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Jul 8, 2014
This thread is for minor Chris updates :
If Chris farts on fb or twitter (or likes something on Youtube / another service) and the update isn't large enough to warrant it's own thread*, it can be placed here.
*This usually means that Chris reblogs/likes something or his commentary is extremely limited.
January 2017:
Happy New Year's
Chris reacts to LBQT Nation post about Carrie Fisher / George Michael
Chris respects his fans
Comment on a Lizzy the Lezzy post about a wedding invitation
Women's clothing sizes
Love is Love
Tolerance of gay men
Women need to be hugged
Vagina necklaces

Sailor scouts shirts
Chris admits to being gay
Skylanders figure
What is love(baby don't hurt me)?
Writing in cursive
Homophobia is a choice

February 2017:
Gavin Grimm
Breast Growth
Cold virus
Wishing he could go back in time
Young Adult social group
Pick an outfit
Valid irony
Caitlyn Jenner reblog
Cherokian Ancestry
Transgender bathrooms
Birthday video
Stamp collection

March 2017:
I do not like bullies
Bathroom bills
My daughter says hi
Stalking Andrea Libman
Robert Osborne's passing
Stalking a third MLP VA
Chris makes contact
Chris wants his pressure checked
Tara Strong, Britney spears stalking
Chain email
Marvel DLC
Extended storage for the PS4
Suicide Squad
Darn Trolls
Cringiest thing you said as a child
Stalking Pony VA's
Dark Chocolate
What songs describe you?
Reblogging MLP cosplays
Advertising Hitler's exploits
Little Fluttershy singing (video)
Another tara strong reblog
Annoying habits
When you take off your bra
Chris is lured in hypnotically by furry ass
London attacks
Dogs barking
Looking like Ariana Grande
Road Rage
What color is your personality?
VHS tapes
Creeping on Tara Strong
3d scanning app

April 2017:
Offering productivity advice
Autism and Trump
Likes on Brony videos
Head feels numb
Overcome anxiety
MLP movie
More tara strong creeping
Chris likes pears
Tweet to Cole about financial trouble
Which Lesbian woman are you most like
Trump is a decepticon
Sonichu and Sonic
Cartoons doing happy dances
Real Princess Peach
Top 5 eye opening facts about being transgender
Planet Dolan countdown
Reporting a troll
Chris likes Tara Strong's Easter Buns
Chris' Easter wishes
Complaining about a Twitter troll
Snergen Flergen
Big egg
Femme lesbian
April is the worst
Begging money from Cole
Retweeting anime boobs
Netflix and million subscribers
Perfect bands don't exi-
Become extremely suggestible
Doopie whiteknights Chris
Haters and trolls
Trolling Stupids
Kissing Doopie Doover's ass
Unicorn Frappucino
More Frappucino garbo
Brownnosing Doopie even more
Cole is begging for money
Trump's Walk of Fame star
Stamp book
Prone to perspiration
Losing fans on Patreon
Safer sex for trannies
Royal Oaks
That food ain't right
Don't give up
Sexualized restaurants
PSN Trophies

May 2017:
Shirt announcement
Is Horror smarter
Giving excuses about the shirt's restoration
Chris' Destiny
Showing off the shirt
My mom
Gay village
Charlottesville hotel fire
New PS4 games
New PS3 game
Very special live stream
Creeping on Doopie
Autism continues
Impeach Trump
Begging people to buy his Sonichu and Rosechu stuff
Creeping on Tara Strong about the Lego Movie Unikitty character
Blaming his unemployment on CADD degree and Bob
Chechnyan Gay Genocide
Watchmojo anime characters
Mother's Day Meal Contest
Chris wants to be a mother
Where is my sweetheart
Law of attraction booster
Happy Mother's Day!
Rarity Hatches an Idea
Creeping on Britney Spears pt.1
Creeping on Britney Spears pt.2
Trolling-Stupid texts Chris
Update on future Sonichu
Chandler property bill tax
iDea book case
Done adulting
Clarification on Robbie
More clarification on Robbie
Could be a scam
Buying Transformers
Teaching dogs english
Wanting a woman to serenade him

June 2017:
Fidget cubes
Chris draws like a child
Pride month 2017
Good for you
Cutie Mark
Christian / Christine
Colouring hair
Menstrual cup
Vanity Fair
Na Na Na Na Na Cole-man!
Count your blessings
Perks to autism
These women like me!
Fake love for everyone
Talking to Cole Smithey
What would you like to upload?
love your singing style
Fig Newtons
UVA remembers Pulse
Meow :)
Defending Caitlyn Jenner
Pokemon Card Game tournament
A word from Magi-chan
Sonichu Book 11
Baltimore Bronycon
Association game
Sharing a memory about Cole
Love Quest
I am a Girl
Funny, imperfect clowns
Italian roots

