Petition to move Andy Warski thread to Gunt sub - reunite the lovers

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This thread Andy Warski / Adam "Race" Warski / Andy Pires / Warski Live / The Warski Show - Recovering cokehead, Property of pedophile Corey Barnhill, Delusionally tearing apart his own life should be moved in to the Gunt subforum. Reasons being that,
  • Andy has cohosted the Killstream and is a frequent guest
  • Andy respects Ethan as a kind of mentor or life coach
  • Andy has a relatively small thread (300 pg) and it's slow moving
  • Most discussion of Andy is in the context of what he's doing with Ethan
  • They have rented property as a couple together and then cohabitated
  • Andy has become boring and less active on his own
  • This will make Andy mad
What say you?

I don't know how to do polls on here anymore but if you agree just show your :gunt:
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Delicious Diversity

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No, Warski is a cow in his own right and has been for some time now. There are plenty of other people in the IF board who are associated with Ralph - Dick, Mersh, PPP etc - and they don't belong here either. The only people who really deserve a thread here are people who exist as internet personalities entirely due to their association with Ethan Ralph. You have a few borderline cases like May, who was first known for being Digi's GF, but Warski belongs in IF.

That's my view anyway. Of course if Warski does some events with or has some drama with Ralph people can make threads about that here. 😉

Slimy Time

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Depends on if you are more interested in laughing at Ralph or the IBS crowd in general.
Better to focus on Ralph with all the shit happening. Then again Yaniv has the Ogre on his subforum, but that's because the two interact frequently.

Also, great choice by Null to have the subforum named "Gunt". Everyone else, from CWC to Yaniv and Tooter get the privelige of having their names as the subforum title. Ralph doesn't get that honour, he is just Gunt. An absolute train wreck of a man.

Mr. Manchester

"-bake cookies and bear children, now shut up."
I'd keep him in IF for now. Andy is very capable of being a retard all on his own without Ralph's help.

Maybe links to relevant IF threads somewhere on the Gunt sub forum would work better. I feel like Andy, Dax, PPP etc are all kind of involved in the grand gunting one way or another.


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There's no one left from bloodsports. Tonka's on whatever reservation he was forced on to, Failure probably had a massive coronary, and JF's busy making the potato master race.
Ik it was rhetorical since it's a dumb idea, there are cow crossovers all the time each crossover doesn't necessitate a new board

Disagree, but if Andy keeps associating with the pig and they are retarded enough to do another IRL, then his thread should definitely be moved here and labelled "Gunt's butt buddy".
Forum would then have to be renamed to Gunt+ in that case. Or, Gunt and Friends.
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