Ralph's Whores - Fat alcoholic looking to hire blacked hafa Whore.

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Jun 20, 2019
Today on tequila Sunrise Ralph's desktop revealed that he is looking to move to Mexico and looking to hire a porn star known as Aria Lee.

Who is Aria Lee you might ask?


Aria Lee is a hafa Porn Star who is famous for doing blacked Cuck Porn and is in Ligation for a alleged sexual Assault Against a porn director.

Article link | https://archive.ph/7Co6R
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Old habits die hard for the ralphamale.

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Aug 4, 2021
Part of me thinks Ralph’s browsing history just consists of the most random bullshit due to posts on here. Someone says he should go to Mexico so he can do cheap drugs and gamble tax free and he thinks it’s a great idea so he looks into it before realizing it requires the tiniest bit of effort and moves to the next thing

temp o'rary

Aug 22, 2020
Assault on police crime in Portugal? Is that what happened, was it the cops who beat the shit out of him the first go around? That would be hilarious.

"Is assault on a police officer considered a serious crime in Portugal? Enough for them to stop travel/residency there?" is how I read it. His old conviction.

Erika Furudo

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Feb 18, 2021
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Yeah sure.
I don't know, being a pornstar/escort who has caught the attention of the Gunt is a pretty good argument for her fucking up in a previous life.

The rape allegations are interesting though, given she's a victim she may not want to go near guys accused of sexually assaulting vulnerable girls like Alice. Imagine getting rejected by a pornstar/escort even after you offer them money.

Super Saiyan Hitler

Super Führer
Jan 5, 2022
And his retarded fans are still going to uphold him as a savior of the White race.
Maybe you could change it to a "Ralph's Whores General?" He's been caught thirsting after/simping for a number of them. Off the top of my head I can only remember that one black hooker in Vegas, though.
He was talking to a black Vegas hooker and Savannah Sixx who's a spic/black mutt pornstar. In the Alice leaks, he or Pantsu also mentioned that they had a threesome with a pornstar, but it's unclear who it was. Maybe it's about time we started calling him the Lustpig? Even most coombrains don't go around hiring pornstars.

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