July 2017 :
You lie
Friendship with Jessica Quinn
Robbie standing strong with a bully
Hot hamburger plate
Brownnosing Doopie
I deserve 1 million dollars
Adoring fan
More Doopie brownnosing
Cringe Party
Responses to fan mail
Frequency Wizard
More Doopie brownnosing
Sonichu 12 preview
Modnation racers
Chris and Waterman
Doopie has a boyfriend
Punchy joke
Festival spirit
Holographic trading cards
Mad at Trump for tranny troops
Rehdnalc's Story
Tara Strong brownnosing

August 2017 :
Patreon Update
Damn trolls and bullies
Ponified Chris
International cat day
Sorbet is alive!
Cathy Weseluck autograph
FB profile pic
Sharing a Coke
Pizza Supreme
I can't change how one feels about me
ILoveKPAlot reblog
Creeping Creber
My Sonichus and Rosechus will paralyze harassers
Becoming a Patron to Michelle Creber
Party invites
Creeping on Creber's mom
Get well soon!
Reinventing yourself
Creeping on Andrea Libman again
Solar Eclipse and Sonic Rainboom
Prone to Sweating, letter to Kelly Sheridan
Weird vision
Sorbet's vet visit
Creeping Creber 2
Creeping Creber 3
Dear K.P (letter)
New Night Star piece
Chris on equal treatment
Trying to offer technical advice to Andrea Libman
Creeping on Ladyofthecosmo
Sango Glimmer
Opening up to Jessi Nowack
Chris stalking Jessi Nowack
Chris stalking Jessi Nowack 2
Chris' poll
Chris complains about being blocked
Begging for help on his poll
TheLady burns Chris
From May 1981 to August 2017

September 2017 :
Chris supports the American Red Cross
Pony purchases
Tweeting to Jason Alexander
Bronycon sperging
Chris being called out for tagging Tara Strong
Happy Birthday dad
Donating to Red Cross and Harvey relief
Creeping on
Hormone replacement therapy
Beagle eyebrows
Patreon delivery delay
Book shipment update
Creeping on Andrea Libman, Claire Corbett and Leslie Jones
Life of Bria retweets
Der Fuhrer's Face
MLP Doll from ebay
Love is Love
Night Star in MLP, privacy of Jessica relationship
Creeping on Andrea Libman 2
We will Never Forget
Don't harass Jessica and me
Photo of gay pride
What games have you been playing?
Creeping on Claire Corbett
Grand dad and Big Smoke
Cville Pride
Creeping on Cathy Weseluck
Strutting their stuff
Sorbet pics
Creeping on Claire Corbett 2
Christine banner

October 2017 :
Claims he doesn't stalk people
Coldsteel the Hedgehog
Elizabeth whiteknights Chris
Las Vegas shootings
Mini Commodore 64
Responding to being called out
Explaining the Doopie Harassment
Bullied out of his passion
Tweeting Shadbase
Zapina carries Sandy
Profile pic to crying video
Famous like a princess
Work it out then color
Dusting off old memories
RSVP pens
I like avocados!
Calling out a ween
Last page for Sonichu 12
Watching a powerglide review
Feeling like a princess

You go, Girl!
California Wildfires
Tootsie Rolls
Quinn's and Chris' Ponysonas still together
Jealous of PewDiePie
MLP Zappelin episode
Feeling bent out of shape
Subliminal hypnosis
Pony Philosophy
Chris is not a doxer
Sonichu 12 is completed
Open your heart to Luna
Asking Greg Cipes' opinion on Sonichu
Transformers sperging
Liking Vanessa Veracruz on twitter
More Tao of Maud sperging
Accepting paid interviews
Patreon pony shit
Liking Shadman loli art
Night Star's in CWCville
Two tubs, one chub
You, Tart!(picture)
Vege-marmite sandwich and furries
Blocking trolls
How much does Jamsta know
Night star Rosechu
Move beyond your fear
Happy Halloween
Appreciation for child art
Pony Community Soapbox

November 2017:

Anime girls
Hyperdimension Neptunia in CWCville
Chris' gamertag
S-Chu Ball
More Sonichu/Neptunia sperging
Good vibes to LazyCast
Expanded character count
Sperging about his S-Chu Ball to Claire Corbett
Chris no longer holds grudges
Silent agreement about Sonic
More Nep sperging
Even more NepxSonichu sperging
Haters are going to hate
After action report of Operation BARBarossa
Resuming work on the comic
Madman has infected CWCville money
I am not a tyrant
This is cute!
Vacationing in CWCville
Chris reaching out to Quinn
3 educated minds working together
Patreon taking a downturn
For all the friends to come
Tweets to Tokyotreat
CWCVille election
Putin is winning
NOT a White Supremest(sic)

