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and I present to you

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The Black Ethan Ralph

real name Blvd Quick, a truly awful rapper from atlanta or some shithole.

  • 's got a gunt
  • been in jail for dumb shit
  • terrible fashion sense
  • likes pills and booze
  • his trap videos are the perfect equivalent of a killstream show as observed in the following piece of media

Looks a bit like Britain's favourite tard Harvey Price


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I've been mulling over the idea of doing a mock screenplay of one of the Radd Roberts, Star Grift or Gunt wars movies. Leaning towards Gunt Wars because I know the original trilogy more, but I'm taking suggestions of what people could think was funny.

Sam Losco

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I just remembered that glorious bastard Heartwvrm made a number of gunt related videos. I have them on my YT channel and will get them on Odysee/Lbry soon. Here they are here as well. These have all been posted before I believe buried somewhere in the main thread.

G U N T:



Exclusive - Unreleased Memology 101 vid:

Jim & 2018 Sober-Ralph discuss 2019 Pillstream:

I am Ralph's Complete Lack of Self-Awareness:

RIP Cleo:

Edit, posted too soon. More:
OG Killstream Comments on Gunted Non-Apology:


I think that's all. There are couple concerning Knoxville that seem to be focused more on making fun of Donga and Andy, and one that seems to be making fun of CRP breaking up with Ralph.

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Thinking about an absolutely depraved cocktail called "The Golden Gunt". Ingredients would include a Mama JF-style creamed corn puree, Kahlua mudslide mix, Makers Mark, Gatorade, Robitussin, caramelized onions (hot stuff you can get at a number of different places), and a pork rind garnish. It would be like a savory mudslide or a corn-based bloody mary.
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Here are some i found laying around.

If only you knew how bad things really are - Ralph.pngEthan Is Melting.pngEfqHr0DXYAUS1mb.jpgEthan x George.jpgSlenderGunt.pngSwattedGunt.pngBig Gunt For Mankind.pngRalpha Painting.pngRalpha Painting.jpgRalph In A Bar.jpgAction Ralph In Action.jpgActionRalph.pngSadness By Any Other Name.jpg2EjwXdgVkHqa-_port.jpghFRJim4KqqxF-_port.jpgouvaMsgQO8Ou-_port.jpgUz0B6Uvyui1t-_port.jpg20200825_154900.jpgunknown (1).pngF12CB829-F076-4DC3-BD3D-11F0E5C5059E.pngGodWhy.png
PillPoppingRalph.gif8845015e2a15a7b0291cf843091fc5cd0981b640e2618ff134504fc6037b0638.jpgEftmB8vUwAAdAZM.pngfear the gunt.jpgRalphaKidnap.png
f4523c1a2576cb0376a16434f5af9a084fec95c69c67b97e1281d5e8b4db7f47.png4b37af2ed6c7739f0f628d16d18d1e7f040638a1131fc956d4dbe8bc1facc261.pngcf6f703afb618b4942e7e237fa5d092a9b04276f0aa403dd47ec94692662eb09.gifunknown.pngcornHarvester0.pngFatneck.pngGay(tor) Op.pnge1dbe37465d504e3c2755ffab048f911-imagepng.png

maid.png4dfbdf5d70d361d4a87f6b79ada5a48a-imagegif.gif3347d1c7daab96247a1a12a13130175e-imagegif (1).gif8e9f2292b2d5f1ee3659f2ce47646996-imagejpeg.jpga12a58942eb8fce92301f390560c83e3-imagejpeg.jpg804b676ff463ef8dcc0e7bec663ca99a-imagepng.pngvlc-extracted00786.pngvlc-extracted00631.pngvlc-extracted00626.pngvlc-extracted00611.pngvlc-extracted00601.pngvlc-extracted00071.pngvlc-extracted00046.pngB79CD546-28E9-4757-ACFB-21BB44EDE841.jpeg
gunt car.jpg537694006e3be113bebd7ee2732e9193-imagepng.pngef331659b8fa0d4892c6831b970fbaba-imagepng.png196271bb7a571db60cc25418f6552592-imagepng.png

gunting 2.pnge064108e50c21e4cbcd57a76eb60b216-imagegif.gif74aa3fc677ebe73ecbcbe377807bea09-imagejpeg.jpg
gunting 1.pngbc9a631decaa6e5e1d15f1fb873bffc1-imagegif.gifgunted.pnggunting.pnggunting.gifgunted.gif


There are Bosnians outside of my house.
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#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 05 / 2021 - Guntfall (2004)

We are back on the air for as long as my dying GPU will let me! Should be able to get out and get another in the next few days. Sorry for the lack of streams.

