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/r/wow Finds their Waifu has been taken by a WoW Writers cringey self insert

Discussion in 'Games' started by Guli, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. For those of us who didn't go back to WoW for BoA, we should all be feeling pretty fuckin happy about saving those shekels now.


    Started to complain about a particular character appearing and the Mary Sue they seemed to be, after this the chunterers keep at it until 8.1 came around, the famous .1 in all WoW expansions they never goes well.

    Full backstory on this character things to Leddit:

    Nathanos Blightcaller is a (now major) undead character in World of Warcraft. He's existed for a long time in the background as the romantic partner, ex-pupil, and right hand man of the undead leader Sylvanas Windrunner. As of the last expansion (Legion) Sylvanas was made the faction leader for the entire Horde faction. This has brought Nathanos into the spotlight more.

    His backstory has always been a little... Self inserty. He's the only human trained in the style of elite elven soldiers, and even after being turned undead he still had bits of lore in classic WoW about taking out five enemy spies and outwitting an entire enemy army. For many this got worse when he got an attractive new body to replace his rotting one during the lead up to Legion.

    In the newest expansion, general dislike of his character took off even more when he started appearing everywhere in the Horde side story. While the opposing faction, the Alliance, had several different characters for various parts of their story, most of the Horde side was lead by Nathanos, even when there's no reason for him to even be there.

    His position as the romantic partner of Sylvanas doesn't help him not seem like some author making themselves the partner for the Waifu. Although Sylvanas has been a controversial character lately (largely in concerns to her writing), she is one of the last "legacy" (existing before World of Warcraft) characters for the Horde, and the last Legacy character to have a direct position of leadership within the Horde (many are dead, MIA, or off doing other things besides leading). This makes her a very popular character, and has been for a very long time.

    This is just one part of a long series of breakdowns in the WoW community. There's a general sense of discontent in a large portion of the community due to how the latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, was handled, and still several issues (Quality of life and game balance) dating back months and years. Plus, data mining of the upcoming patch reveals, surprise surprise, more Nathanos in the story.

    Reddit rages:

    Writers love affair with his Waifu is found:

    Mods come in for the sweep and clear:
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  2. I already quit playing when I noticed that the questline for the Undead starting area was the worst kind of Mary Sue tumblr-quality.

    Screenshot 2017-02-02 22.31.38.png

    Go ahead and look up Lilian Voss some more. She even does a fucking 'behind-you' moment where she's all "I could totes crush you like a bug, player, but I am just so fucking cool and awesome and just ultimately powerful even though I'm just a fresh corpse with daddy-issues."

    A waifu-thirsty fatass' self-insert is just par for the course at this point.
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  3. At least this one didn’t ship his self-insert with a five year old.
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  4. Well let's whip out that good old Mary Sue/Self Insert checklist because knocking the piss out of WoW lore is just so much fun.

    Character has a meaningful name: Nathanos is obviously derived from Nathan, which in means "gift of God" to the Jews.

    Character appears to look similar to the other/ideal self: Note the OP. One can argue that the art team are the ones responsible for his design but it still makes no sense that Sylvanas resurrecting him would make him leagues more beautiful than his original appearance.

    Has immeasurable power: If you WoWfags don't want 8.1 spoiled for you, fuck off because the plot is everywhere and you've probably seen it already. So essentially in the beginning of this story Nathanos' waifu burned down like half of night elf civilization (one of the oldest and powerful races mind you). Their leader wishes to seek vengeance for this and imbued herself with the power of a god to become a vengeful avatar (think the pope but way cooler). Nathanos, being the only human in history to train under elves to become a ranger is somehow able to raise this leader's allies in front of her and stop her.

    Other than this not making much sense that he power to rival a literal god, some people (mainly the overzealous) cannot be resurrected so easily because their will is just that strong.

    He does everything: Horde and Alliance both have their own story, Nathanos represents the Horde at about a half dozen warfronts, while the Alliance has about half a dozen people doing the same job since it wouldn't make much sense to have a single person be at multiple places at once.

