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Which member of the Pamspiracy does Pam secretly want to fuck the most?

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AJ 447


Meet Pamela Dianne Swain. She's a 41-year-old from Georgia, who believes that Harvey Weinstein wants to marry her, and that he has convinced various celebrities to wage a years-long harassment campaign against her.


She claims that this stalking and harassment campaign began 4 years ago, when Weinstein wanted to make her famous (aka fuck her), and she rebuffed him.

The "Fassbender crap" she's referring to will be explained below. Well kind of, because she's fucking delusional.
This is how I lost 3 years of my life I’ll never get back.
2013 - 2014

So in 2008, I made the mistake of flying out to Los Angeles, CA. That’s how I came in 2 degrees contact with GERARD BUTLER.

That’s the last thing I take the blame for. I should have kept my happy ass in Colorado (both times). Anyway, about 5 years later, a faux Facebook account with a celebrity’s face that I recognized as Gerard Butler (cleverly named Dean Green, all inspector gadget style) messaged me back on a Conan O’Brian facebook community page.

Cause I was born with the largest big mouth to ever walk these southern shores, I made smart funny REE TORT on the page, cause little mama’s just so funny, and this account responded back to me.

And despite all red flags (saddle up partner, there are millions of red flags in this story) I corresponded with said person who typed amazing American Standard English and not the British English. RED FLAG #2.

After 4 weeks, we both got bored and moved on. I thought “oh well, he didn’t fall in love with me, guess I’ll continue my lowly South Georgia existence.”


That February, my yahoo accountsssss were hacked and I knew it had to be…. You have no idea the names I called myself from doing something so stupid as talking to what was clearly a fake account.

So me, done with short commediene career, decided to start my own detective agency and find the idiots behind this. I assumed it was just a random idiot trying to scam me for money. Well, I came across an even more idiotic web page called Just Jared where some hidden figures “discus” gossip about celebs.

-_- (It gets even more stupid)

I started talking to these people who’s ring leader is someone you’d all be shocked to know. You’ll find out later. This nutjob lived on this account with different accounts who’s sole purpose is to stalk and harass fans or get a cheap lay (Remember this for later). Once he starts, he can’t stop.

I started talking to these people and then began to receive emails from Russians and Hispanics. (Red effing more flags, 15,000 of them) One of which included a marriage proposal to a Tatar mongrel + Jew. Yep, he described himself this way. (I feel you guys are figuring this out before I can let you know the truth)

Well, my new pin pal who knew all celebrities and sent me ‘fotos’ of them, just couldn’t get lost. (I was drowning in a sea of red flags by this time) When I mentioned another celeb, he’d go on a tirade and mildly threaten them. I DID NOT KNOW ANY OF THEM.

Anytime this dude thought I was talking to someone, he’d go after the guy. He said, “They were his slaves.”

Enter Madalina Ghenea. And Morgan Brown. Trolls for this idiot. Why anyone would agree to do this, I have no clue. They emailed me too. For some weird reason, Gerry’s movies would fail or fall through.

….WHICH led Michael Fassbender who was bouncing between relationships disasters himself. Since I seem to love jumping on bad bandwagon ideas, I was eventually roped in…but that’s 2015. Let’s stay here for a while.

Morgan begins dating Gerry, they sign something and starting “Dating”. I’m all warm fuzzies. Trolls begin to swoop In and make strange online propositions and/or death threats conducive to their level of intoxication.

Jealous people start digging into my life, find my resume, and begin to make the startling recognition that Pam Swain is truly the most boring person in the world.

(Michael and Gerry chuck Maddog Ghenea. Michael begins to date Swedish gal named Alicia. I have no clue who the friggin heck she is, but save this for LATER.)

By the end of 2014, still never met these people and wouldn’t if I could. (archive)

2015 Or those wacky XMEN
2015 or Those wacky X men….

2015 I thought HAD TO BE THE YEAR THIS WOULD GO AWAY. Nope. ….-_-

Well, I didn’t really like Fassbender, I didn’t know him (technically still don’t) But I am desperately in love with the Assassins Creed genre and he was making a movie of it. I was so psyched. Well, to some simpleminded people, they started thinking stupid crap.

Enter McAvoy. Let him stay here for a second. (He was doing a flick with previous said Felicia)

I’m sure she told him how happy she was to have a real boyfriend, so when a threatening obnoxious fan of Assassins Creed seemed to overshadow her princess love affair, Jimbo McAvoy rushed to save said lovelorn damsel.

By this time, I hade been pelted with various new emails, and twitter accounts of fakers and I had a hard time navigating who was who on these cause these fools lived their lives swapping accounts.