In 2018, young Pantsu Hawg (Amanda Lynn Morris) lands her dream job -- secretary to Edolf Guntler (Ethan Ralph) at the peak of his power. Three years later, Guntler's empire is now his West Memphis moonshine shack. The real-life Amanda narrates Guntler's final days as he rages against imagined betrayers and hollers orders to phantom jannies, while his mistress, Pey-Pey (Peyton Higgens), oinks over his emotional distance, as other infamous members of the Killstream Kleenup Krew (Shannon Gaines, Andy Warski, Ryan Johnson) prepare for the end.

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 08 / 2021 - The Man With the Golden Gunt (1974)

Cool government operative Radd Roberts (Ethan Ralph) searches for a stolen invention that can turn the ocean's salt into a destructive weapon. He soon crosses paths with the menacing Barbossa Smegma (Andy Warski), a streamer so skilled he has a seven-figure call-in fee. Roberts then joins forces with the swimsuit-clad Mantsu Badtouch (Amanda Morris), and together they track Smegma to a arctic isle hideout where the streamer-for-hire lures the slick spy into a deadly stream for a final duel.

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 09 / 2021 - Guntfinger (1964)

The powerful tycoon Veedo Guntfinger has initiated Operation Cheese Pizza, a cataclysmic scheme to raid Epstien's archives and distribute the petabytes of data to every discrod mod in the world. Radd Roberts, armed with his specially equipped Nissan Sentra, must stop the plan by overcoming several outrageous adversaries, such as Mrs. Man and Korei, master of all discord trannies.

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 10 / 2021 - The Spy Who Thumbed Me (1977)

In a globe-trotting assignment that has him waddling off the edges of all-you-can-eat buffets and driving a car through an Arby's, West Memphis super-spy Radd Roberts (Ethan Ralph) unites with "sexy" Equine agent Mantsu Baddtouch (Amanda Morris) to defeat megalomaniac forum magnate Erverlerd Iban (Joshua Moon), who is threatening to destroy Richmond, VA with distilled autism. Roberts' most deadly adversary on the case is Iban's henchman, Underpaid (Ho Chi Minh Jr.), a five-foot-ten Vietnamese giant with terrifying memes.

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 11 / 2021 - Guntraker (1979)

Agent Radd Roberts (Ehtan Ralph) blasts into orbit in this action-packed adventure that takes him to Miami, Belgrade and outer space. When Roberts investigates the hijacking of an American space shuttle, he and equine agent Mantsu Baddtouch (Amanda Morris) are soon locked in a life-or-death struggle against Hugo Dax (Dick Masterson), a power-mad podcaster whose horrific scheme may destroy all adult female human life on earth!

Thumbnail image credit to @Drew Pickles 69

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 12 / 2021 - Licence to Pill (1989)

Radd Roberts is on possibly his most brutal mission yet. Roberts' good friend, Purple Drag-On (Andy Warski), is left near death, by HRT-laced cocaine overdose courtesy of drug baron Dix Molestyerson (Dax Herrera). Roberts sets off on the hunt for Molestyerson, but not everyone is happy. Radd's bosses do not feel Molestyerson is their problem and strips Roberts of his license to kill making Radd more salty than ever. Roberts gains the aid of one of Drag-On's friends, known as Aids Moby and sneaks his way into the drug factories, which Molestyerson owns. Will Radd be able to keep his identity secret, or will Molestyerson see Bond's true intentions?

