Peyton Higgins / Seyton Higgins - Killstream slampig & abortion addict

... did you see this?
Now thanks to you I did lol. I just cannot find her appealing enough to throw money at lol. Even if she were I would not, but I am just baffled why anyone else would. She is so bloody cringe on top of it. Fuck Ragnarok cannot come soon enough.

I don't know why but I feel like this this should be archived.
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Why would she grab a picture of someone else's tits from 4chan and then share them as if they were her own? She's on the internet. There are any number of places to get tit pics. She's full of shit. This myspace-angle thot has loads of nudes out there, no doubt. Just a question of someone leaking them. (and god help us when they do. Make sure to spoiler them)


I'm going to unlock all the achievements.

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Interesting development, at first i thought they were talking about this thread.
apparently this person streams and has a subscriber only chat.


Is 4k subscribers alot on dLive?
It's decent amount yeah. Most of which was gained from her association with the the trailer park drama that is Ethan Ralph.

The subscriber only chat option is only available to Dlive partners. I have no doubt Ralph wishes he could turn that on to secure his safe space, but Ralph had his partner status revoked a while back.
I guess you could say that Dlive confiscated his coat.

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tl;dw of her latest stream: she's got a "cold" and there's a disturbing cameltoe+stained pants combo, also Warski sent her some money which is pretty cool
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*hypnotized by that flagrant 'toe and forgot what I was gonna say*

Oh yeah. I see "Subcultured sent an Ice Cream" on there and just picture Tardski rolling up to her on the street in a riced-up Corrola, popping out the sunroof with a Klondike bar, all like "HEY F..ff ff..FAT YOUNG S..sss sss ssSLUT LOOK WHAT I guhguhguhGOT"

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Quick update about Pey: she's still totally not sick
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From this live, the coughing fit starts at 05:30, I haven't watched the whole thing because her streams are quite boring and with this cold she can't sing for shit.
In case she keeps up with the broke dick farms: don't sing if you've got a cold, take some time off, your voice and your audience will thank you.
Her getting covid would be perfect