Skitzocow Reitanna Seishin / Kara Leigh Reynolds - Pansexual Bipolar Insomniac Youtube Ranter and "My Little Pony" Gore Fanfiction


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Yes. I can go on forever :'D what can I say to make up for that 4%? I must have 100%

(Little fun fact. I just don't produce enough serotonin. That part of my brain doesnt work according to the brain scan I had.)

But I liked ur comment ;) its refreshing to actually have someone not be "poor you"
no one here produces, tbh
Oppositionial Defiance Disorder is what particularly fucking bratty little kids have. If you have it as an adult you're a seriously maladjusted asshole.

Borderline is also typically shorthand for "seriously maladjusted asshole due to trauma related to your parents probably being seriously maladjusted assholes," but with enough therapy you can actually be a pleasant, likeable person & not a giant fucking asshole.

I'm skeptical you have an actual diagnosis. Every girl from Tumblr in her late teens-early twenties thinks she's borderline, right up there with being a no-effort, non-passing FTM tranny.

As @DrainRedRain said, everyone here has a broken brain. You're not special.


She addresses this thread at about 22 minutes in, and she's so incompetent that she takes the term whiteknight in a litteral sense.... but other than that she pretty much addresses everything about her channel and how she fell for some fake youtube email scam.
I love how she blames Youtube for her clicking on an (obviously) fake email.

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