Careercow Perry Caravello. + Big 3 Community/ Tom Brennan AKA Tom B. - Fat, homophobic, greasy, boomer streamer, star of Windy City Heat. Party at 7722 reseda blvd apt 102

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Perry's Twitter:

Perry's Youtube:

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Perry's wiki:

Perry's Twitch:

This is going to be an interesting one. This is probably the most elaborate prank/trolling project in existence. The wiki page sums it up fairly well but doesn't go into a ton of detail:

Here's my breakdown: Perry Caravello (frequently misspelled as Caramello or Karavello) is a guy who moved to Hollywood in the early 90's trying to be star. Problem is that he's not funny, he can't act, and he could be legit retarded in addition to being an asshole. Perry was "discovered" at the Comedy Store by Don Barris. Don Barris has been long time friends with Jimmy Kimmel and has done a lot at the Comedy Store and currently is the audience warm up for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Don saw potential in Perry and introduced him to Walter Molinksi (or Tony Barbieri, another long time friend of Jimmy Kimmel and a current writer on Jimmy Kimmel Live). They've been fucking with Perry ever since. Culminating in a prank film called Windy City Heat and here's a clip from that:

Perry sued Jimmy Kimmel a few years after the movie came out and that stalled any plans for a sequel. In the mean time Perry fell on hard times and Don felt sorry for him and resurrected the Big 3 with a podcast and to try to stir interest in a sequel or even a TV show. Link to the Podcast:

More recently, Don set up a Kickstarter program to do a reality show with the Big 3 and the pilot has been filmed but no further information is known.

You want another Chris Chan-like rabbit hole to fall into? Now's your chance.

Also, I highly recommend checking out Windy City Heat. It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Edit: this thread is attracting detractors and white knights for Tom Brennan or Tom B. Tom is Perry's handler and monitor's Perry's Twitch/YT and all of the social media Perry uses and Big 3 fans converge. I will update this insanity in time.


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Pepper Jack

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I'm going to go over chunks of lore. I know diehards can bring up videos and I may post them later if I can find them.

Question: What is Perry's deal?

Answer: Perry was a skateboarder kid until he got into a car accident when he was 17 or so. If you look at Perry's neck you can see a tracheotomy scar. This is heavily suggested to have given Perry brain damage. So yes, he is technically retarded and that's why he's not noticing when something is up. This does not excuse him for being a shitty human being.

Question: How did Perry meet Don and Mole?

Answer: In Windy City Heat (hereon referred to as WCH for short) there's a clip in the beginning showing Perry meeting Don onstage for an open mic night. Perry bombed, Don ridiculed him, Perry threatened Don that he would come back with his brothers and kill him, and they became friends when Don promised to make him a star. Mole was introduced to Perry shortly after that.

Question: Why are they called The Big 3?

Answer: 3 Stooges reference. Jimmy Kimmel (back when he was funny and not a hollow shell) christened them the name.

Random Perry details:

He loves prostitutes. One time he spent his rent money on a prostitute and cried to her pimp to get his money back and the pimp agreed to give him back his money.

He was married. He wanted his wife's family to take care of him, so (unbeknownst to his future wife) he slipped off the condom and busted inside of her.

He has a daughter. The daughter wants nothing to do with him.

He was a SAG actor and acted as an extra in numerous films. He can be seen in front of the camera one time in Austin Powers part 3.

11 seconds in, right side of the screen in the background. People bring this up to Perry that he played a gay prisoner in the film. He is no longer a member of SAG.

Perry had a casting couch moment: This is a big one. Back around 92 Perry was working on a Christina Applegate movie (it could have been Across the Moon). In Perry's own words; after the day wrapped he flagged down a woman who worked on the movie on the highway, went up to her car window and propositioned her. This freaked out the woman so badly that she reported this to... Randy Callahan who was a casting director or agent (whatever). Randy summoned Perry to his office and gave him the ultimatum to either leave or suck his dick. Perry didn't want to suck his dick but agreed to jerk off Randy while Randy sucked him off. This is how Perry got his SAG card.

Perry was at one time addicted to crack. This would have been around 94. Don and Mole were able to get him off crack.

