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Dec 9, 2015
@Smutley made the original KF thread in the ADF subforum but this particular rabbit gloryhole goes back far deeper, back to 2002 when he registered an account under the name Fire on the Something Awful forums. He was wildly mocked there for his extremist tendencies and love of underage anime, which were also documented on their unofficial sister website Something Sensitive (formerly TNE, formerly SASS). Then his dox dropped and people discovered just how things were crawling under that rock.

But first, a bit of background

Part 1: The Birth of a Cow

Back when Lowtax was not too busy downing Ambien and drinking Barefoot Wine to care about anything else, Something Awful used to review amongst other things Hentai games, and at least tried to make humorous reviews of them. One of the games they mocked is called Princess Maker 2. That's when Fire came to prominence on something awful. He couldn't tolerate that Something Awful would make fun of his rape simulator which featured a 10 year old naked girl in a slave collar, and posted a long angry diatribe to defend the game. He had already started to make a name for himself as a grating retard in their political subforum, but he shot to fame with this one and it ended up being one of the most read and mocked threads in the history of SA.

Thankfully, and you will see over and over, there ain't no shame in Richard's game so he kept posting under the same name.

Around 2007, Something Awful created a subforum called Laissez's Faire in order to herd all of the Ron Paul supporters away from the political threads in D&D, but it soon became the playing ground of SA's Marxist contingent and their broken brain friends. That's where Fire really started to shine. He went from being a loudmouth with retarded political opinions to calling for the death of (Jewish) bankers, (Jewish) soldiers and (Jewish State of) Israel, with a glorification of terror groups and suicide bombings and how we needed a glorious revolution in America where all the (Jewish) traitors would be put up against the wall. Even in LF, he was known for being a particularly strident anti-semite and regularly calling for violence. He thought Obama was so far to the right that he would open death camps

Fire cures Bigots said:
Obama is going to have this guy gunned down in the street if he isn't made to disappear or tortured like Obama did to Bradly Manning.
Fire cures Bigots said:
Obama, democrats, I know you're data mining this conversation so let me just say that is it. I am done with you. I have lost all respect for you. You don't even get to be the lesser of two evils. This was your idea and I am done. My respect for you can't get any lower. At least with republicans I know where I stand. You are two faced sell outs who have abandoned everything I originally liked about you. Last election I cast a protest vote for the greens but went straight d down the ticket. Fuck that. I'm not voting for you anything but "revolution" from now on.
Fire cures Bigots said:
Personally I refuse to make that choice and want to just vote for burning it all down.

LF closed when one of its posters threatened to murder a politician and the Secret Services visited Lowtax personally. Those are the people who thought Fire was a bit excessive with his constant calls for revolution, violence and beheading the rich.

After LF closed and he graduated University in Education, most people thought that Ricky had somehow calmed down a little bit. He managed to look normal, have a steady job, run a tabletop roleplaying weekly meeting, it really looked like it might have been a phase, and aside from his PM2 debacle no real indication that he had any underage proclivities. He looked like he surprisingly had all of shit together, despite the many posts he made about having sadbrains and depression:


He probably would have been thought of as an otherwise was a pretty milquetoast guy posting extreme left opinions on the web and liked creepy anime at some point. He had stopped posting as much on Something Awful, at least not as gratingly as he used to.

That wasn't good enough for the good folks at Something Sensitive. They decided to drop the doxx on him. And well turns out it was all a veneer that hid a ton of really crazy and disturbing things. And shortly after that, the veneer on his apparent normalness cracked, and all the crazy came out. He got fired after a letter was sent to work detailing all the crazy shit that was unhearted (more on that in part 2) and he just crumbled.

This is Richards, 5 years after:

and that's him on a good day, at night, well...


Twitter marxists, male feminists and Elliot Rodgers convinced him he was in fact a pretty princess (and registered here as @LightningPrincess in fact) and he decided to transition. His fiancee tried to get him psychological help but then just dumped him because he wouldn't listen. He started to buy wigs, decided he was poly moved in with two middle-aged trannies in a shack without running water or electricity because, well, why not? He later decided to move from Florida to Chicago to shack up with Nephielle, another SA tranny (that probably deserves its own thread), they got engaged after a whirlwind romance of like 2 weeks, started a poly relationship with another man in a dress 2 weeks later, then broke up after 2 months. He tried to get legal advice on how to sue a woman's shelter for not letting him in, then decided that he would cozy up to as many crazies, including ADF (how he came up on KF's radar), Rika, Neko and half a dozen others. It's like he's using Encyclopedia Dramatica as his new tinder.