December 2017 :

Customer feedback on Patreon
457 Days in a year in Equestria
People making a positive difference in Chris' life
What's inside a Pokeball
Mr.Metokur drawing
CWC panel at Magfest
Bring Back Silvana!
Continuing Silvana's story
Neo Silvana Rosechu
Chris thwarts a ween
Ween is roleplaying Barb
Merry Christmas to every good person

January 2018 :

Chris conversing with Tao of Maud twitter
Chris comments on a fan comic
Chris is making bank on Patreon
Astral projection videos
Chris comments on Sonichu fan art
Retweeting Monica Rial
Butts are greater than Water
Chris doesn't hate Pot smokers
Chris responds to frogboy's fan comic
Salted Butter and frogboy's fan comic
I miss my glasses
Creeping on Britney Spears
Chris calls Sonichu gun fanart "not cool"
Brianfrogboy's tribute to Bob Chandler
Creeping on Michelle Creber and BlackGryph0n
Cheering frogboy on
Launching an attack on Trump
Sonichu adventure
Chris comments on "Suck the Cock" and frogboy's comic
Apologizing for his past antisemitism
Worried over Charlottesville Toys 'R Us
Commenting on a frogboy comic page about Chris hating men
Happy birthday to Merryweatherey
Frogboy's comic again
Trying to school other people in sensitivity
Chris comments on the comic about the Macing incident
Chris gives advice on writing a biography
Old flyer for Bob's musical push-cart
Christory of Sonichu at Magfest

February 2018:

Pic of Chris drawing
Chris and Pokemon Cards
Jason Alexander's mom's birthday
Chris / frogboy dispute over Sonichu Medallion rights
Frogboy's Sonichu posters
Sonichu prequel comic
Chris played some Halo
Customer didn't get her product
Pony ears
More frogboy/Chris
Printed Prequel comic
Money begging
50$ worth of Pokemon cards
MLP movie impressions
MLP sperging with Claire Corbett
Bob's Burgers and Them's Fighting Herds
Starlight Glimmer

March 2018:

More Zen Bronyism nonsense
Sailor Moon musical tickets
MLP cereal
Chris on Daylight Saving time
APB for Alexa
PS2 games for sale
Sonichu Forces mod
Chris' Pokewalker on eBay
Zen Bronyisms again

April 2018:

Dolan Kart
Selling his Wiimote
Selling Army At War comic books
Sexy Chris cosplay
Barb dancing
On a treadmill
Bisexual Awareness week
Teasing a new House Tour video
Everything will be okay
I am redeemed
Trolling bully Blaine
Being attracted to Bryan
Cryzel Rosechu

May 2018:

The Old Classic shirt falling apart
Fan art of Cryzel Sonichu
Patreon income dropping
Kengle has had enough
Psychic mind link
Frogboy/Kengle collab
Sperging about Breakfast to Britney Spears
I am not delusional!
Kengle's creations give Chris nightmares
Chris is offering celebrity visits
Whiteknighting Tingz
Continuing to peddle the "celebrity visits"
Chris fires shots at Life of Bria
Chris is a furry
Chris wants a free admission to BronyCon
Resuming Nightstar's book
Trying to reach out to Megan
Carrying a baseball bat around
Meeting fans
Pollo is dying
Rip Pollo
New page on Patreon
Chris fan art
Sucking off Life of Bria
On Harvey Weinstein
Sonichu figure
Fitbit results
Chris wants a Nightstar plush
Nightstar and Kun
Free bonus Nightstar Cuteness
DuckTales reboot

June 2018:

Sperging about the name "Chris"
Following Kiwi Farms on Twitter
Symphogear and Chris-Chan
Chris responds to a callout
On Pokemon hybrids
Sperging about Sonic games
On the love life of Chris' OCs
Cow crossover with Life of Bria
Nightstar wishes sympathy for Chris Gassler
Calling out anti-male sexism
Art for Pride Month
Chris on casual sex
Chris tells Eggman off
Chris at Too Many Games
Sonichu copies on Patreon
Cutie Map mission

July 2018:

