Read this if you are posting in the Chris arrest/trial/jail threads -

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These threads are literally just the same shit getting posted over and over in an ouroboros of autism because people can't fucking read before rushing to get their ideas everyone else already thought of scribbled down and posted.

  • The Feb. 5 & April 2nd hearings resulted in continuances. The next date is May 7th.
  • Chris isn't going to get a gun. Stop circlejerking about it
  • Buffalo Bill jokes are stale as fuck. Stop it.
  • If Chris goes to jail, it will be just jail- not a prison. Different environment entirely.
  • Chris has no prior felonies on his record. Things like Three Strikes are not in play.
  • There is no need to call any parties involved. At all.
  • Chris didn't carjack or attempt to carjack anyone
  • Chris isn't going to rape anyone. No idea how this shitty old topic got revived
  • The public defender won't have time to handhold Chris- he's not getting coached
  • Chris won't get off on an insanity plea, and he's competent to stand trial
  • Chris isn't in violation of any parole that would result in special sentencing
  • Chris isn't going to be institutionalized or forced into a group home. Let it go.
  • Yes, Chris had a psych evaluation from previous legal issues. He passed it.
  • Chris is out on bond, likely $500 paid to a bail bondsman. Non-refundable.
  • If Chris does jail time of over a month, he will not receive his tugboat. He can reapply when he gets out
  • Spoiler your pictures and videos. We're getting a lot of traffic, and it helps people on mobile
  • Stop making prison rape jokes
  • If you haven't read the threads and don't have new information, please don't post. There is nothing wrong with just reading if you have nothing of value to add.
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It's tough to wait for new information to drop when SHIT'S GETTIN REAL.... but come on, folks, we've been here before. The first trial. The fire. We all want to know what happened and what's going to happen, and sometimes you just have to let things play out.

Hellblazer said:
If you haven't read the threads and don't have new information, please don't post. There is nothing wrong with just reading if you have nothing of value to add.

^^ THIS.


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Agree but I think that three general threads about the arrest are too many. I'm basically reading the same questions, updates and jokes in all of them. Now that we know more about the incident and charges, one big thread with an elaborate index could reduce shitposting.

Again, that would be true if anyone would read the one giant thread. Instead the same people would make the same jokes and redundant comments and it would all be in one unreadable glut.

For threads like this, maybe the rules should be posted right away. It gets tiring reading through a thread with ~50 pages that are nothing more than the same few comments paraphrased. Sometimes I don't even bother going to the forums if it means reading a long thread full of shit posts to piece together shards of information. I just look at the CWCki for the basic info.
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