Oh, and somehow he's now just started a job teaching teenagers in a Chicago school


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Dec 9, 2015
Part 2: The Weird Proclivities of Richard

Much like here, it started in the context of something else entirely, before the doxx was dropped on SS, and turns out he was into really weird shit.

First thing that came out was the fat fetish (something he freely admitted afterwards and posted about on SA)

where it came out that he did not just love big beautiful women, but also midget big beautiful women. Which in itself is funny, but becomes troubling later on.

[email protected]

along with a picture.

At this point they realized they had a member of who had IRL contact with this particular cow:
Catfish Harasser said:
I was browsing this site for the first time today when I noticed these posts about Fire and realized that I was actually in several classes with him years ago when I was an undergraduate at UCF.

He is pretty much exactly what you would expect IRL. Fat and sloppy with acne, a bad hair cut, and a loud and nasally voice (one girl I was sitting next to once even had to once tell him that he talks too loud). I took one or two classes with him sophomore year but mainly tried to ignore him.

It wasn't until my senior year when I ended up in some research methods classes with him that I realized he posted on SA. I was talking to another girl in the class who I think he was stalking and he butted into the conversation with a joke that came right off the front page. I said, "I saw that on Something Awful" and he asked me "Do you have stairs" which I didn't know how to reply to and still don't. At that point I was extremely embarrassed that I had been on the same website as this guy, but I started paying attention to him more because of this. He had described himself as a popular poster and I told him I didn't participate in the forums (which was a lie but I didn't want to associate with the guy).

Anyway, he always used to get in conversations with people who obviously didn't want to have anything to do with him. One girl said he ended up talking to her for an hour while she was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up and she ended up with a migraine for the rest of the day. He also was a huge pothead and showed up one day with a NORML t-shirt and a handkerchief around his neck one day to "show solidarity" for the cause.

I never interacted with him much for obvious reasons, but two things stand out to me. Once at the end of the term we all had to give presentations, and he actually filled his powerpoint with image macros and other crap from the presentation Lowtax had recently given at some college somewhere. It was really awkward and halfway through he started trying to explain why the image macros were funny since we all were ignoring him at that point.

Later, a few of us went to get some beers in between classes and he actually invited himself to come along -- just jumped in like a complete aspergers diagnosis and said "That sounds cool, see you all there!" and had one beer before noticing we were all ignoring him. When he left we all mentioned how annoying he was and how we couldn't stand him and I think that's pretty much what everyone thought about him.

Oh, he used to also always go on about how he was in some long distance relationship with some 38 year old woman in Tallahassee and once I heard him remark, "I've been around the block."

and other stuff from weird leftists forums like this one:

Notice that 4 years since he last posted, he came back a few months ago in order to change his gender to female :story:

Anyway at first the doxx got nowhere but he knew that there was so much shit in his closet that he requested Admin/Whale Extraordinaire Ozma to pretend ban him and create a free parachute account (something she would end up doing for multiple pedophiles doxxed by SS).

People were surprised/confused that he'd react like that and end up nuking his account, but they soon figured out why because he can't stop posting in places with broken brains, in this instance yet another SA spinoff, postplace, where he thought he safe due to closed registration and vouching system. He was not.

Fire said:
I talked to Ozma. She suggested that she ban me as a protective measure as it will take the heat off. She's going to angrily tell me to go away in the leper's colony as it will make them think I am gone.

incidently postplace went on a massive purge of users and posts afterwards, and it broke their forum.

