Retrowave/Synthwave -

Pretty much got all of Waveshaper's shit now. So relaxing to listen to.

I LOVE retrowave/synthwave. Its like a drug to me. Michael Oakley and Magic Sword are my favorite artists as of currently, but its a shame that Oakley has only two songs right now.
Michael Oakley sounds great, some good synth work and vocals right there.
Magic Sword is always killer, can't wait for Vol 2.


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There's a disturbing lack of GosT in this thread. If you like Perturbator/Carpenter Brut/Dan Terminus/darksynth then check this shit out:


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This thread needs a little love, here's the newest The Midnight song:

My favorite from their 2018 album kids:

Anyone know if this guys sells his music anywhere, all he has is a Soundcloud page:

Last but not least my favorite Robert Parker track:

This was just graciously recommended to me by the YouTube algorithm. I'm enjoying it. I was going to post it in the 'What are you listening to right now?' thread but saw this one and figured it was a better fit.



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Here's a great cover of "Summertime Sadness", it's catchy as fuck.
Just got like 7 new fucking Synthwave albums, please send help. All of it's worth it though, finally got around to buying Power Glove's 2 EPs instead of going on Youtube for them. So damn good. Also got around to buying Station Nova by Waveshaper who did two of my favorite tracks in the Furi album and it's pretty sex. Also got another JK/47 album and it's absolutely top tier shit.

That's sounds like some synth/chillwave leaning a bit more towards chill. Pretty good shit though either way.
I see you're a Power Glove fan, you're in for a fucking treat


It even includes an extended version of "Power Core" and that spooky track that played on loop on his website a few years ago, it's called "Nightmare"

As for me, not only I love this Retrowave stuff, I mostly gravitate towards F A S H W A V E.

Xurious is the first artist that comes to mind, great stuff, give it a listen.
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