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That's an interesting idea but his very first Twitter account in 2010 was already "CWCSonichu". (See
At this point, though, who's to say what his justification is now, why he signed the court documents "Chris Chan Sonichu" in 2018 or why he would say that the Sonichu name is on his current Twitter. Maybe he would claim that now it's because of his marriage to Magi-Chan. The concept of his being "half Sonichu" may also factor in.
But to one degree or another he had "Sonichu" in his various names and identities for long time now, and I don't think many Christorians have really paid enough attention to what that might mean. The Idea Guy was able to influence him in the first place, in his own words, "Because he sees Sonichu as being present with him". That's a level of near-identification that we weren't aware of at the time, even though looking back there were a few hints.
He's gone Loony thinking he's the Second Coming of Christ.
If the internet existed when he was growing he'd be a deviant art sperg instead of a cannibal
He'd been to deviantART for like 3 times with different accounts. That happened over a decade ago. From what I could see is that most if not all of his original artwork on Sonichu was taken down for reasons why: pantyshot, much plagiarism of other people's well-done works of digital art in later issues, and sexual content dA doesn't want you to post (except for works that are being artistically done on a more professional level or being condensed to the point where it isn't too elaborate and obscene in a literary form). Forget the overrated trend of fetishes! Chris doesn't learn and just quitted the platform due to the permanent ban. Let that sink in, folks.

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Do you think you could beat Chris in a fight?
I don't think you'd even need to, you could probably dodge everything he did. If a person aggressively started a fight with him I'm sure they would win easily. Then he'd has to tweet about why he is a victim, why he didn't foresee it and wasn't fast/strong enough to fight back with all of his powers


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I wonder if Chris could even hurt an average adult worse than he would himself while trying to fight without weapons.
He can hurt people who are defenseless like Barb and his dogs.
Which brings the question, how would he handle a child with temper tantrum? Since it's Chris we're talking about, screaming at the child is the least violent solution, next to putting a tape on the mouth and lock in the toy room

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If Chris' relatives (Barbs sisters) would have had children (with no autism), would Chris have benefitted with being friends with kids his own age? Sure he'd had Sarah Hammer, but she left for a while. I'm thinking if Chris had cousins that he would had close relationships with, he would less likely to be lonely.

But he still would had the same personality he developed when he was in is 20s, so it's hard to speculate.

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sometimes i miss cherubic-faced chris chan; this troon chan mess is just.....fucking insane. hilarious, don't get me wrong, but what i wouldn't give to see some quality content again like his old music videos.


look at this beautiful angel. absolutely no thoughts except women, comics, and vidya.
have you learned anyhing from chris?
i personally enter every single contest i come across, even if its for something i have no use for. Most people never win anything in their lives but how much crap has chris won so far? starting with the infamous 1000 dollars in sega merch, he just wins because he keeps at it and you are bound to enter one contest that very few people bothered with and you have an actual chance if you enter 100 contest a year or something