Political Music - Doesn't matter which side it's from whether it's commie, fashie, libtard, or anything else


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Wow, you all have like really niche songs and I just have classics.
Everybody knows them but they haven't been posted on here:

And this one just became political last year.


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System Of A Down will always be my all time favourite band, extremly happy they sorta came back and made 2 new songs in 2020.


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For some reason I got recommended El Watan El Akbar by Youtube recently, and ever since then I've discovered a strange enjoyment of Arab Nationalist music.



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This song was originally made as a Vocaloid one and has been covered a million times by different bands and creators.
Finding out its political nature usually hurts weebs bad. Which is why I love pointing it out.
The lyrics are positively mired in metaphor, so even most Westerners with decent Japanese skills won't see it because it requires a depth of cultural knowledge they just don't have.
The beauty is: It's a far-right song full of anti-Western sentiment but also a beloved classic amongst clueless weebs.


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Koti, uskonto, ja isänmaa.
Treceti, batalioane Române, Carpatii (Cross the Carpathians, Romanian batallions), a song about Romanian soldiers crossing the Carpathians to retake Transylvania and create a Greater Romania.

I found this song on Youtube a while ago and I have to say that, regardless of what you think about Romania or Hungary, it's a pretty cool song.
The second video has English subtitles.


I really enjoy music by the Iron Guard and Serbian turbofolk from the Yugoslav wars.

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Koti, uskonto, ja isänmaa.
I really enjoy music by the Iron Guard and Serbian turbofolk from the Yugoslav wars.
You can embed Youtube videos directly into KF which means you don't have to give Google your data.

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Koti, uskonto, ja isänmaa.
The Good Guys, the Bad Guys - a French left-wing song, which comes with its own right-wing parody of it.
First, the lefty version:
Qui c'est qui est très gentils - les gentils.
Who are very nice - the good guys.
Qui c'est qui est très méchants - les méchants.
And who are very mean - the bad guys.
Qui a tous les premiers prix - les gentils.
Who always buys the expensive things - the good guys.
Qui roupille au dernier rang - les méchants.
Who sleeps on the last rung of the ladder - the bad guys.

Qui "fait des économies" - les gentils.
Who "makes economies" - the good guys.
Et qui "gaspille son argent" - les méchants.
And who "waste their money" - the bad guys.
Qui c'est qui vend des fusils - les gentils.
Who sells rifles - the good guys.
Qui c'est qui se retrouvent devant - les méchants.
And who finds themselves in front of them - the bad guys.

C'est comme un Guignol spectacle permanent
It's like a permanent Punch and Judy show,
et vive l'école et vive le régiment !
so long live private schools and the regiment!
Tout le monde en rigole et tout le monde y croit
Everyone laughs at it and everyone believes it,
Mais pourtant
but, however,

Pour qui t'as de l'antipathie - les gentils.
Who are you annoyed at - the good guys.
Pour qui t'as un gros penchant - les méchants.
Who do you like - the bad guys.
C'est "Travail, Famille, Patrie" - les gentils.
Who says "Work, Family, Homeland" (a French conservative slogan) - the good guys.
C'est "la retraite a vingt ans" - les méchants.
Who promises you retirement at twenty - the bad guys.

Oh papada papada
Papada papada
(this is a nonsense word that doesn't have an English translation)

Ils font l'amour le samedi - les gentils.
They make love on Saturday - the good guys.
Ils font ça n'importe quand - les méchants.
They do it whenever they want - the bad guys.
Ils crèveront le cul béni - les gentils.
They feel like Holy Joes - the good guys.
Ils crèveront le cœur content - les méchants, les gentils méchants.
They feel happy inside - the bad guys, the good bad guys.

Next, the pro-gilets jaunes parody of the song, which has English subtitles:


Killing Joke are one of those bands that were "left wing" for 30 years but the Overton window has shifted so much they'd probably now be considered QAnon conspiracists. It's probably true of a lot of 80's post-punk stuff.

Anti-neolib/neocon/UN/etc song that was so acceptable in 2003 it even has Dave Grohl on drums (actually the whole album is political and he's on every song):

Pro-Europe anti-EU/NATO/bankers from 2011:

Common People is an obvious choice but few actually pay attention to the lyrics. It's about a rich girl thinking she understands the working class and reminds me of so many journalists:

Another Jarvis song. Anti-globalisation from back when that was considered left wing:

Morrissey's National Front Disco got him in a lot of trouble at the time because he dared to understand why someone is lured to the far right:

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Koti, uskonto, ja isänmaa.
Some Croat nationalist songs I found. I have no idea why almost all the subtitles are in Portuguese and I cannot be bothered to translate them.
The Army of the Ustaše is Rising:
Rifle Girls:
Thick Fog Descended on Zagreb:
The Warriors of Cavoglave: (English subtitles)

If shouting "Za dom - spremni!" is not to your taste, have a Mexican clerical fascist song I found on the same channel, as well as the anthem of the Brazilian Integralist party.
The Sigma Song: (yes, they chose a sigma as the logo of their movement. I have no idea why.)
Faith, Blood and Victory:
What I like about the Synarchists and Brazilian Integralists is that they were nationalists based on the American continent who didn't insist that they were racially superior to anyone else, and that they rooted their political beliefs in Christianity instead of neopagan larping. The different peoples who made up Western civilisation and its descendants in Latin America had no problem with living with people who didn't look like them, different peoples contributed to it, and it was rooted in Catholicism - and later, Eastern Orthodoxy - and the legacy of the Roman Empire, despite what the "WE WUZ [VI]KANGS 'N SHIEEET" larpers believe. [/politisperg]

Grande, firme y violenta, nuestra fe nos alienta. Mil pasos adelante, ni uno atrás.
Great, resolute and violent, our faith encourages us. A thousand steps forward, and not one back.
El cielo lo ha votado y nos los hemos jurado: ¡la patria victoriosa surgirá! ¡Surgirá! ¡Surgirá!
Heaven has vowed it, and we've sworn it; the victorious Fatherland shall rise, shall rise, shall rise!
¡Viva México! ¡Viva! ¡Por Dios y por nosotros, vivirá! ¡Por Dios y por nosotros, vivirá!
Long live Mexico! For God and for ourselves, it shall live on!

Patria, por tus honores, cayeron los mejores. Su sangre, precio fue de libertad.
Fatherland, for your honour, the best ones have fallen. Their blood was the price of liberty.
Sus despojos, yacentes; mas sus almas, presentes. En los puestos de lucha siempre están.
Their remains are lying down, but their souls are presesnt. They will always be in their fighting ranks.
¡Los caídos! ¡Presentes! ¡Viva México! ¡Viva! ¡Por Dios y por nosotros, vivirá! ¡Por Dios y por nosotros, vivirá!
The fallen - present! Long live Mexico! For God and for ourselves, it shall live on!

Las águilas potentes destrozan las serpientes y escrito han en el cielo: "Libertad".
The powerful eagles destroy the serpents and have written "Liberty" in the sky.
Triunfo, júbilo, gloria. Sinarquismo, victoria de la causa de México será.
Triumph, jubilee, glory. Synarchism shall be the victory of the cause of Mexico.
¡Viva México! ¡Viva! ¡Por Dios y por nosotros, vivirá! ¡Por Dios y por nosotros, vivirá!
Long live Mexico! For God and for ourselves, it shall live on!