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It's a shame. Her work is objectively better.

Anyway, no fucking lie. I didn't grab the tweet, but look at this disgusting photo Chris took of the clipboard on hos gross male pelvis, stubbly legs, and gunt. Why would he do that? You can even see his belly hairs. Chris is gross and pretending to be setsy like that famous photoshoot of Britney Spears laying in bed.
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I think Chris was going for this

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But he got a hairy muffin top with legs shaped like extremely long, hairy fingers connected to a hairy gunt. I bet you HE is naked under the clipboard.
Oh Christ, I just realized.
This is supposed to be Chris and Barb, isn't it. (:_(
Has the message that ween William Waterman posted on facebook been put on here yet?

So obviously I didn't know what was happening at the time I posted here. I'm posting again to make a statement that what Christine did is vile and wrong and I'm cutting off all contact with her. Many have tried to tell Christine the truth she needed to hear, but she chose to disregard reality every time. I heard the transexual community discredits christine's status as one of them, but I'm using the female pronouns just for this to be easy to read. I feel the best we can hope for these two is a nursing home and a safe mental ward or rehabilitation facility, and that's speaking with a high degree of optimism and more mercy than I feel Christine is warranted to for the incriminating evidence against her, regardless of whether it can be proven positive, but just for the fact the recording and texts of Christine exist at all. I want any past association I have with Christine on the internet to be linked to this post for current context. That is all.
That Helena bitch and the other tranny weens are abandoning riding chrises crooked dick. It says a lot about their devotion to him that they looked past how he drank his own semen, cut open his own gooch, constantly stalked and harasses women, assaulted innocent people, abuses and tortures his pets, but they draw the line at him raping his mom.
Some enablers are ditching out, and I thought they know and understand Chris better than we do.
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Lol, get fucked, you unfunny tryhard faggots.

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what is the point of anything anymore
So does Chris still have a hotel room or is he sleeping in a parking lot again?
Well Chris did stole 750 dollars from Barbara's bank account. So he most likely rented a hotel with that money. However, this is a criminal act and Null already alerted the police. So I don't know man, Chris might spend the night in jail.
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So since this is the 9/11 of the Internet, trying to make a parody of Alan Jackson's "Where Were You"

Have an idea for the first verse and the chorus:

First verse:
Where were you when the Internet stopped turnin'
That July day?
Were you being an edgelord on the Farms
Or bein’ a cuck in L.A.?
Did you stand there in shock at the sight of Barb’s black hole
Bein’ fingered by her daughter-son?
Did you troon out in anger, for those who misgendered
Or did wanna shoot yourself with a gun?

I'm just a poster of simple memes
I'm not a real shitpostin’ man
I watch Geno Samuel, but I'm not sure I can tell you
The diff'rence in Chandler and Anderson
But I know Soniuchu and I talk to Godbear
And I remember this from when I was young
Fail, despair and lulz are some good things Chris gave us
And the greatest is lulz

Throw some lyrics at me


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Chris stole the 750$ last night and there's a five day period in which he needs to find a place to stay. The smart person would get a cheapo motel room and ration that money out so they don't end up broke. Chris, however, complained to Null that he had to wait a whole five hours before the malls he wanted to go to to open; so chances are he wasted that money all day on dumb shit and would choose to sleep in his car then a comfy bed.

And of course seeing as how he has access to that money who's to say he doesn't just take more when he runs out?


bogos binted? 👽
What did 10anon do that resulted in the thread getting locked please
They just kept posting the same screenshot over and over, claiming they were totally legit (despite saying the texts belonged to a 'Billy' and not 'Bella') because they had one (1) screenshot and demanded to talk to Null.

Before that there was ternarymercury, claiming to be a friend of 10anon and also demanding to talk to Null because they 're totally legit and "10anon doesn't know how to use this forum for reasons I can't explain".

...And then 10anon replied to one of their previous posts, but forgot to switch back to their sockpuppet, ternarymercury. And it went downhill from there.
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