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Hell yeah! Someone at my school was already asking to buy my The Hermit tarot card, does anybody know any department store chains that have cardstock printers with ink?

Edit: Also, can you list the price that I would have to pay for a simple 2.75 in. long by 4.75 in. high printing
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Did some honkling around:

Also, there's an ongoing Comic Jam based on Sonichu #10 I've been organizing for the past year or so. Due to the hefty size of the issue the jam was separated into multiple parts, though there are still a few pages that need someone to redraw them. If reinterpreting a page of Sonichu using your medium of choice sounds like some fun to you, you can check out the available pages here and here. If you'd like to redo any of the available pages in the linked post, just call dibs and you it's all yours.

We're also doing the so-called Amish reboot in a separate thread, where we plan to redraw the pages in a cutesy, saccharine style, as if it's propaganda of how Chris-Chan wants you to believe the Asperpedia trial had gone down, only for the later pages in the comic jam to depict how they were actually executed. The jam has come to a relative crawl recently, so if you're free to join us if you're up for some extreme zappin' action.


I've been having a bit of an art block this year, I can't seem to finish anything I start. I start drawing something, make it about halfway before I get tired/bored, and then move on to another one. I have so many half-finished works now, hopefully I'll get out of the block eventually and finish those works. Here's some of them:













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Pinup Sonata Dusk


Threw it up on DA and I didn't think much of it at the time.

To my surprise, Equestria Daily actually featured it in a fan art collection, completely unsolicited, and it got me a good bit of pub.
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