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 15 / 2021 - For Your Thumb Only (1981)

After an American spy ship sinks, a marine archaeologist, Sir Thomas Milklock (Tim Ginoet aka Baked Alaska), is tasked to retrieve its Automatic Flagging Attack Communicator (AFAC) communication system before the Serbians do. After Milklock is murdered by Francois (JF Gariepy), a Canadian hit-man, Radd is ordered to find out who hired Francois. While investigating, Virginian super spy Radd Roberts is captured, but Francois is subsequently killed by Milklock's daughter Nickola, and "she" and Radd escape. Roberts identifies one of those present with Francois as Sargon Leopold Loki (Carl Benjaman) and so follows a lead to Morocco and meets his contact, Tardgi Ferrara (Andy Warski), and a well-connected Greek businessman and intelligence informant, Didliss Kidstouchis (Milo Yiannopoulos). Kidstouchis tells Radd that Loki is employed by Mittlos Jarumbo (Matt Jarbo), Kidstouchis' former organised crime partner.

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 16 / 2021 - GoldenGunt (1995)

In 1986 Roberts (Ethan Ralph) and Gator Mann (Shannon Gaines)infiltrate an illicit Soviet bloc chemical weapons facility and plant explosive charges. Mann is shot, but Radd Roberts escapes from the facility as it explodes. Nine years later, Roberts witnesses the theft by criminal organisation B.D.F. of a prototype Hyundai Acura that can withstand even Radd's mighty girth. B.D.F. uses the car to steal the control disk for the dual GoldenGunt satellite weapons, using the GoldenGunt to destroy the complex with a high pressure, orbital grease bombardment; there are two survivors of the attack, the programmers, Miss Hogg (Peyton Higgins) and Boris Suckakok (Ryan Johnson).

Roberts investigates the attack and travels to Serbia where he locates Hogg and Suckakok and learns that Mann, who had faked his own death, was the head of Broke Dick Farms. Miss Hogg tracks computer traffic to Eastern Canada and she and Radd travel there and locate Mann, who reveals his plan to steal money from Radd's Paypal before erasing all of its financial records with the GoldenGunt, concealing the theft and destroying Radd's ability to buy pills and booze. Roberts and Hogg destroy the satellite facility, killing Mann and Suckakok in the process.

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 17 / 2021 - Xannies Are Forever (1971)

Radd Roberts (Ethan Ralph) is tasked with investigating a major drug-smuggling operation which begins in Africa and runs through Serbia and the UK to the United States. Disguised as professional hustler Oliver Vomyt, Radd travels to Belgrade to meet contact Trousa Fiesta (Amanda Morris): he is given the pills and travels on to the US, where he is met by Feeldix Groper (Dax Herrera). Radd moves through the chain, which leads to the Blackkk House, a casino-hotel owned by the reclusive billionaire Bibble Blackkk.

Bond follows the Pills to a pick-up by Gurt Sweepsby (Shannon Gaines), Blackkk's head custodian, and then onto a research laboratory owned by Blackkk, where Radd finds that a satellite is being built by a laser refraction specialist, Professor Dr. Taco (Dame Pesos). Suspecting Blackkk, Roberts tries to confront him, but instead meets Blokawk (Peyton Higgins), who captures the agent and explains to him that the satellite can blow up nuclear missiles. Blokawk admits that she intends to auction the laser to the highest bidder. Radd escapes and frees the captive Blackkk and they establish that Blokawk is using an offshore oil rig as her base. Radd attacks the rig, stopping Blokawk's operation and dispersing he organisation.

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 18 / 2021 - A View to Pill (1985)

While on mission, Virginian secret agent Radd Roberts(Ethan Ralph) recovers a bottle of experimental benzodiazepines, one hundred times more potent the standard 5 mg pill from the body of a deceased colleague in Russia (Tim Ginoet / Baked Alaska). Roberts figures out that the pills have a potential for sinister applications. Investigating further, Roberts is led to Min Dongin (Robby Pilkington / Tonkasaw), the head of Dongin Industries. Soon Agent Memphis-10 faces off against the wheelchair-bound Dongin and his tough Amazonian bodyguard, Neo Vag (Amanda Morris), who are scheming to cause massive overdoses that will eliminate the competition and taint the nation's supply of Xanax. Will Radd save the day, or will Quantico-Prime (Sandra Ralph) still be trying to stir him from drug-induced slumber at 9 AM?