It only got them to dig harder, and find out his actual doxx:

Powerwords, Part 2: (He used to be a pagan, is now Born-Again)

At first they found out that they found that this prospective children in special education had (quotes start here):

1) multiple letters in support of legalizing drugs
2) multiple posts about his use of drugs, including DXM and how he wanted to start growing pot and cultivate shrooms
3) All of that while living at his parents as a 30 year old
4) Describes himself as an ardent feminist yet sounds straight up MRA
Fire said:
Apparently I'm selfish. I drive three hours to meet a womyn I met on hot or not's "meet me." We go out dragging three of her friends along as we go all over town. I buy dinner, ice cream, coffee, and then I break the law by buying them all beer at a club, abstaining myself since I'm made the designated driver, sat around the club waiting for someone who never shows up before we can dance, only to leave early and drive them all to the beach where we just sit around waiting. All the while my date is on her cell phone, not paying attention to me. I felt like the third wheel on my own date. When I finally call her out on it she accuses me of being selfish because she's on the phone dealing with a crisis with her two friends. I spend the rest of the night appologizing to her because as the man I'm always wrong. She now says she's still mad at me about me being inconsiderate of her feelings but that she may forgive me.

I'm home now and $60 poorer.

and then the real treasure trove came out, his account on, where he:

1) Described a situation where he took advantage of a drunk woman and then blamed her for being drunk
2) Posted repeatedly about how he loved underage cheerleaders bumping and grinding at public events
3) Posted about how teenagers were using loopholes to have anal sex and not break laws
4) Complained that men are often seen as sexual predators if they "play with your children"
5) Declared that bestiality was a lot more understandable than rape roleplaying between consenting adults
6) Stalking women is natural behavior for teenagers

He pleaded with the admins to change his name to dotadave to try and create a distance between himself and his posting history but you can easily see him quoted with his regular username all over the place before the change was effected.

then his yahoo answers account was discovered. where he asked 6 YEARS before becoming a teacher how could a teacher defend himself from accusations of molesting a student when they happen and turn it around on them.

AIM: stilanasflm

Obviously he tried to scrub all of that down but the internet doesn't forget

He deleted his answer to whether it's ok for a 21 year old could date a 16 year old

Encouraged teenage girls to date much older men but to make sure age of consent wouldnt get them in trouble;_ylv=3?qid=20071210151309AA2nbfB

A 14 year old asked about stretched marks on her breasts, and he commented on it. A 23 year old guy talking to a 14 year old about the state of her breasts.;_ylv=3?qid=20060901223546AAJUReS

He also posted on yahoo about

1) How parents are overly concerned about their children's love life
2) Children should get sexual education at a young age and against teaching about abstinence

stuff kept pouring out, like him reviewing children movies

as well other stuff from hipforums like

1) It should be legal for a man to hit a pregnant 16 year old in the stomach if she wants an abortion
2) Children should never have to tell their parents before getting an abortion
3) Once masturbated while driving
Oh man yesh I've done that once. I was half asleep late at night on I-95 so I got an idea on how to wake myself up. Thank god I didn't get pulled over, that would be weird explaining that to the popo.
4) Has tendencies about exposing himself, and wants to get into nudism (access to naked children a plus for him, obviously)
5) Is ok with getting a golden shower
6) Went commando and stopped wearing underwear
7) Described how he shaves all of his body hair
8) Trolled fat-forums for fat hookups

All of this culminated into an open letter to the Florida Board of Education which most likely got him fired

Remember how the fat women he was into were also midgets?

Next Up: Transition

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Dec 9, 2015
Part 3 - Elliot Rodger's Final Victim

Ok so he's fucked up weirdo with fetishes that will one day land him behind bars, but how do you go from that to cosplaying Buffalo Bill 24/7?


As mentioned before, Fire has very far-left views, and he was a male feminist way before it was cool to be a male feminist and raging against MRAs an gamergate was all the rage. Early May 2014, he started to get really fed up about men and manly things and regularly complained about it as "TheFool" on a small messageboard, and MarxistGamer on Twitter.

He first hijacked a trans coming out thread to make it about himself and said:

TheFool said:
Sun May 4 02:55:31 2014 Flag
Hi, I go by Marxist Gamer on twitter. I found this place from seeing SomethingEllie's posts on twitter.

I'm starting to think that maybe I can relate a little bit. I am a cisman and probably wouldn't change. I love my awesome beard and all. Also I am in a relationship with the love of my life. For whatever reason I keep winding up following the trans discussion, not on purpose, I usually just follow people I think are cool and it just happens that there are a lot of transwomen who I can relate too.

