Careercow Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka - Deadbeat founder of Something Awful, forced out of his own community, on his second divorce, stuck his dick in crazy, "Birth Giver"

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If anyone law wise has taken secured transactions or partnerships seminars in a j.d. level they would question this exchange.


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How is it KiwiFarms fault? That someone here captured Logan’s Facebook post before she deleted it?
Seems like not sticking your dick in a crazy, bipolar alcoholic bpd woman and then slapping her around for touching your jello spine would have prevented this downfall.
Lowtax realizes that he can benefit from falsely making it a Lowtax vs KF. If you don’t support Lowtax then you are supporting nazis at KF gooftroop!!

It only took him a month plus even bother addressing the issue to the very people who were giving him thousands a month. He was so lazy he couldn’t even bother to try damage control until his Patreon went under $1k.

His lack of thanks or gratitude in that message is truly astounding. He didn’t do anything for that Patreon money except beg and say SA was over if the community didn’t provide him with an additional $100,000K a year.

He’s just an angry man that thinks he was owed charity the “community he ignored utterly for a decade” and assblasted people stopped ponying up free money every month.

The fact he couldn’t even thank his former donors, but instead angrily yells at them for their failure to continue to give him charity says a lot about Lowtax. Being angry and hostile towards people who gave you $14k a month for over a year instead of thanking them and hoping they might reconsider investing in his welfare grift in the future is the behavior of an shortsighted bitter egomaniac.

Calling people who gave Lowtax free money gullible idiots is correct, but not because of they stopped due to the Logan drama, but because they ever gave his greedy pill head ass any money to begin with.

Enabling Lowtax’s pill, pie, younger girlfriend and sportscar fund because one liked the SA forums was the height of gullible stupidity.

I also think this post hints that the sale of SA is dead in the water.
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Oh look at that.

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Yeah i think he s trying to attract another female. To be future mommy wife
i think he caught another female and she stabbed him in the neck to get away
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Lowtax fails to realize that he is not owed the money of people who supported him. They don't need to justify themselves if they decide to stop supporting him. This is charity, not commerce.
before the 2013 police report came up his mantra was he had "never been accused of physical abuse" (he knew he had, but he knew we didn't know he had). The goalpost shifting here is pretty crazy tbh.