Questions you might ask about Linux - Local dog need some insight for a quick quiz

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I'm making a Linux quiz on Kahoot for my classroom, and I need a bit of insight.
I would love to know if some of you have suggestions for new questions.

Genuine and troll answers are both appreciated! :)
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cause it's for kids who barely remember what day it is:

vim vs. nano.

Declare your allegiance.

How do you own all files in a directory to a specific user?

How do you add a user?

How do you delete a user?

How do you create a group? How do you add a user to a group?

What's the command to do actions at root level?

How to you enable firewall? Add ports? Disable ports?

install a package on a debian based system? redhat based?

Why is using gentoo like putting your dick in a cheese grinder then lighting it on fire while you expect milk and honey to pour out?