Peyton Higgins / Seyton Higgins - Killstream slampig & abortion addict

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Still groveling for schekels on Hollywood Blvd.
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Pey, see how you're gripping that mic?
That's similar to what you're going to have to do to get anywhere in that industry. You aren't talented enough to make it without that.
Other aspiring musicians often get bar or club gigs but not Pey, she wants that crawling straight outta the gutter career. How many street singers have even gotten deals? William Hung has a better chance being resigned than Pey does.

naught sock account 1

@Vetti & @AltisticRight can we get the ip2 tag for her?
Plus highlights if you don't want to go through the entire thread.
She's confirmed it herself that she's had an abortion before. I remember that ppp did a video about her and Ralph talking about it on one of his patreon videos which I'm sure was archived here somewhere but the old Ralph thread is too damn long to go through.

EDIT: I found the ppp video about the video Ralph and Pey did when she talked about getting the abortion but I don't know if the original video that Ralph put on patreon is archived on the site somewhere. Here's the link, where Ralph confirms it at 35:45.

pey has never been gunted, we can close this thread now boys, our girl is PURE

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Random Pey updates: I noticed just before she announced her collaboration with the Euthanasia Report Jaden McNeil clipped a wholly uninteresting segment (archive); coincidence? I don't think so, there must be some kind of AF talent scout working endlessly to find normie content creators to exploit. Please notice how there are no BASED Trump flags behind her in her first streams.

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After watching some of her IRL videos I have to say she's all right, it takes guts to go out like that and she knows how to handle hecklers, the Gunt should really learn from her.

Finally: she cooked some kind of pasta with bacon, oil and butter. Bit of an overkill.
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PS I can't upload videos locally because I'm a tard but I will upload the Killstream Tik Tok announcement on Youtube asap

A couple of snaps from Bad Art Cops, a movie featuring Pey.
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The Gunt Cinematic Universe is here!

The movie's Facebook page

Pery's IMDB page

Cow Crossover with IP2, she streamed sniped an IP2 streamer "Too everybody on IP2 Don't believe everything you read on kiwi farms." - pey

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"It honestly makes me laugh, sometimes they like try to like guess what happens with my life. they thought that I was like singing like on the street to get home. Its honestly funny. But dont believe everything you read on there"

Kelvin Mcdonalds is Pey's biggest simp.
His mission: to save the white race
His plan: to remind most white women (and some men) he interacts with it's time to have a baby :)
Kate Mara, Katy Perry, Charlotte Flair, Robyn, Unknown woman, Jill, Bar Refaeli, Rebecca Kufrin, Renee Young, Connor McGregor, Abby Huntsman, Angelo John Gage, Lacey, Erin Andrews, Brittany Daniel, Allie Beth Stuckey, Paige Spiranac, Mark Madsen, Richard Spencer, Mark Madsen part 2, Meghan McCain, Robyn (again), Erica Rose, a mormon whore in a poly marriage, Jenna King Jones, Ann Coulter, Bill Hemmer, Chael Sonnen, Charlie Kirk , Jimmer Fredette, Lauren Witzke, Lauren Witzke 2, Joe Scarborough, Kayleigh McEnany and many more!

Kelvin got called a coomer:

"You're not a whore if your ninjaghinis don't triple overnight!"

"I have lots of lemons and ice creams with your name on them." Kelvin please leave some haunted fertile pussy for the rest of us :(
Pey is arguably the smartest person (at least we know she's street smart) with a thread on this God-forsaken board so she already knows to stay the fuck away from this dude IRL. He probably wants to harvest her organs or something.

MOAR cow crossover

Pey and IP2 streamer One sonic beg to put Pey on IP2
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apparently she was also chat raided by IP2 and told them she "hopes they love themselves, she loves them and hopes they find success"
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well it finally happened Pey got added to IP2 (last name on the list of adds) (archive)
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now 3 gunt orbiters are on ip2, Kyler, Cultural War Criminal and now Pey.

Will the gunt step up and bend the knee to IP2?

Confirmed by IP2 mod Thunda

Also on that post on the IP2 thread
Someone believes they have nudes and offered this as proof
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Imgur post
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Notice there's no face pics on the "nudes"?
Fake and gay till further evidence

Peyy has answered in that thread talking about the one and only Mr Ethan Ralph :gunt:
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Peyton's coomer nudes, they haven't been confirmed yet. Bit the bullet for the team.

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