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 19 / 2021 - Thumbderball (1965)

Led by cleft-penis evil mastermind Baron Von Splitvang (Joseph Lancaster), the terrorist group SPEDTREE hijacks two terabytes of home-made adult entertainment from Radd Roberts' (Ethan Ralph) personal computer network and threatens widespread distribution to extort 100 million pints of Maker's. The dashing Agent Memphis-10, must recover the smut from the heart of Von Splitvang's lair in the slums of south London, facing attacks from mudsharks (Corine Cliford) and men alike. He must also convince the enchanting Porkino (Rebekah Ford), Baron's mistress, to become the key in taking Baron Von Splitvang down and getting the videos back.

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 22 / 2021 - You Only Sniff Twice (1967)

Agent Memphis-10, Radd Roberts (Ethan Ralph) is sent to California to investigate the auto theft and kidnapping of American pawn shop magnate Milton Victor (Matt Vickers). Upon his arrival, Roberts is contacted by Fai (Faith Vickers), assistant to the eccentric Lawli Troonaka(Conrad Aaron Collins). Radd established that the mastermind behind the hijacking is BDF's Number One, Josiah Sol (Josh Moon). In conjunction with Pesto (Louis Jeffery Giovingo), a local black man. Radd follows the trail to Troonaka's island headquarters and sex dungeon, with Radd's car, Gunt-One, attacks a Soviet street racer, Boris (Ryan Johnson).

Troonaka's transgender ninja troops attack the Radd and Pesto, while Roberts manages to distract Lawli and create a diversion which allows him to open the hatch, letting the captive Milton free. During the battle, Pesto is killed by Fai, who activates the base's self-destruct system and escapes. Radd, Fai, Troonaka, and the surviving ninjas escape through the cave tunnel before it explodes, Where Radd is later rescued by his belegered manservant (Shannon Gaines)

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 23 / 2021 - GUNT WARS - Episode IV: A NEW COPE (1977)

The Brokedix Empire - under orders from cruel Darth Feeder (Ronald Ralph, voiced by Josh Moon) hold Princess Suinae (Peyton Higgins) prisoner, in their efforts to quash the rebellion against the Brokedix Empire. Duke Guntwalker (Ethan Ralph) and Neet Solo (Shannon Gaines), captain of the Greasy Gator, work together with the droid duo Retartoo-D2 (Andy Warski) and See-PPO (Tim Ginoet) to rescue the porky princess, help the Ralphamale Alliance, and restore Maker's and trashburgers to the Galaxy.

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 24 / 2021 - GUNT WARS - Episode V: THE EMPIRE CHOKES BACK (1980)

The adventure continues in this "Gunt Wars" sequel. Duke Guntwalker (Ethan Ralph), Neet Solo (Shannon Gaines), Princess Suinae (Peyton Higgens) and Jewbacca (Ryan Johnson) face attack by the Brokedix forces and its KI-WI walkers on the meth planet Tampa. While Neet and the princess escape in the Greasy Gator, Duke travels to Fagobah in search of Yida (Milo Yiannopoulos). Only with the Judei master's help will Duke survive the ultimate duel with Darth Feeder (Ronald Ralph, voiced by Josh Moon) Inside of Zambo Calrissian's (Kenny Jones) space reptilian brothel.

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 02 / 25 / 2021 - GUNT WARS - Episode VI: RETORT OF THE JUDEI (1983)

His Judei training complete, Duke Guntwalker (Ethan Ralph) does battle with the horrible Jarblow the Cux (Matt Jarbo) and cruel Darth Feeder (Ronald Ralph, voiced by Josh Moon) to save his comrades in the Ralphamale Alliance and triumph over the Brokedix Empire. Neet Solo (Shannon Gaines) and Princess Suinae (Peyton Higgens) find love and team up with Jewbacca (Ryan Johnson), Zambo Calrissian (Kenny Jones), the Ewops (Dame Pesos and Louis Jeffery Giovingo ) and the androids See-PPO (Tim Ginoet) and Retartoo-D2 (Andy Warski) to aid in the destruction of the empire and the defeat of the evil Empress (Christine Weston Chandler).