I'm a little afraid to say this, because someone somewhere will find it at the worst possible time but there have been times I have wondered if could have been a woman. Perhaps I am engaging in gender stereotyping but I feel like I so rarely identify with other men, who are often mean for the sake of being men, competitive and aggressive for the sake of being aggressive and put down people as a way of showing dominance. I consider most of the sex talk guys engage in in private to be abhorrent and the street harassment to be more so. I get put down for this, called a "pussy."

I'm just musing. I'm probably not any form of trans, I just wish people of my gender were less awful, not that I was a different gender. but sometimes, I wonder.
The Fool said:
Sun May 4 18:41:57 2014 Flag
I do apologize if it sounds like I am insinuating that being male requires you to be a jerk, I just feel like as a man I have always been pressured to be a jerk.

That is 20 days before Eliot Rodgers. When the Supreme Gentleman went on his spree, he ended up making a flurry of posts on his now deleted Twitter about how that was it, he just couldn't stand being a man anymore, or being associated with men, that masculinity was toxic and needed to be eradicated.

Now if you take extreme leftist politics, aspergers and a fundamentally broken man who once to shoot himself with his father's gun but didn't know how to make it work so he just decided to live instead, what do you end up with? Someone who went from cis man with a fiancee to a guy wearing a dress sleeping with other men wearing dresses.

Here we are, less than a month later:
TheFool said:
Tue Jun 3 20:45:42 2014 Flag
So my girlfriend and I were going to go cosplaying together at a local video game arts show called GAAM but work is making her leave town for a conference. She has been putting a lot of work into her Yuna from FFX costume. So as not to let it go to waste, I'm going to be wearing her costume. I've never dressed as lady before so it should be fun.

And less than two weeks after the first time he dresses as a woman, he comes out as fully trans.

The Fool said:
Sun Jun 15 16:28:43 2014 Flag
I came out to my girlfriend, first about wanting to cross dress, then about the possibility that I might be trans and the cross dressing is an experiment in a new persona.

I'm actually quite terrified. She was cool with the first part but after the second part she made a comment that she is not sure and needs to talk to her therapist about it. I'm so afraid of losing her. She still went out shopping with me and helped me get nail polish and related things. She's skeptical because I have never brought it up before and I do have low testosterone but as I reflect on this more and more as I have for the past year, I'm finding more and more how alienated I am with the male identity. As I told her, I don't want to "cut my dick off" which isn't really how it works. Maybe I am being a hypochondriac and this is all for nothing, I love her more than the entire universe.

Immediately comes out at work

The Fool said:
Mon Jun 16 11:16:17 2014 Flag
So first day on the job.

I painted my nails (poorly)


Destroyed his relationship in the process
The Fool said:
Mon Jun 16 12:33:43 2014 Flag
That's what i am afraid of. I am comfortable dressed as a woman. Jamie is going to kill me. I don't know if i can handle losing a woman I've already bought the ring for, who I've lived with since October, for the practical reason that i can't afford to live on my own and that she means more to more than the universe.

Mon Jun 16 19:05:59 2014 Flag
Jamie is NOT happy. We had a talk and she said, this isn't what she signed up for and she can't deal with it. She thinks iam trying to push her away and if i was really transsexual i would have known when iwas three. I told her i love her more than anything and I'll go to therapy for it.

Wed Jun 18 22:19:48 2014 Flag
Oh my God. She came in and demanded to know why i was doing this to her, weeping, saying that she had finally found the perfect man and he is just destroying it all. My mom is similarly displeased. I feel like a monster and a freak

Wed Jun 18 23:25:36 2014 Flag
I am literally in a state of utter agony. I do not know where to go, what to do, or who to talk to. She came in and demanded to know why i was doing this to her, weeping, saying that she had finally found the perfect man and he is just destroying it all. My mom is similarly displeased. I feel like a monster and a freak. She wailed, I wailed, We remembered all the times we had and she said she tried to accept this but she can't she just can't as it fundamentally changes who I am as a person even though I say no matter what I am still me and she has run out of anti-anxiety meds. I am souless, broken, fearful and I have no where to go. I feel like I am dying. She feels like she is dying, she said that it feels like I am ripping her heart out through her chest and tearing it to pieces. I feel like my heart has been torn out of my chest and ripped to pieces.

