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can't shake the other head
Went dumpster diving on tumblr for one long deleted post. These are the clown pics I found on my pointless quest:
honk anti-honk_Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvannia, February 26, 1939.png

Here's a subtle way to get even with those horn-honkers who make life miserable for drivers. You press a button and the clown "razzes" the pest.
Clown gang on Michigan Ave, headed south from Washington, 1918, Chicago.jpg

Clown gang on Michigan Ave, headed south from Washington, 1918, Chicago
A clown in chains_back-then.jpg

The clown and the skeleton_back-then.jpg

The San Francisco Examiner, California, September 12, 1920.png

The San Francisco Examiner said:
This Picture Interprets a Foreign Artist's Idea of "a Gay Life and a Sad Ending." You See the Story Told Very Simply and Plainly. Far in the Distance There Is the House Where the Gayety Has Been Going On. The Party Is Over, the Lights Are Out. The Footsteps Show How the Reveller, in His Fancy Costume and Preposterous Hat, Has Walked a Little Way and Finally Put Out the Light, of Life, in His Own Skull.

It Is All Simple Enough Except the Three Black Cats. Why Are They There? What Would You Write About Them?

corgit xyz злой-клоун-на-тыкве-Хэллоуин-2017.jpg

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