Fassbender likes to flirt online. There, I said it.

While, I saw the humor in this, my old stalker found out and began the same beat down on poor Fassbender.

(People are such idiots)

SIDE NOTE: The one talent that me and Fassbender both share, other than a truly wacked sense of humor, is the ability to make a bad situation apocalyptic. Not even planning to do together, we synchronized that shite!

I was dating a dude who I am not seeing cause…yeah. And I got pregnant. It happens.

Well, SOME PEOPLE THINK THAT FASSBENDER AND I ARE SEEING EACH OTHER. I won’t name any names, Harvey, Alicia, and James…and I won’t go into the hell you put me through either, but I will say you all the stupidest morons to ever walk the face of the earth.

And still haven’t met any…of…these…people.

I spent days and nights really just stunned at the BS, so when I had a miscarriage, it really came as no surprise. I had lost my figure, gained weight, been linked to a celeb, been in a blind item, and come that May, had to have a precancerous growth removed from my cervix.

So my original stalker, our pal, hated the fact I gained weight. Heck, he hated finding out dated real men here in Georgia. With Super stupid Alicia, and Know it all Jimbo, they seek to prepare the way for Alicia’s fairytale nuptials.

I then apparently, according to gossip, secretly divorced the dude I secretly married. *EFFING EYEROLL*

Fake naked pics (not me, fake) began circulating saying I’d slept with a married dude. My stalker friend, hell hath no fury than a fake account scorned.

Then came more death threats.

Nope, still had never met these people. (archive)


Personal note, Michael really did feel bad for me so he’s not a total douche like the others.

2016 was a year of more weirdness. People around here began noticing everything. I was working but not in a good situation. I began to find fame starved nuts following me around cause our pal was getting them to stalk me.

He was still going strong.

I definitely wasn’t interested in him. At all. And the Fassbender/Butler/whoever pap strolls of these celebs meant nothing to me.

Not on my radar at all. There were instances of my internet being compromised, outbursts from weird Alicia fans and X men fans. *shrugs* A lot of people cared too much about nothing. Her PR Company came after me.

I began saving everything. Filing police reports. Backing up files. I had 2 laptops destroyed by viruses. I had my car broken into by rich fools with a criminal background who stole my bank card. I was followed to NC on vacation by a loser.

It was stupid. I knew by now who my stalker was. And it disgusted me even more. (archive)

2017 I incredibly hate these people
2017… I incredibly hate these people. Except for Michael cause he makes me laugh.

So 2017 begins, and I think, this will be the year that Harvey Weinstein fucks off. Oh no. He has a really sad and boring life of stupid proportions that can never be exhausted.

When the Fassbender clusterfck died down. I did try to reason with these people and maybe logically talk them out of the neurotic obsession. I mean, I clearly am not a moviestar or a celebrity with a sexy body.


With as many laws that had been broken up to this point, I was beginning to think this would ever end. Ole Harvey began having people follow me, my bank accounts effed with, and some say even watching me on video everyday. He had sent people to my house.

My father had died in 2016 and we were trying to bury him and move on with our lives when my stupid ass stalker kept harassing me. He must have thought he had a chance with me or something.

I quit my business to get away from the local fame seekers. I have to be careful about giving out too much personal info online cause, the idiot stalker will contact people like companies to either get me fired, or tell a stupid story about me, or throw his weight around to take control.

He let me know that he “owned” the police. I wouldn’t have any luck with them.

He really went nuts on impersonating other people – He did more Gerard Butlers, Prince Harrys, Bruce Hornsby, George Strait, and Michael Fassbender. He even tried to bum money out of me many times trying to scam me out of money.

He’s really this pathetic.

So I go to Tampa and have some strange person tell me some of the stupidest things ever. I am not allowed to do anything without this loser’s permission. It was this moment I decided to utterly destroy this waste of a person.

Oh, and Michael and ignorant Alicia “got married”. She still thinks we see each other on the sly. *Shaking my head*. I can’t tolerate fools. She’s a complete and total loser who has no cognitive abilities whatsoever. She’ll get to meet me face to face in court.

Other people fell to the way side after realizing all this was complete and utter BS. Glad some people woke up out of chronic stupidity.

What a pack of losers!

Nope. Still haven’t met these people. (archive)
So, let's try to break this craziness down a little. Basically, back in 2014, some catfish account on Facebook interacted with her, using a picture of actor Gerard Butler. She's a crazy fan of Butler's, so she recognizes that the picture is of him, however, rather than realizing this is just a catfish, she thinks this is the real Gerard Butler on Facebook, using a fake name.