Fri Jun 20 00:58:30 2014 Flag
Well seeing as while today i went with supportive friends to get girl clothes, Jamie gave me an ultimatum, called me a faggot, accused me of sleeping with all of them, and told me she was throwing all my stuff off the balcony if i didn't come straight home i think i have an uphill battle.

When she left him, a few days later, he ended up moving with two other middle-aged trannies in a shack
The Fool said:
Fri Jun 20 14:47:27 2014 Flag
Moar details

Yesterday was both an amazing day and a very bad day too. I hung out with some supportive friends, a polyamorous genderqueer couple TH and Cat. Their pronoun preference was "whatever" though we went with their assigned at birth pronouns in public. Incidentally "whatever" is also my pronoun preference for now. We went out shopping, first at a thrift store where I found this cute top that kind of sorta fit, then to Walmart where I got a bottom.


Couldn't find a bra there but baby steps. I think part of the problem is I wasn't putting them on properly. Also I'm fat so even finding men's clothes can be challenging. We shopped around a lot more, got ice cream (fuck you weight watchers), went to gamestop so Cat could finally get a PS4, went to the liquor store so I could get liquor strong enough to forget my worries (I decided on a proof a high enough to be a fire hazard would be great)

After a long say went to TH and Cat's "house" which was actually a stip of land, two cows, a tiny trailer and a tent. They called it "The Land." They had big dreams of starting an off the grid farm. We couldn't hook up the PS4 because their TV was too old so we hung out, played with the dog, tried on our new clothes. I only got one outfit.

And like all good autogenyphiliacs, he really got into taking pictures of himself and got aroused by being a woman. He also acted like a complete asshole to her and then posted a lot of shit telling others how horrible she was in fact
I used to hate taking selfies and now I can't stop

Cat got more than me but he's a smaller size and chatted until late, They told us about their ex TR who they loathed and the drama that came out of that, how she owes them a staggering amount of money and such. I knew TR from out changeling LARP, interesting to hear these things about her. I only had one drink since I knew I had to drive that night. But after the night before I was afraid to go home because Jamie is still angry with me. I texted Jamie that I was going to be out with them until really late.

We went to buffalo wild wings and around 12AM I got a phone call, several actually, all of them were mostly her screaming at me and then hanging up on me. This is what I posted on intan when it was happening

I went with supportive friends to get girl clothes, Jamie gave me an ultimatum [about the trans thing], called me a faggot, accused me of sleeping with all of them, and told me she was throwing all my stuff off the balcony if i didn't come straight home...

Jamie spittled more vitriol over the phone as we were waiting for the check, calling me slurs, repeatedly accusing me of sleeping with TH and Cat. They could hear my half of the conversation where I denied that vehemently and got angry, telling me I should leave her. I love Jamie so much though and this is breaking her heart. She wasn't in a rational state of mind and this was nothing personal. They came, in a separate car with me to go home, just in case she really did throw my stuff off the third floor balcony, tore up my books, and the like. Her being a librarian, destroying books would be pretty low but I couldn't predict what she was going to do.

I came in and found her in bed sleeping. TH and Cat stayed in the parking lot. My stuff was not in fact thrown from the balcony. I couldn't tell if she was sleeping or pretending to sleep, I also checked her pulse to if she was alive. She stopped pretending to sleep and we had a conversation.

I told her that her threats and ultimatum and accusations were insulting, hurtful, and not appropriate. I told her that we could have a discussion but anything we discuss now would not be constructive, given the things she said. I said this to shield myself in case she was going to get hostile again. I was able to calm her down. She said she thought me becoming trans was irresponsible and selfish and I wasn't considering the consequences and that she didn't like the person I was becoming and that this is one of my aspie obsessions. I, in the voice of the punmeister she fell in love with said, "Yeah, it sure is a real drag!" Which got her to laugh.