Chris on showering
Patreon updates
On his Sega Genesis
Nightstar plush
Giving advice on creating comics
Lore on Neptunia Commodore CPU
Commodore 64 floppy disks
Happy 4th of July from Chris!
Another Patreon update
Megan Schroeder has the memories of CPU red heart
Memories of playgrounds
Another Patreon update...
Buying a Commodore Computer
Selling autograph cards at Bronycon
Chris requests a Sonichu mod for Sonic game, announces he's on Steam
Sonichu standee
More Patreon updates...
Lamenting over Jessica Quinn being a troll
Chris on sex law
Amnyfest ring makes a return!
Defending knockoff products
Nightstar's book is coloured
Nightstar's book is done
Conversing with Seanan Mcguire
CWC cosplay
Sonichu Balls sperging
Feather Shine confession
Anxiety medication
Chris has two phones
Additions to Night Star bio
Approaching Ingrid Nilsson about mind-linking with Equestria
Lightning bolt cutie mark

August 2018 :

Pouch of rocks
Chris offering support against trolls
Chris' living room
Commenting on a Sonichu plush
BronyCon art pieces
Awesome trade
3rd Christine
Feather Shine's artwork
Useless superpowers
Rant on multiverses
Chris transformation chart
Showing off his fat gut
MLP Sperging
CWC's Powers
Fizzlepop plush
Feeling overworked
Tweeting dumb shit about Unicorns and Alicorns to Tara Strong
Video about Sonichu coming up
Phone conduct
Princess Harmony sperging
Sperging about Drumph
Hardcore Henry and MLP on iTunes
Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy / MLP sperging
Chris wants a Wikipedia Article for himself
Gender assumptions jokes
More Funko pops
Anna ignoring Chris
Chris Chan autographed fanta can
Chris' new OC "Psychlight"

September 2018 :

Patreon figures dropping
Chris draws a person's portrait
Zap Note
Santa Clause has always been real
Gary Stu
Chris' happy place and birthday wishes to Michelle Creber
Entering a fursona art contest
Rosechu fan art
Butting into Michelle Creber's tweets once again...
Suicide prevention PSA
Chris and brand loyalty
Blake turned on by Chris' growing bosom
Chris Funko Pops
Sylvana Rosechu fan art
Sonic Pogs
Proud fan displays Chris' art
Chris' fan art for Null
Wishing his iconic shirt was sold by an actual clothing chain
The number of MLP OCs now 16
Reminiscing about his MLP movie experience and his healing stones
Chris writes a Bowsette backstory
Deriding other people's works as "mere fanfiction"
Infinite redpills and apologizing to Sonichu fan art creator
Chris explains the Red Pill
Chris draws a "Genette"

October 2018 :

Chris chan peddling ideas to PewDiePie
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Jun 15, 2016


Breakin' Wind
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Aug 9, 2014
I'm gonna sperg a bit and say that 1,000 pieces, even if they're for minifigs, isn't really that much in the grand scheme of things. That's roughly what you'd get with a $100 Lego set and given what we know about Chris's spending habits that's not nearly enough to satisfy his cravings. If he wins he'll be right back to e-begging.

Frozen Fishsticks
Dec 5, 2015
You gotta admit, this is better than him just begging for the lego he wants. At least he's trying to do something to earn it

Except Chris usually enters contests with the expectation he's going to win because he feels he deserves to win. He's oblivious that other people put in the effort to fill out a form and send it in gives them just as much chance of winning as he does. If Chris is really anxious about winning and doesn't, he'll pout and complain how unfair he's being treated.

Innocuous Banter
Jul 29, 2015
Except Chris usually enters contests with the expectation he's going to win because he feels he deserves to win. He's oblivious that other people put in the effort to fill out a form and send it in gives them just as much chance of winning as he does. If Chris is really anxious about winning and doesn't, he'll pout and complain how unfair he's being treated.

Oh I agree, but right now it's a step up from the boring e-begging

What would be interesting to see is Chris getting involved in one of those county fair contests where a judge decides who made the best lego creation out of like ten or so people. I don't know how common those are now, but I saw them all the time as a kid. I thought that is what the op read when I first saw it, not just filling out a form and winning by chance. To me that doesn't sound like much of a contest.
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Jan 27, 2014

Chris, you're not one to be lecturing about theft when your magnum opus is blatant copyright infringement.
Lest we forget he also stole other people's characters (Simonla, Megagi, Asperchu, etc.), steals other people's jokes in an attempt to be funny, has committed fraud ("wheelin' & dealin'," as he calls it), & tried to shoplift from Best Buy. & those are only things I've come up with off the top of my head.


Monkey trapped in human hell
May 16, 2016
Except Chris usually enters contests with the expectation he's going to win because he feels he deserves to win. He's oblivious that other people put in the effort to fill out a form and send it in gives them just as much chance of winning as he does. If Chris is really anxious about winning and doesn't, he'll pout and complain how unfair he's being treated.
This is the one of the most autistic things with Chris: his belief that the entire world revolves around him. His complete lack of empathy and the world at large actually makes him so entitled that he thinks he should win every contest he enters even if it's just a random ass lottery.
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