Careercow Perry Caravello. + Big 3 Community/ Tom Brennan AKA Tom B. - Fat, homophobic, greasy, boomer streamer, star of Windy City Heat. Party at 7722 reseda blvd apt 102


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Maybe it's part of the gimmick and he does make a good chunk of cash from the stream but it SEEMS Tom genuinely cares about Perrys well being. Its just the way he talks about Perry to the stream during down time.
He was paying Perry's rent until recent when Perry's streams and Cameo has been making enough for Perry to pay his rent on his own.

What an elaborate ruse tonight just to get Perry to turn around his microwave. Holy shit. A chimp could see through it
Just remembered today that when I was binging the Big 3 Podcast someone, sending in a 10 dollar shoutout, mentioned Chris Chan. It basically said Don and Mole have to keep Perry in check or he will become like Chris Chan. Wish for the life of me I remembered what episode it was but it was hilarious and slightly surreal to hear his name out of no where.

Makes a good point though. Perry is nearing Chris Chan level.


No I am not the Cinema Snob
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The "Twitch rep" is the Shark Guy from the other video, he also mentions DSP.


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Microwave challenge misshap on Perry Karamello LIVE


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when I stumbled on perry a month or so ago I thought he must be some washed up, mildly exceptional comedian faking being exceptionally exceptional in order to make some exceptional bux, like some sort of permormance art that involves cowdom.
even the fight he picked with dsp, seemed like a calculated move to tap into his autistic audience.

boy, was I wrong.

he really is that exceptional to think that phil was the one sending him raw fish because chat told him so..... I am happy :story:


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Legitimately surprised how small this thread is for a person who's prime-cut Lolcow material. Maybe a few years back it would of made a bit of sense but now there is no excuse, his streams are nothing but a manchild embarrassing himself for money. I don't think I have watched one of his streams that hasn't been hilarious lol
I'm still not sure if Perry is an actual lolcow or just a senile old man whose friends point a camera at him for money.

I mean, yeah he goes along with it, but does he really "understand" what he's doing?

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