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When was this? The first time Dio was kicked out was because he and Vinny were fighting with Tony and Geezer over the mixing of a shitty live album because the engineer was a drunk who kept telling both sides the others were remixing everything behind each others' backs and the second time he left because their tour was going to end with the indignity of having to open for Ozzy after the warbling chav spent the last ten years hanging shit on them and he (rightfully) suspected they were going to reunite the original lineup and throw him out anyway.

Anyway what I'm saying is that Cozy Powell Did Nothing Wrong.

It was Forbidden iirc. He trashed Dio behind his back to Iommi and refused to work with him because reasons. Leaned on Iommi until he put Tony Martin back into the lineup after he had been gone since Tyr.

Then he proceeded to crash one of his bikes yet again and break an ankle. Just in time for the damn tour. I forget who drummed in his place but I don't think it was Vinny or Carmine that time.

Then he kicked up another bitch fit because he didn't think Tony I. was giving him enough sway over the band. Again a friendly reminder that he was the fucking drummer simply fell on deaf ears. Cue another tantrum and another injury and another abandoned tour.

I'm a drummer myself and Cozy is my all time hero behind the kit but as a person he would have had a KF thread a thousand pages long. And that's not even getting into his drunk speeding habit or his creepy love life or how many other bands and press members he shit talked in public at every given chance . Not even trying to slam him here...just telling it like it is. Even our heroes are human and all that.


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Ozzy Before Dio Joined Sabbath > Dio = Dio In Sabbath = Ozzy "solo" > I don't even know about any fucks after Dio but I'm sure they suck
but yeah the earliest into anything you find Ozzy is better, like that ancient Euro tv gig

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Honestly, the three main singers for Sabbath were all amazing for different reasons.

Ozzys blusy voice and dark lyrics(made in combination with Geezer Butler) made the original Sabbath sound. And I'll say this now: Dio could not sing the old sabbath stuff. His version of War Pigs sucks. Thats because Ozzy has such a dark, evil voice that works when writing songs about the devil, death, or wailing about bastards in Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. That said, I think Ozzy has a better solo career than he had in sabbath.

I should be clear tho, Dio is my favorite Sabbath singer. His lyrics are better than any other version. He could make songs about evil Robots on Dehumanizer sound engaging, His voice is legendary, on the level of Halford. Heaven and Hell is a metal album everyone should listen to. Not every metal fan, I mean anyone who wants to know what metal is should listen to heaven and hell. And thats just Dio in Sabbath. Dio has literally been in 3 separate legendary bands, those being Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and Dio. Dio is a legend, and while I love Ozzys unique dark voice, Dio is king.

I do want to mention Tony Martian too tho. While black sabbath have had other singers,Ray "My dick is a Bio weapon" Gillian and Ian Gillian come to mind, Tony Martian was the Third big singer. He was on as many or more albums as Dio, and had a unique style too. While I'm not a big fan of most of his stuff, and he was the lead singer on the worst black sabbath album, he was still a great singer who deserves to be up there with Dio and Ozzy.

So to give my personal list of Sabbath front men: Dio>Ozzy>Martian> Ian Gillian> Ray Gillian.

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I loved Ozzy on the early Black Sabbath albums, but after Randy Rhoades died, his solo career mostly consisted of crap. Even then, had he retired with some dignity after No More Tours, I might think a little more highly of him. But he's spent the past 25 years doing reality television and embarrassing himself with reality TV shows, terrible albums, and lousy live performances. Also, his wife is just the absolute worst.

Dio did great work with Sabbath, Rainbow, and he had a lot of good solo material too. He remained a great live performer throughout his life. Ozzy was essential for Sabbath in the early days, but Dio never did a song with Miss Piggy, so he wins.


Ozzy's time with Black Sabbath rules up to and including Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, but gonna go with Dio. His four albums have had better staying power in my headspace, and The Mob Rules is my favourite Sabbath album overall.

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Both good singers in their own way (miminalist vs. maximalist, I guess), but Dio was the real deal. He sat down and banged out his own melodies, lyrics, etc. (even riffs and chord progressions once in a while) in everything he was in, from Rainbow to Sabbath to his solo stuff, so there's a real sense of continuity through it all. He never made a commercially pandering album in his life, unless you count his flirtation with confused quasi-groove metal in the 90s as commercial.

Dio's integrity is lost on a lot of muso types who just see him as being emblematic of "cheesy 80s metal excess" or whatever and can't think beyond the implications of that in terms of fashion/perceived cultural cache. We all know it's "cooler" to like Master of Reality than it is to like Heaven & Hell, but that's only because music journos/critics are efette faggot cultural tourists who can only come to terms with things that normal working class people enjoy like 2 or 3 decades after the fact, when hindsight lets them figure out how to assimilate it into their self-serving worldviews. (Remember they hated Ozzy-era Sabbath in the 70s.)

Ozzy was only ever as good as the guys he was working with. Blizzard and Diary are cool albums, but that's almost entirely on account of Randy Rhoads and Bob Daisley (one of whom Ozzy and his handler/wife tried to write out of history like a petty little pop-metal Stalin until enough fans complained about it). His solo career was a straight diagonal line down from there in terms of quality. Cool voice, good singer in the 70s, total fraud as an artist/musician.

And I think I prefer Mob Rules over any Ozzy Sabbath album by a hair, fight me
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