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 03 / 02 / 2021 - 2018: The Year We Make Gunttact

It is two years after the mysterious failure of the Memphis Ten mission to Jewpiter in 2016, which resulted in the deaths of four astronauts and the disappearance of Ethan Ralph. Blamed for the fiasco, James O'Shaughnessy resigned his position as head of the National Council for Internet Bloodsports.

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 03 / 03 / 2021 - Richmond: Miscegenationist or Mensch?

Richmond: Miscegenationist or Mensch is a Canadian documentary film directed by Pho Bingas about Ethan Ralph in the years leading up to and including the 9-minute stand-off with the Richmond Fire Department that ended when the subject of the film let them into his crackshack compound to investigate the reported gas leak. The three-hour, documentary special premiered on March 3, 2021.

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 03 / 04 / 2021 - Guntness (2002)

Oliver (Ethan Ralph) and his Younger brother, Randal (Evan Ralph), unpack and settle into their new country home with their mother (Sandra Ralph) and father (Ashton Parks). A sense of dread slowly becomes evident in their new home, and before long; many paranormal things begin to take place inside of their shack. As the hauntings continue, Randal looks into the house's dark history and struggles with his brother to uncover the reason behind the otherworldly presence.

#PillstreamUncircumcised - 03 / 04 / 2021 - Ralphaville (1965)

Government agent Janny Caution (Shannon Gaines) is dispatched on a secret mission to Ralphaville, a dystopian city-world in a distant corner of the galaxy. Janny is hot on the trail of rogue agent Caesar Nodickson (Ethan Ralph) and a transexual, trans-species scientist named Von Barn (Amanda Morris), the creator of Memphis 10, a supercomputer that is used to control the minds of, and to rule over residents of Ralphaville. Janny is aided in his quest to destroy the despotic computer ruler by Von Barn's own ex-lover, Autogyna (Conrad Collins).
#PillstreamUncircumcised - 03 / 05 / 2021 - Project Metalgunt (1995)

In 1974, amoral CIA agent Chuntler (Ethan Ralph) and his inexperienced young colleague Ali (Shannon Gaines) find a Serbian hostel where, according to classified CIA data, a werepig lives. Their mission is to take a sample of its blood and bring it back to the States for further research. The plan is to create an army of soldiers with werepig-like abilities and resistance to damage, loyal to only the CIA. This secret project is dubbed Project: Metalgunt. However, the research is slow and they after some time nearly run out of werepig blood. Chuntler, unhinged, injects himself with the little blood that's left and turns into a werepig himself. He goes on a killing spree inside of the CIA research facility but is shot with silver bullets by his boss, Piller (Richard Kyanka). Piller covers everything up and arranges for Chuntler and his victims' bodies to be cryogenically frozen. 20 years later, a team of medical scientists led by doctor Anna de Cerdo (Amanda Morris), who's obsessed with finding a way to create artificial skin that could help those in need of sexual reassignment surgery, is ordered by Piller to experiment with their prototype of synthetic skin on Chuntler's corpse. Piller is increasingly showing signs of insanity and doesn't tell them what Chuntler is. When they find the bullets inside of the Butler's body and remove them, all hell breaks loose in the facility. To make matters worse, the artificial skin they transplanted makes Chunlter's werepig skin impenetrable.
Thumbnail Credit: Mundane Ralph

My stream snipe titles from the 5th of February to March 4th when my old desktop died. More than one person has said my movie title riffs and descriptions got a chuckle out of them, so here they are. I can post the more recent ones if people want them in here.

Pee Wee Herman

Playhouse Overlord
Here are some i found laying around.

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The Hamburgular one seals the deal.

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