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If you really had to who would you sex?

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Ki ki ki ma ma ma
Well he has been breeding the T-virus in his refrigerator for a while.
Now I can't help but imagine Chris trying to outrun Mr x but can barley waddle away before getting an iron fist to the kisser

X gonna give it to ya!

Its part of the extended adolescence of the 21st century. In the past grown men wouldn't be caught dead playing computer games or watching cartoons.
Yet today they do it (x box and anime are very popular)
Hey pension jobs, unions, retirement and the Hallmarks of "maturity" are so overrated. We realized traditional ways of life are dull dull ..dull.

Better stone cold than old

Edit: ok I will conceed and admit overgrown man babies like Chris take it way WAY too far.
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Can't wait for chris to fart out a boring facebook post about how he has "foreseen" otherwise
I'm just surprised that it took Chris until 2018 to actually start violently masturbating to Hyperdimension Neptunia in the first place. You'd think that he'd have jumped on the bandwagon years ago. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if he spent the money on the games for his Vita and just never bothered to play them until the Idea Guys actually came around.

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Not sure if this has been posted yet.
Chris has been watching the anime "Cells at Work" and treating it as actual medical information... and he doesn't even get it right. In the cancer episode they say laughter makes Natural Killer cells healthier so they can kill cancer cells, not the killer T cells. And that information presented in the episode is uncredited at best. He can't even quote an anime he just watched without failing. Fucking hell.
I'd watch a spinoff of that taking place in Chris' body with the cells facing such challenges as his diet, lack of any activity and the titty skittles.

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I'd watch a spinoff of that taking place in Chris' body with the cells facing such challenges as his diet, lack of any activity and the titty skittles.
Obligatory "Cells at Work Black" reference. (It's an actual spinoff of "Cells at Work" but takes place in a very unhealthy body)

There's a literal chapter about jerking off too.


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"Once Upon a Time... Life" aka Micropatrol was first though.
And Cells at Work borrows a lot from it, considering both are edutainment works that teach biology in charming and accessible terms. Osmosis Jones is buddy cop film that just happens to take place inside of an unhealthy Bill Murray.

The only real parallels in Cells at Work and OJ is that both use the human body as a setting and and both have white blood cells as (arguable) protagonists.

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i see Ol’ Ben isn’t making any exceptions for Chris. But... I thought Chris was a goddess and that he can see through his alternate self what is going on in Ben’s story?
Clearly Ben has invoked some sort of Goddess-shielding black magic spell and only the power of the almighty dollar can penetrate it.