Regular gamers Vs D$P - Credits roll game over?


just belted your mother before posting this
Nov 6, 2018

Yeah he loved David Cage games and curiously I think there has been some crossover that he's been almost aware of in the past: that playing something you genuinely enjoy can result in a better reception from the audience. Kinda feel like he falls short though because he's DSP and reverts back to being money-minded and will remind the viewer that Heavy Rain was a bonafide masterpiece playthrough primarily because it got so many views - it made him e-famous and everybody simply loved it dood! Similarly with games that he enjoyed and also got high views on becomes a staple DSP Greatest Hits experience in his own mind.

Like his first Spider Man videos on YT and how through the years he's come to expect the internet to tune in any time there's a new Spider Man game specifically because people just love me playing Spider Man games! He can't seem to grasp that it had jack shit to do with Spider Man and it was down to people wanting to see the beginning of the timeline on his "career". If his first uploaded video had been a recording of the time he was disqualified from a SF tournie because he had to go take a shit (yes this happened :story:) then in his mind videos of him taking a dump would be iconic and something the fans always wanted to experience too.

I'd say he can do the bare minimum in action games anyways. When I mentioned games where you make your own fun I definitely had the likes of character action titles in mind. He can brute force through them but he seems unwilling to get along with the idea that you should try and be stylish and experiment in a Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. FromSoft titles aren't quite the same breed to me because enemies are less willing to hang around like punching bags for you to wail on. First playthroughs have always been the best though and as ever, Phil finds ways to turn gold into shit. I suppose it's the same with just about anything he goes back to and can't figure out what the diminishing returns are all about.

For some bizarre reason he decided with those games in particular he should show the haters how he could get better - and all it would take be chat handholding, over-levelling and OP builds. His entire 10 year legacy has been overlooking the fact that he became popular because he was genuinely shit at games and nothing else.. quite how that switch never clicked on in his head is honestly beyond me. Narcissim and a dangerous cocktail of meds (and mango heat flava gamerfuel) go a long way I guess.

He also loves to cite Metal Gear Solid playthroughs as the birth of the evil detractor initiative though I think given enough time it could have been any beloved series he would come to shit on that would have turned the tide. He infamously hates Final Fantasy VII and was going to play it just to actively shit all over it.. I'm sure that would have went down real well.

And yeah his supposed JRPG love baffles me to this day. He has a played a handful of classic titles but again I think you could count just how many on both hands. At best I think he appreciates the nature of turn-based gameplay because there's no pressure for reactionary gameplay only reactionary commentary - both at the same time is pretty much impossible as he's proven over the years. I'd enjoy seeing him try to play something by the likes of tri-ace like Resonance of Fate.