Perry at one time unknowingly had sex with a post-op trans woman. The date was setup by Don. Her name was Sheba and after Perry fucked "her" she took out her photo album and showed pictures of her as a man. Sheba has died since then.

Perry used to work at his cousin's print shop until around 2010 when the shop went out of business. He was out of food and money. Don came to rescue Perry by bringing him food and (reluctantly) resurrecting the Big 3 as a podcast. Perry has since been on disability despite the fact that he can obviously work. He also spends his disability check on filet mignon and is proud of it:

Here's a cameo video:



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naught sock account 1

(archive of his twitter).
someone should hire him

he live streams, from 7722 reseda blvd apt 102.


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More lore:

Perry was once on the Dating Game.

Perry claims to be a Jehovah Witness. It's very debatable if he actually believes or not but wishing him happy holidays does piss him off.

Perry goes by the alias of Scary Perry. On the podcast, his rival was introduced named Tim Purpedic or Terrifying Tim.

Terrifying Tim is an actor who for a time was the spokesman for Budweiser and did commercials.

The confrontation between Perry and Tim concluded at the 10 year anniversary of WCH:

The parody musician Rucka Rucka Ali made songs about Perry and started a beef with him.

You 'member that Balloon Boy hoax where a father claimed his son was taken up in a helium balloon? Perry knew the guy and did the tabloid news circuit for cash. This lead to a Big 3 reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Years after this, when the podcast was going, Perry suffered a blood clot in his neck that had to be removed. He was in the hospital for a while and it affected his balance. He's still an asshole and he bites people.

People routinely troll Perry during his exploits on Twitch:



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More lore:

Nathaniel. Perry has been accused of murdering young Nathaniel in a Make a Wish-like situation. Perry didn't visit the boy in his hospital and he died due to Perry's neglect. Note: Nathaniel doesn't exist.

Freaking out manager's son. Perry has/had a manager that got him bookings. At one time, Perry and an associate called his manager and left a series of expletive-laden messages. During this time, Perry and his associate got his manager's autistic (on the spectrum) son on the line. Perry's inarticulate screaming was so bad and unfamiliar to the boy that the boy suffered a seizure and the manager cut Perry off. I have to look up the podcast episode that goes over this.

Fans managed to trick Perry into thinking that Justin Bieber's mom was into him. Perry thought he had good chances with Bieber's mom and wished to date and marry her. In preparation for this, he created a shrine dedicated to Justin Bieber (yes, really) that shared a spot with his daughter's photos:

Perry managed to get on Adult Swim thanks to his (former) manager:



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Best of Perry's stream:

Perry once thought he was interviewing Trump:

Back in 2018 Perry was convinced that Sean Hannity was reporting on Perry's general sexual deviancy:


Perry's reaction to #kissgate

In 2017 Perry was somehow convinced that Don died in a tragic accident. He was convinced of this by himself and Don and co. played off of this. Leading to Perry reading Don's eulogy at the Comedy Store.

More recently, in the year of our lord 2020, Don convinced Perry that he practices in voodoo:



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Clip of the trio on Jimmy Kimmel promoting the DVD:

A sequel was supposed to happen featuring Johnny Knoxville but Knoxville tricked Perry into sticking his baby dick into a mouse trap. Perry ended up suing everyone and settling for $50K which killed any plans for a sequel.

A cartoon of Perry has been made:



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It's done. @Randall Fragg

Okay, what other random Perry lore can I go over? So, he started a beef with parody rapper Rucka Rucka Ali that lead to a series of videos by Rucka.

Added them in order of release. This lead to Rucka challenging Perry to a rap battle on the podcast where Perry proclaimed he had a 10 inch penis (totally not gay to reveal that in front of men, BTW) when this has been proven false multiple times. First in the mousetrap incident as mentioned and also the time where Perry had his baby dick blown on stage of the Comedy Store by an old whore around town known as Blue Iris (who has since died) who also rimmed Perry live on stage.



BTW the end result of the feud with Rucka Rucka ended with Perry being scammed out of $600 by someone claiming to be a songwriter who would write him a revenge song.

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