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The fact that this thread was on the 3rd page is a travesty.

Posting some fresh stuff:

Btw, the soundtrack of the new Streets of Rage 4 is really fucking good.

And Daniel Deluxe's work for the upcoming game "Ghostrunner" is exquisite. One of my favorite Retrowave artists next to Perturbator, Dan Terminus, Dance With The Dead and Power Glove, among many others.



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The whole album is gold, check it out.

Trevor never disappoints.

Love this artist.

The whole album "30 years later - Akira tribute" is good, but this track was it's highlight for me.


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I just can't not mention Perturbator in a retrowave thread - he's my favourite musician of this genre. He calls his own music "darksynth", though, and it's dark enough to get him invitations to perform at death metal festivals.

His latest album, "The Uncanny Valley" is less synth-y and more (grim)dark compared to his other work.

Nice to see some Perturbator love in here. I read somewhere a while back that there’s a Carpenter Brut movie (on Shudder?) out, but haven’t seen it yet.

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New Robert Parker came out in June this right here is my jam for the summer.

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Genuinely have an appreciation for any genre of music (minus Polish disco), but Synthwave remains to be my top genre. I'm basically fucking retarded so music makes me feel woooo and I come from a family of musicians.

Long story short: synthwave important, me like. Here are my favorite songs

Too tired to explain any of these aside from this one. Makes me feel some incredible indescribable emotion unlike any other, more than any other of my favorite songs. Love Aviators. Such a flexible artist.


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Good track, but that's technically future funk, not synthwave.
Technically yes. I don't bother too much with splitting hairs with *wave subgenres since there's so damn many of them under the synthwave umbrella, honestly. Doesn't help when complications further muddle that further.


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Years late and still no Kavinsky mention. SMH


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