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Here's a fun nightmare to contemplate:
A future GTA game will feature a digital BLM protest and it will be a bunch of completely peaceful people and the player's mission will be to protect it from white supremacists that attack them. If you kill the BLM protesters, the game will report you to Rockstar and the game will shut itself down permanently.

Distant Stare

Alita fucker
This man and women had their gated community invaded by some peaceful protesters who started marching into their yard which they responded to by peacefully pointing their guns at said protesters and told them to peacefully keep walking. Some of the protesters peacefully threatened to murder them but eventually everyone walked on. They were then peacefully doxed, peacefully bombarded with threats, and District Attorney Kim Gardner then peacefully threatened to take legal action against the couple for forcefully ejecting a large mob of people who had trespassed into their gated community and private property at a time when large mobs of people are burning buildings and beating and shooting people. Apparently that makes them a white supremacist militia, even though the mob had white people as well as black people.

Are ya'll fapping to jailbait? Because this girl looks an awful lot like jailbait. Which makes her more accurate to the real Asuka, I guess.
She is some legal thot who people post on 4chan.

That Russian thing gets my dick harder than the thot in the post above. Imagine a few dozen of these babies flying over the black sea, while firing air-to-ground missiles. They arrive at the beaches and ejaculate out a company of infantry. Im cooooommminggggg

Dom Cruise

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On this day 49 years ago glorious USSR made history by having the first and only men to die in space. Equatorial Guinea made this stamp to commemorate the achievement.
Are they dying or are they cumming?

Real talk, who was the first person to have an orgasm in space, I wonder? You know it had to have happened by now.

Is it supposed to be Konata from Lucky Star?