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I can all but guarantee that at some point this year, likely when the FSF has their next big conference or board meeting, he's going to say something along the lines of "See? You couldn't get rid of me" and possibly even say something along the lines of "the SJWs have failed in their mission to unfairly harass me". Gonna reignite the entire damn thing.

To be fair, the FSF is more than just code, it's also legal/licensing and culture. I think my personal stance on RMS is clear, and (frankly) despite being more qualified to have my name on one of these lists than the majority of signatories, there's no way I'm touching that poop. I can tell you with certainty that the majority of people on both pro and anti lists are low tier in both the software and legal sense. They are just on there to participate in the culture war. Putting your name on those lists will unnecessarily paint a huge target on your back, because many people on both sides are out to build clout.

I'm not saying to put your name on some github or agree with Stallman on everything or whatever. But the stand by and do nothing mentality is a big part of why we've gotten to the point where we're discussing microaggressions and 57 genders and sjws are so disproportionately powerful these days.

One of if not the greatest weakness of the right/conservatives/whatever you want to call them is that for some reason they tend to be much less activist that the left. Rank and file ringwing supporters tend not to be into politics as much preferring to live out their lives and the few that are tend to take a reactive approach. They're just opposition rather than offering any vision of their own. Leftwingers on the other hand live and breath politics to a much bigger degree and a much wider breadth. They may be crazy but they rightly see politics as total war, not just to be fought in the ballot box but in the classroom, entertainment, culture, etc. When rightwingers try to ape this they often don't understand it as well and come off as clumsily institutional and bureaucratic. I don't know if its something inherent in the personality of conservatives/liberals but this has been the general pattern since at least the French Revolution.

Because of this politics has trended toward acting like a one way ratchet where either random crazy left wing idea gets enacted now or it gets enacted later. If the people stood up and slapped down the wokeites every once in awhile maybe there would be a little bit more sanity in society nowadays.
Just an observation.
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