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What's next for Bob Chipman?

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Marissa Moira
So basically if China tries to get ballsy, they’re in for a storm.
The US Navy owns the seas. It's the reason why we spend the most on our military. It was agreed upon since the end of World War 2 that the US would be the sole force policing the oceans and that hasn't let up. The US Dollar is also the world's backup currency. Nobody trusts China to replace the US Dollar.


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If anything, being an atheist was seen as sort of "cool" and counterculture back then since the Religious Right was still sort of relevant at the time (but were also starting to decline) and despite being disliked by most Americans, they still were a loud vocal minority that had some influence in the whole neocon movement of the Bush years. Granted, this was mostly an American thing so it was probably perceived differently in the United Kingdom and Europe.
As someone from the UK, I can confirm that it wasn't really a thing here outside of internet obsessives.

I should also mention that Dick Tracy wasn't a big deal here either. Maybe The Matrix started the trend, but I don't recall anyone dressing like that at the time. It was more emos, skaters, and chavs at that time.

He made another video about joker
The top comment.
I Googled "Joker SNL" to see if literally anyone was talking about this. This video is the second result, and it was uploaded 48 minutes ago. No one is talking about this.


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I'm not sure at this point whether it's incredibly shit taste or forcing himself to like things normal comic audiences hate out of pure spite. He keeps advocating for woke comic garbage that even the woke crowd thinks goes too far and is shit. Meanwhile, we can't argue he's just a consoomer for comic book stuff, because he hated the Joker movie with the flaming passion of a thousand burning suns.

Clearly what these properties represent to him in a broad social and political context is more important than their actual strengths as stories. Bright, childish woke shit is the superior future, complex character studies of people who are the wrong racial demographic are part of the obsolete mayonnaise ghoul past.

Robert also seems to have this weird fixation with the idea that it's good to shove the "right" entertainment down the throats of people who hate it. Probably because that's the approach to media of the totalitarian governments he admires.
It's been said a bunch of times before but Bob exclusively likes comic adaptations. He views actual comics as beneath him for some reason and his interest in them is mostly limited to using wiki articles to sound knowledgeable for the next movie to consoom. He also hates the people who read them as they are part of the Untermensch. No idea how he'd respond if you pointed out it's nigh-impossible to transfer everything over to another medium due to the differences between comics going on for decades and movies.

It's an odd stance.

Mola Ram

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"Beat these regressive motherfuckers," Bob shlorps through a mouthful of half-chewed McNuggets and Sweet-n-Sour Sauce, while supporting a decrepit fossil with a brain rapidly turning to slurry, the Senator from MasterCard, a candidate hauled out of the crypt because the younger genuine progressives are about as electable as a bucket of maggoty dogshit.

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Why wouldn't Trump have written that himself?
"He didn't write that tweet" is literally just a meme, and like all memes, it's one Bob fails to understand.
He also fails to understand the "VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO!" movement is exactly what gave Joe Biden the arrogant smugness needed to tell a blue collar worker "you're full of shit" just for proving Joe wrong.
Bob is such a useful idiot.

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People like Bob are the reason why I would want Trump to win even if the current batch of Democrats weren't insane. The pure rage and despair from him will give us content for weeks, if not months.