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Terry Davis' inner voice
Barb's health has become a cry-wolf thing; she could genuinely have dementia, bad teeth, breast cancer, et cetera, but no one's going to leap into the breach to help.
She's declined the point where Chris has to feed the line and Barbara speaks like a 2nd grader reading aloud and correcting their grammar for seconds at a time, soulless thousand yard stare as if she walked in the room during JULAYYYY or something equally PTSD inducing or its just brain rot combined with shit "meal replacement" diet.

Chris begged money for "food" and Barb looked like had dissacioative episodes or knew that Chris is bullshitting


Terry Davis' inner voice
What’s the mortgage situation? The county closing in on that dump soon or what?
Corona Chan bought some time, I expect DSP tier luck.
Chris being he is spent his stimulus on rocks instead of piling up debts.
Since this isn't blowing over any time soon banks and credit card debt claims or foreclosure firms.

Companies are too busy to stay afloat and courts are closed in for nonurgent US cases if I'm not completely retarded.

I'm amazed that Chandler house hold still has running water or electricity. In here you get kicked out and your credit score is in the negatives.


Who's that great ape right there?
Who was the first person to discover Chris on the internet?
I believe there was a SomethingAwful (lol remember that site?) thread about Chris at least two years before he was discovered by ED/4Chan. I think the thread was written by a fellow PVCC student who kept seeing Chris around campus with his attraction sign and looked up what "Sonichu" was discovered his website.


Who's that great ape right there?
I can imagine Chris getting winded the first time around 3 minutes in.
3 minutes is being pretty generous, I imagine he would get winded 30 seconds in. Hell he got winded just going for a fucking walk on a hiking trail in the park, and that was over 10 years ago.


Who's that great ape right there?
The more you learn about Chris chan, the more you learn how many of his actions were influenced by the trolls, and how many of his strange videos were only made because they were prompted by other people. There were some really fucked up sagas where he was basically just being tormented by almost-sociopaths and being forced to do things he never would have done otherwise, such as the BlueSpike arc. Many of his strangest and most shocking videos are a product of blackmail.

That said, a true Christorian also transcends the white knight phase and comes to realize that Chris is a truly terrible person, even when completely divorced from his autism, and most of the retarded things he did were done with the expectation that he would be rewarded with sex from his various sweethearts. These women were no more or less fictitious than Christian's self-professed love for them. One loses sympathy when they see Chris completely lose interest in women he has been trying to woo for months because they suddenly became less available and could no longer provide him with china.

Watching the post-housefire arc where he rudely begs for money under the guise of providing for his sick mother and paying off their immense debts while actually spending the majority of it on Legos has probably sapped the last of my sympathy for him. He has the capacity to understand the consequences of his actions, he's not that retarded, but he chooses to be selfish and greedy anyway.

He produced and continues to produce a great deal of bizarre and amusing content completely unprompted. Nobody forced him to make a video about how Axe body spray is only for the straights. Nobody made him run Micheal Snyder over with his car. Nobody made him mace a gamestop employee or harass the winner of the Parappa the Rapper contest for a period of years.

The internet had a big influence on his life, but I don't believe a force exists in the Universe that could make Christian change his behavior.
TL;DR Chris has always been a selfish cunt and he doesn't deserve any pity.

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What would life be like if Chris didn’t love Sonic, but instead liked Knuckles?
He already ripped off Knuckles.
Punchy Sonichu:


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Is chris gonna beg presents for mothers day? Since Sonichu Is his child, then he surely should get some toys or free comitions :tomgirl:

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This is one of the oldest surviving mentions of him by an internet community.
What a beautiful window to the past.
I feel the worst for people like this - they don't have the means to socialize normally with anybody, online or not. And they are fully aware of their loneliness and can never form a meaningful mutual connection with another human besides their parents.. Seriously, what's a guy like this gonna do when his parents die?
Even more than a decade ago they were asking the real questions. For most of these old comments I can't help but think "Oh if only you knew how bad this is". I also get a strong sense of nostalgia for pre-Homestuck internet.
Years from now the site is going to look exactly the same, except we are then going to see him at age 50 drawing erotic sonichu/electric amy rose art along with creepy videos about him secretly fathering sonichus grandchildren or some other horrible poo poo.
If. Only. You. Knew.
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What a beautiful window to the past.

Even more than a decade ago they were asking the real questions. For most of these old comments I can't help but think "Oh if only you knew how bad this is". I also get a strong sense of nostalgia for pre-Homestuck internet.

If. Only. You. Knew.
Something that will never be on Chris's mind
"I'm too old for this"

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I feel as though Chris/Praetor would go in for a self reality series. It would be a good compliment to Geno's series, and Chris has bitched about being misunderstood, so him being on camera would be "entertaining". Even though he's boring now, I can see the negative in that, but since reality shows are scripted, I believe Praetor would add some stuff to keep Chris on his toes, just like the Classic Chris era, but more frequent and in HD/4K.