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Local Fed

Dolly Parton fan account
I thought that the UK still looked like in the 17th century.
I thought cartoons lived on the moon.
I was even so blind as to think WOMEN could be contributing members of society that would ever take an interest in someone like me, Elliot Rodger.
man, reading Elliotts manifesto made me nostalgia hard.
I had wanted to impress my English teacher by knowing old time slang and words, so I told her one day that I was feeling a bit fagged out after gym class that day.

Dr W

I shall fear no evil
It must eat her up on some level that her son makes a better 90s alt girl than she could have ever been.
It feels like what you'd see on some tor site before you scroll down and see the same child in various states of undress.
Fucker's been dead three years and still manages to keep popping back up on the first page.
Having your best laid plans destroyed by a couch is an embarrassment of such proportions that @FuckYou will live forever.


Segmentation fault (core dumped)
True & Honest Fan
How are we meant to leave you alone if you keep crawling under the rock where we hide!?
"Duhhh I made the prophecy of Kyle coming back to give me dick pics and me spreading the lips of my void like pussy for the 354747th time"

Baba The Fortuneteller would be disappointed
USDA Prime Autist
I cant wait to see what new diseases are created by a possibly Covid-inflected tongue coming into contact with a rotting neocunt. This might be the one thing to end humanity.

Dr W

I shall fear no evil
Lou is ready for flavor town. All he needs is to frost his hair and acquire a flame print T-shirt.
Even if he didn't change his fursona constantly the fursuit would no longer fit by the time of the next convention.
>Rape van
You know, there is one way to get paid for doing what other people expect you to do. It is called getting a job.