I told her that while I was still questioning, if I truly was trans then this is the person I have always been. That the consequences were irrelevant to whether or not I am actually trans. I told her that once I woke up to this fact it was like taking the red pill so to speak, that there is no going back, I will always have gender dysphoria an confusion. I reminder her that she as a person suffering from bipolar disorder often compared the stigmatization of the mentally ill with how people with other medical problems were treated. Telling me to try not being trans would be like telling someone with diabetes to get over it, or someone with a broken leg that it was all in their head, or telling her to stop being so depressed. It was an uncomfortable evening, but I was able to defuse the situation. Also I forgot the liquor at the house so that sucks to. I waved all clear to TH and Cat. We hugged and decided to do this again next week. They also invited me to a furry convention in Orlando in July which sounded fun but I'd have to check my calendar.

I went upstairs, and went to bed holding her.

The Fool said:
Fri Jun 20 15:25:00 2014 Flag

Got a call from my mom, telling me I'm bringing the entire family down with my behavior and that I need to come up to memphis on the fourth so she can slap sense in to me. Also if I was trans she would have seen something. She said she would be committed or have me committed if I kept doing this.

Fri Jun 20 16:39:44 2014 Flag
I really shouldn't have told mom. She threatening to start drinking again (she is a recovering alcoholic) and to have me committed to a mental hospital

She always said she was a liberal, a progressive, saying she was cool with lgbt causes. Then I came out as trans.

Quote from: TheFool
I feel the same way about Something Awful. They pretty much raised me from teenagerhood until 30. Then I fell in with former Laissez Faire posters who were cool. and I woke up and realized there was no saving Debate and Discussion.

also a group of permabanned anti social justice posters doxxed me, blaming me for being a feminist, a leftist, or ruining their ability to use the T-slur amongst other things.

Quote from: TheFool
ruining their ability to use the T-slur

Quote from: TheFool
When my depression flares up, as it does, in spite of the medication, but far less often because of it, its like a fairy, casting a spell on me, to interpret everything in the worst light possible. People being kind and caring to me, trying to reassure me, are instead friends and family burdened and brought down by me. If I am having an actual problem and things are going bad, the fairy latches on to it. But if I am not having a problem or things are going good, then the fairy tells me I don't deserve to have everything go well.

With the medication, the fairy's voice is still there, but its volume is turned down, and I am able to more successfully counter argue with it. Usually anyways. It hurts like hell and you'll do anything to make the pain stop.

Marxist Minecrafter

I'm a marxist, a gamer, an aspie, and a would be educator. Disability Issues, class warfare, video games, LGBT issues. Anti-imperialism. Free Palestine.

He decided there was no going back, and went nuclear:

He ended up breaking up with her, then going back:
TheFool said:
Quote from: TheFool
Thu Jun 26 09:32:02 2014 Flag
PAcking now, jesus christ I have a lot of shit

Sun Jun 22 23:03:34 2014 Flag
I came back to get my stuff and we talked. Jamie seems to have calm down, she had a long list of concerns (an actual list, it was on paper, about 4 or 5 pages) about how I'm not spending special time with her, going out and reasons she doesn't trust Telka and thusly why she has misgivings about hanging out with her and the like.

They were all good points admittedly and she talked about how she has been up all day and night worried about me and how she is willing to make this work provided I slow down and stay within the boundaries for the next month

We're going to couples therapy on wednesday evening

But as Cat pointed out when I told them that the only things I have done is picked up a wig, a few clothes and set aside one day a week for trans stuff.

But as I said, it was with someone she doesn't trust. She claimed I broke a promise by buying the wig and that she needs time to be able to process this. she seemed to understand me saying I wanted to get nail polish as if polishing my nails was the only thing I wanted to do now and that anything else was going to wait until after I actually went to the therapist.

And that the reason she threw me out, told me to never come back was that I left despite her telling me she didn't want me too and that she was sorry for freaking out but she needed me. I left because I didn't it was right for her to accuse me of having an affair or dictating whether or not I spend time with my friends.

We talked before bed just now. She admitted she just plain doesn't want me hanging out with them. These are some of the first people in a very long time, outside of significant others or internet people that I would describe as close friends. We argued and we came to a compromise where I could still hang out with them, as long as either I was home by dinner or I went out with them after dinner and not on weight watchers days or days that are for us. We need to do a monthly thing where we do something particularly special. We also agreed that I would just do cross dressing when she wasn't around except one night a week, for one month, then we'll see where we go from there.

