flipping back and forth between idolizing him and making videos about him calling him a fat pedophile. Shane mostly ignores him.

Jaclyn Glenn: YouTuber, former collaborator of Greg, and ex-gf of YTer Social Repose. Has made videos calling out Greg.

Blaire White: A transgender YouTuber. Has made videos calling out Greg and Taylor's predatory behavior, debated Greg twice. Triggered Greg by retweeting fan art of them:

Repzion: Commentary YouTuber. Longtime Onion critic who’s made a plethora of Onision videos since the Shiloh era. Greg tried to take him to court for harassment and cyberstalking.

Chris Hansen: Journalist, former host of “To Catch a Predator.” Initially lauded for bringing about Greg’s downfall, now resented for mishaps with the investigation, selling the story to Investigation Discovery for a controversial docuseries, and being an overall boomer on YouTube.
Social Media and Websites
Main YouTube Channels
Onision Speaks

Social Media
Instagram: @OnisionPrime
Twitter: @Onision, @OnisionPrime
Twitch: @onision

Current Websites [archive]
Old archive from Dec 2017 [credit]

Sources and Forums
Encyclopedia Dramatica
Life of Onion
Onision Drama
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[warbles internally]
True & Honest Fan
Feb 3, 2013
Oh god. I remember him. I was subscribed to him briefly because he must have made a video I thought was funny. It didn't last though and I unsubbed pretty quickly after. Everything he does is annoying, elitist, douchey, or just kind of creepy. Like his fondness for dating teenage girls, or at least girls who are much younger than him.


Cishet dudebro
True & Honest Fan
Mar 26, 2013
Onision could easily be a lolcow but he's well known for completely ignoring criticism entirely, he also has a rabid fanbase of devoted 13 year old girls that watch him. So I doubt anything at this point will phase him apart from a criminal suit like his ex girlfriend tried to file.

Batman VS Tony Danza

The Eternal Struggle
True & Honest Fan
Feb 3, 2013
He left a turtle under a plastic container on a hot sunny day and it died. The worst part is he tried to blame everything but himself. I also remember some weird video where he was arguing with this teenage girlfriend who was dealing with cancer and the genius decided to record part of it as she cried and then uploaded it to youtube. I think he claimed he was doing it as proof that he didn't beat her or something? I don't know. Shit just looked crazy. He's another person on the internet who is constantly in some kind of drama.

VJ 343

I remember following this guy's drama for a little while. He was once in a relationship with a girl called Shiloh and they had some of the most disgusting attention whoring behavior out there (including faking a miscarriage and some kind of memory loss).

I'll just leave this here, if you want to see some of the bizarre in action.



Slayer of the Love-Shys
Retired Staff
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Feb 3, 2013
A militant atheist vegetarian?
This is just too good to be true.

Cuddlebug said:
Onision could easily be a lolcow but he's well known for completely ignoring criticism entirely, he also has a rabid fanbase of devoted 13 year old girls that watch him. So I doubt anything at this point will phase him apart from a criminal suit like his ex girlfriend tried to file.

Why would 13 year old girls be his fan base? What's the appeal?

TL 611

Oh Onision, I remember before all of this insanity...

I used to watch his videos a lot as a kid, when he mainly used the name to release techno songs or some shit. He used to be so different, short hair, quite conservative, blah blah blah, and I dunno he suddenly went weird. He then starting using these strawmen emo characters for all of his criticisms and shit, got super bizarre super quick.

His veganism is something that has escalated over the years, it was originally a personal choice over some shit (I think he lived in Korea for a bit? This was years ago), then he made a preachy vegan channel, then his forum practically required you to be vegan to join.


Stage 3 Manager
Aug 14, 2014
Oh...I remember this nut. I watch a few ranters on Youtube who like to tear him a new one for the stupid stuff he does, like giving out life advice. It goes something around the lines like this:

Onision: "Dear Onision, I've been very depressed and my life and have had suicidal thoughts in the past, can you think of any tips to help me?"
*Jump cuts to him running around and making random noises because 'lulsorandomXD'*
Onision: Uhh well I'm sorry to hear that but if you're so depressed I guess you should kill yourself.

I don't think I've seen anyone have such apathy towards their fans before, while being such a Richard to everyone else in his life at the same time.


normie moralfag
Jul 10, 2014
Ok so accidentally killing his turtle, although tragic, was merely stupid. Then he cooked and ate it? A militant vegan? (This happened last year).

Then there's his cult. From Facebook:

The reason Sicesca was started is because God spoke to me directly, and told me to start the religion. Sicescans just get it, we just know things, and do things in a more efficient way than others.

All other religions (thousands of them I know) are an insult to the true God, that which is only represented accurately in Sicesca.

If you wish to worship perfection, well, you could worship me, but that's not what I mean... than worship God, the God of Sicesca.

A militant atheist? *sigh*


Gluttonous Bed Shitter
True & Honest Fan
Feb 3, 2013
Why would 13 year old girls be his fan base? What's the appeal?
Because he has random access humor? Looking handsome (at least in the eyes of his 13 year old fanbase. His thumbnail for the "Bible is Garbage" video kinda reminds me of Tommy Wiseau.)?Only thing I know of this guy's videos was his "I'm a banana" video. I think he may of also spoken against circumcision but I wouldn't want to proceed with that if it could cause a flame war and what not.

Then there's his cult. From Facebook:

A militant atheist? *sigh*
Would the words "militant egotist" or "cult leader" be more fitting for that instead of the word "atheist"?

Jun 10, 2014
Ah yes, this asshole. I remember Repezion having quite the ragefest over Onison several years back. I decided to watch some of his videos after that, and really didn't get why this guy was so popular. And if memory serves me correctly, he was also on an episode of Judge Judy when he divorced Shiloh (I think).


Gluttonous Bed Shitter
True & Honest Fan
Feb 3, 2013
Ah yes, this asshole. I remember Repezion having quite the ragefest over Onison several years back. I decided to watch some of his videos after that, and really didn't get why this guy was so popular. And if memory serves me correctly, he was also on an episode of Judge Judy when he divorced Shiloh (I think).
Trying to Google that, he apparently did try to contact Judge Judy thanks to a YouTube video. Unfortunately, I don't think the episode of that case is on Youtube but then again, I don't know if said case was recorded or even pushed through.


normie moralfag
Jul 10, 2014
Whoa whoa whoa, he ate his turtle?! Where did you get this from?


ED also quotes him "At least Reptar tasted delicious" with the comment "When he rejoiced over eating meat" without further explanation.

Would the words "militant egotist" or "cult leader" be more fitting for that instead of the word "atheist"?

Yeah do you count as an atheist if you don't believe in any god .. except yourself?
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