    Tldr: Why do people still waste their money on this shit game when it isn't meant to cater to them?
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  5. I stopped paying attention near the end of Mists of Panderia. The part where one of the NPCs claims that the Horde and Alliance are stronger because they fight each other was really awful. Especially after most NPCs claimed that they hated how both sides were carving up their new country and dividing it.

    There was also that time that Garrosh became Orc Hitler then became a raid boss. However he did not die there, instead, somewhere off screen he jumped into a time machine and created another expansion pack (Warlords of Dranor) all by himself. All because they wouldn't kill him and instead tried to hold a trial or something.

    I know that Blizzard does not have the best of writers but, they were better than this. Starcraft/Broodwars was decent before the sequel. Starcraft 2 became a really cringey love story with dragon ball Z style fighting towards the end. I still don't understand the idea with de-zergifiying kerrigan only to re-zerg her.
    Warcraft 1 and 2 were basically knock offs of Warhammer fantasy but, they had some okay writing. Diablo 1 and 2 had interesting lore before Diablo 3 turned every villain from an unknowable horror to some Saturday morning cartoon villain.
    I really just want to know what happened
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  6. On top of that not even an expansion earlier Nathanos is about equal with Genn Greymane when he is in normal form and then gets destroyed when Genn decides to turn into his worgen form.

    So apparently Nathanos is suddenly stronger than one of the actual gods (A lot of the gods of warcraft aren't gods just powerful beings) after getting trounced by a normal character with no real special powers and suddenly has plot armour to rival the USS Enterprise D.
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  7. People who un-ironically enjoy the schlock Blizzard produces in current year are drones. I've never met a Blizzard fan who didn't have exceedingly limited scope in their taste beyond Blizzard games, and who could make a good argument for why their modern productions and behavior arent atrocious.
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  8. I think the plan is to kill off Sylvanas at the end of BfA, then have her reborn as High Elf Sylvanas. (Because come on there's nowhere else to go now) And have her take over leadership of the Blood Elves. While someone else (maybe Nath) takes over the reins.

    Considering everything thats happened since the end of Legion, no one would bat an eyelid really.
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  9. It kinda depresses me that I immediately know who you’re talking about.
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  10. Blizzard is very heavy-handedly setting up a battle between different kinds of Gods of Death/Sources of Magic. The Light vs. the Void. The Lich King and Forsaken vs. Helya and Bwonsamdi. [something something] the Old Gods. If BfA were just a battle between Horde and Alliance then they'd definitely have to kill off or redeem Sylvanas. But when you reframe the conflict as Life vs. Death vs. Undeath you create an opportunity for Sylvanas, the leader of the Undeath faction, to come out of the conflict relatively unscathed.
  11. Say what you will about Metzen, but at least he wasn't writing creepy fanfics about undead sex and body swapping.
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  12. I don't! Who was this?

    GentlemanFaggot I got in...

  13. This guy, I assume.
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  14. Ah, I remember him now! Thanks bro!

    GentlemanFaggot I got in...

  15. Kinda glad I stopped playing WoW when I did by the looks of things. What is it with these people inserting themselves in some way in these things? Just comes off as very unprofessional.

    scorptatious break dancing in terror and rage
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  16. Depends if Alleria uses her void powers to suck all the evil out of Sylvanas lol.
  17. It was my impression that with his condescending tone Nathanos wasn't meant to be a sympathetic character at all, you were supposed to hate his guts as much as he hates himself. Same thing with the Bilgewater leader Gallywix, maximum jew. You aren't supposed to empathize with/like every character with a voice actor. Shit, Jaraxxus is more popular than either and he's just a gnome-hating boss from 9 years ago.
  18. Disgusting, but then the game has been shit for nearly a decade now so I wouldn't say this changes much. A game with terrible writing is being influenced by a terrible writer...what a twist!

    I'm hard-pressed to think up any of the original cast for WC3 who haven't been dragged through the mud at this point.
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  19. ...What?
  20. View the image. They're talking about The Powerpuff Girls.
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