Trainwreck Raven Sparks / Diana Bradley - Globe-trotting gothic grandma, married a child, abandoned her kid, serial pet-murderer

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mean girl
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Oct 9, 2013
Come on, you all knew a Raven thread was coming. But! in case you didn't, here is a brief background on this special lady. ( ( ( ( ( (a Facebook page she created which in retrospect is now really creepy given her relationship with teen boys.)

Raven Sparks, ( yes that is her legal name, she's had it changed) is a 38 year old Goth who lives in NZ with her 18 year old husband, Logan. They married when Logan was just 16. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Raven and her child bride met when Raven's son, Dorian brought Logan home for a playdate after school.
Dorian is a year older than Logan. :'(
Raven has a long history of ranting and raving over the internet, but recently she has launching into a campaign against the evil trolls who called protective services on her child bride.

You can read all about it here, including the part about the police almost arresting her and taking her son due to her being a pedophile. I really recommend it, its quite a read.

Also, Raven hates "poser goths" and "whores" and doesn't believe in nudity. So of course her molding page is full of naked pictures. Also, logan isn't allowed to have female friends on facebook.

She also claims not to love her son, which is kind of sad for him, but not really surprising considering all her other craziness.

Raven also claims to have had a long hard life of abuse, rape, and abandonment. She'll tell her story to anyone who will listen, but it's always wildly inconsistent, and of course, nothing is EVER her fault. :left:
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Sep 18, 2014
Bugger, I was a Goth as a teen but this is a incredible amount of crazy.

She isn't exactly a lolcow yet, but a little nudge here a little prod there we could send her over the edge.
But that many facial piercings is just not attractive*, one or two maybe but the ones she has just don't look right in the photos of her I have just seen.

*= I have not got any problem with piercings on the face but I think she has really overdone them.


The Sword of Atismu
May 5, 2014
All things told, she's not too unattractive by goth and lolcow standards. The face makeup, the black clothing and the contacts look awful but I can't say I disagree with too much else about her appearance... :tomgirl:

But that aside, this chick is definitely deserving of the Horrorcow label. Her personal life sounds insane, like way more than most people I've heard about. Why would a nearly 40 year old person marry a teenager and then brag about it on the internet? It sounds to me like she strong armed the kid into doing that too. That or the kid she married is just as dumb as her.

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