After this, her Yahoo account gets hacked, and she starts getting spam mail. Regular shit, especially because she puts all her info out there for everyone to see. Again though, rather than recognizing this as regular spam, she believes there's a stalker controlling everything behind the scenes: Harvey Weinstein.
Then, in 2015, she started to get obsessed with another actor, Michael Fassbender. She loooves him.





During this time, Fassbender was dating actress Alicia Vikander. Pamela somehow believes that Fassbender takes notice of her online, causing Vikander to be jealous of her, AND THINK SHE IS PREGNANT WITH FASSBENDER'S BABY. Meanwhile, Weinstein is jealous of Fassbender. Weinstein and Vikander (and James McAvoy for some reason) join forces to harass Pamela, trying to make her give up the baby to Gerard Butler. She ends up miscarrying, for who knows what reason, but she blames it on the "harassment," which is apparently still ongoing.









Okay, this one is really funny. Pamela says this is a death threat that she received.

What is Find a Grave? It's a memorial database, that's owned by Green Cypress Missionary Baptist Church is located in Georgia, where Pamela constantly tells everyone she lives. This is just more spam mail. :story:

With all this "evidence" Pam has gathered, she is prepared to sue the fuck out of everyone involved in this harassment.

She rages at fake accounts a lot about this.






Pamela did actually sue Harvey Weinstein in New York, representing herself. It didn't go so well.

However, Pamela knows the real reason why her lawsuit got dismissed: Weinstein got to the NY Supreme Court and the postal service.

Yes, the USPS is gonna get sued too.

The worst thing about this entire situation is that I don't have access to the lawsuit she wrote, which must be absolutely amazing. Pam was nice enough to give us a preview of her Butler lawsuit though.


In conclusion,

DOB: January 22, 1977
1553 Community Rd
Glennville, GA 30427
Emails: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Pamela lives with her mother on her property (archive). Her father passed away in 2016 (archive).

Update: Pam has filed more lolsuits since finding this thread, with one listing the Farms as a defendant. Links to be added soon.
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AJ 447

Pamela's case against Harvey Weinstein isn't the first lawsuit she's filed. In 2014, she sued Colorado Technical University, where she was going to grad school.
colorado tech.png

Yes, she really sued them over autism. She also represented herself in this case, and it also didn't go so well.

If you google Pamela Swain + Harvey Weinstein, you will see her commenting on articles about him all over the place.
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AJ 447

Pam's career has been a bit of a mixed bag. In grad school, she studied education management, and seemed to focus on kids with learning disabilities. She even made some apps for this, which at one point seemed to be in Google Play Store, but not anymore. They are still on Amazon though. Pamela also seems to have worked for some good companies in the past, but claims that Weinstein has gotten her fired from them all. In reality, her bosses probably just discovered her crazy online behavior. She currently just seems to be unemployed, writing amazing books like this:

I really do encourage you all to look inside the book, and marvel at Pam's incredible writing. Oh yeah, and she freaked out at some other self-published nobody on Twitter, because only she could come up with a title as unique as Insane: Crazy Love. Well, her and every 13-year-old writing babby's first fanfic.
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KF's resident history sperg
Feb 2, 2018
I hope this just remains a KF-only thing. Last thing the world needs is for the media to catch wind of this, or any social justice blogger. It's one thing to nail predatory celebrities to the wall, it's another to use a crazy woman's ramblings as further (or perhaps the only) proof that they should be charged with something..


This is a good cat picture
May 7, 2018
I hope this just remains a KF-only thing. Last thing the world needs is for the media to catch wind of this, or any social justice blogger. It's one thing to nail predatory celebrities to the wall, it's another to use a crazy woman's ramblings as further (or perhaps the only) proof that they should be charged with something..
I agree. I'd prefer her to just be a harmless crazy person for me to laugh at for a minute before I move on, than for some news outlet to try and make a big deal about her and turn it into some kind of exceptional saga.

The Manglement
Jul 16, 2017
So having read the thread I have a hard time telling if she's completely psychotic and out of touch with reality, or autistic and being manipulated. Could there be real people claiming to be, say, Weinstein and Vikander and trying to harass her? At least the inciting incident Gerard Butler facebook guy was a real thing that happened separate from Pam?

AJ 447

I doubt any halfway serious newsperson would take her sincerely. They could just look up her police reports and lawsuit, and see how that turned out. Speaking of, she's posted some close-ups of her police reports. I love that Chelsea Handler's name is misspelled, and now I want to know how she plays into the conspiracy.
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