Quinton Flynn Saga - Obsessed, Scorned Ex Tries to #MeToo Voice Actor. Got it memorized?


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Mar 9, 2019
Weeb Wars opened up a new front with a new target:
Quinton Flynn.jpg
Voice actor Quinton Flynn.
Flynn, known for his roles as Raiden in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Axel in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Iruka Umino in Naruto, and many others, became the target of a similar Twitter campaign like #KickVic in November of 2019 by two users, Krissy Rose and her friend Chloe.
The two began contacting Quinton Flynn's colleagues like D.C. Douglas:
They continued to tweet about Flynn the next day:
They also provided screenshots of DMs with the voice actor:

Much like HaberGaiden (cosplayer Jessie Pridemore's allegations against voice actor Todd Haberkorn), this initial effort did not gain traction (or attention).
But, just who is Krissy Rose?
Krissy Rose.jpg
Kristen R. Rubin, aka Krissy Rose, was an ASMR YouTuber at one time:
However, Rubin entered an online relationship with Flynn in March of 2019. The couple never met in person.
According to Flynn, the relationship deteriorated when Kristen didn't want to take their relationship to the next step due to family commitments.
According to Flynn, they ended their relationship amicably on July 19, 2019.
Rubin apparently found out that Fynn had previous online relationships with other women and they began a "John Tucker Must Die" group as a result. Hence why they were posting previously private conversations they had with the voice actor.
As for Flynn, he began dating his current wife, Samantha, in September of 2020 and they were married in October of 2020.
Quinton and Samantha Flynn.jpg
Krissy found about the relationship and soon found other women that Flynn had relationships with and launched the "BewareQuintonFlynn" Twitter account in November 2020.
They continued to leak more DMs and photographs others had with Flynn in order to portray him as a sexual predator.
In fact, Krissy not only contacted Samantha Flynn, but also Quinton Flynn's mother, his employers, his friends, and his other colleagues with this allegation throughout 2020.
Rather than let what happened to Vic Mignogna repeat itself, Flynn took legal action.
Among the actions taken by Flynn was a legal takedown of articles from The Gamer written by Bella Blondea:
Bella B.PNG
(source: https://elitists-source.info/temy/2...je-preco-je-herna-zurnalistika-totalna-zumpa/
Articles about Flynn:
Blondeau soon found herself as a freelancer and the articles were removed.
The most notable action Flynn took was to request a Protective Order against Rubin from the Superior Court Civil Division Room 7 of Lake County, Indiana. A hearing was scheduled on February 3, 2021, and the judge granted the order.
Not long after, the transcript (which was supposed to be sealed) was leaked onto the internet.
The Flynns did not leak the document nor did The Court make it available.
While Rubin herself has not admitted to being the leaker, the alleged leaker is said to be Rubin's mother.
The leaked transcript has redactions (though failed to redact Samantha Flynn and Kristin Rubin's names at one point) and some parts are underlined to make Quinton Flynn look bad. Rubin failed to consider that the hearing made her look like an obsessed stalker in comparison.
The transcript can be found in the attachments.
With the protective order in place, Kristen had some allies in place to continue her crusade.
One of those people is Sawniie aka Sanna Nousiainen:
Sawniie real face.jpg
LinkedIn: https://archive.md/UFzLY
Facebook: Steam
Steam wishlist
Sawniie is a Finnish associate of Krissy's who had been leading the charge against Quinton Flynn in lieu of Krissy herself.
She has since set her Twitter into Protected Mode.
Yet, this did not save Rubin from the long arm of the law:
Indiana v. Rubin.PNG
She has been charged with "Invasion of Privacy-Violates an ex parte protective order."
Rubin is being represented by Scott Seville and Keaton James Mauer of Robbins & Seville, LLC:
A hearing has been scheduled for December 16, 2021.
UPDATE: Judge Cantrell granted Rubin's request for a continuance and a hearing was scheduled for March 3, 2022.
UPDATE: Judge Cantrell granted Rubin's request for a continuance (again) and a hearing was scheduled for June 2, 2022.


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