I'm going to give her another chance. I don't think our time together, the happy time that we have lived together should just unravel after a week of conflict. I can't bear to see her experience this kind of pain.


She ended up writing this final breakup letter

Quote from: Fire's former gf

This is very hard for me to write.

It is amazing to me that in 2 weeks you have managed to throw our entire history away, send it out to sea, for us to never be again. To not see the influence that your "friends" have had on you, molding you into a mean, scared, sad man.

When I met you, you were shy, nervous, so adorable in your geekiness. Your hesitation in letting the night end, in not knowing how to end it, was adorable. The weeks and months that followed will always be with me as the happiest time of my life thus far. You showed me things I never thought I would see. You taught me to trust myself when playing board games and video games. You taught me it wasn't all about winning, but having fun along the way. We had amazing discussions, time running around just doing the mundane was worth it in order to spend time with you. You became a loving, understanding, funny, intelligent man that I was looking forward to spending my entire life with.

In the past 2 weeks you went from the man I fell in love with, to a person I no longer recognize. Someone who no longer looks out for his personal safety and well-being, and who believes that those looking out for his basic safety are jealous and controlling. Someone who no longer sees the enjoyment in life, and who ignore the fun things we used to enjoy together. You have become a sleepwalker and parrot of negative self-talk and believer of any positive words your friends, but not I, express.

When talking with mutual friends, the people who know us both, the people who saw our love blossom, there is one conclusion they all make: he's crazy, that's insane, what the hell is he thinking. Best stated in the very clinical term as a psychotic break; that some force in your life was so emotionally powerful, it literally broke your mind.

For this swift and dramatic change to sweep over the person I love the most in this world, to be cast aside as controlling and jealous, is heartbreaking. To watch you suffer as your mind explodes on you makes me suffer too. But all I can do is forgive you, send you positive, healing energy, and move on.

Once you move your things out on Sunday, you will no longer be welcome back in my life as a lover, a life partner, a person to relay my deepest secrets to. We have mutual friends and interests, so I expect we will see each other from time to time; I will gladly talk to you and engage in conversation with you. I wish you all the best, and do hope that you are able to piece yourself back together and move on from this as well.

I do still want to meet with you and Dr. Matt on Tuesday at 2:30. I will be there, and I hope you will be as well so that we can each say good-bye in person, in a loving and supportive environment.

Good night,

Plenty of other crazy stuff happened, the shack in Florida, Nephielle and all the other trannies, all documented in yet another SS thread and the ADF thread. I'll cover it later, or anyone else feel free.

Here are his nudes

Why would you ever want to click that? I have no fucking clue.
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Jul 14, 2015
he decided to be trans because of Elliot Rodger............wut
also how much money did he give lowtax? because it sounds like a lot of money he's given him.
I think he's reregistered at least four separate times, so that's a minimum of $50 USD.

I hope that with Ricky's new position on the main Lolcow boards, we'll be able to make sure he gets the attention he so richly deserves.


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Feb 3, 2013
updated the third part, there's so much more but its scattered all over the ADF subforum and the huge troon thread on SS I don't have time to go through all of it now

Thank you so much for consolidating all this. @LightningPrincess lurks here everyday and it'll be good to show him that things are ramping up.

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Dec 9, 2015


I may be but small, but I will die a colossus.
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Jul 14, 2015


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Sep 21, 2014
My pleasure. I really don't get this cow, though

It's like he's begging people to look into him

He's an attention whore. He befriends high profile dramacows like ADF, Jordan, NekoArc, etc in the hope he'll be noticed.

Every single time shit dies down, he does something to draw attention back to himself. Even his comments on other people's timelines are always about himself.


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May 30, 2014


I may be but small, but I will die a colossus.
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Jul 14, 2015
It's worth noting that when he originally he came here, he did it under the guise of a "Ask me anything about ADF" thread because he wanted to be one of the cool MTF kids that were dishing dirt on ADF at the time.
Before that, he stumbled into his thread on the ADF subforum and spazzed out with a wall of text, then put a link to his GoFundMe at the bottom of it.

Yes, really.