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What's next for Bob Chipman?

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And this is the real problem with Biden, not any crazy conspiracies or (((new world orders))) but an age of unbridled corruption. The next couple of years are going to be talked about by future generations as an era of corruption and greed that will make the teapot dome scandal seem minor.
Hes going to be the next Warren G Harding where he was elected on the promise of a return to normalcy, his only qualifications are being a party insider and he "looks Presidential", and after his possible death in office a flood of scandals are going to emerge.

Vaccines are just consumer health products created by manufacturing companies; they aren't created by "scientists" anymore than an Xbox or a toaster oven is.

(If Bob has this childish, "Dexter's Lab" image of some white-coated "scientists" cooking vaccines up in a lab he's incredibly dumb and clueless how product manufacturing works).
Like Yuuichirou Kumada said, yes that is how he really does view scientists. All his knowledge of scientists comes from comic book films, blockbuster movies, and sci-fi B movies where one or two super smart people in labcoats can create an invention that will save the day and change society overnight. It works in fiction because the plot demands it and the audience expects it. In reality science is something that takes countless individuals and years to actually achieve progress. Even Edison had a team working under him to invent the lightbulb.

Who was it said that if you get rid of religion, people will just use something else as a substitute?
Whatever Nietzsche envisioned would replace religion I doubt he thought in a future some fat guy in a basement would replace God and Religion with a fat Italian plumber and a bunch of guys in capes fighting invisible monsters on a green screen.

This is probably "late" but I saw this on /tv/.
Nah, because it's pointless to argue with someone who's busy taking Solzhenitsyn and Western dicks in every hole he has. Kinda the same as trying to argue with Russian lefty faggots.
I wanted to argue with you but I have had the pleasure of talking with Russian libersecs and their stanning for the west and hatred for Russia makes your average CCP shill look tame.

Also the mass rapes of Berlin, if I remember correctly that was revenge for 3 years of GeneralPlan Ost. When your western neighbours want to turn your race into mongrels, eradicate your history and steal your soil the gloves are off.

(But "muh poor german women")

Anyways, Bob Fat.

When did the Bob Chipman thread stop being about Bob Chipman in favour of spergs arguing about Russian history and religion’s contributions to scientific progress?

There's only so many ways that you can say bob fat.


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Follow up to Bobby's latest genocidal rant. Of course Bobby thinks his pop culture references aren't obvious enough and he has to hammer it some more.

The lizard has always been the Jew:

Fewer jobs for the obsolete! Hooray!
Nah Bobby's been learn-to-coded by the Escapist.

More obsoletes out of their jerbs!!! Ha ha ha!!!
Too late Wizard. Bobby has not just went down that path; he has tunneled through the wormhole into an alternate universe of rage and sociopathy.

Bob the antisemite shoots down a woman because of her nose:

+ + + +
Any woman would put on such an armor if they are within a 10-mile radius from Bobby.

Strange I rarely see Bobby retweeting the other two.

Bobby's desperation has not gone unnoticed:

No fucking idea. Which of these symbols, slogans and hashtags were "organic-generated" and which are "co-opted"?


A more parsimonious hypothesis would be that the Democrats are the source of climate doomerism.
We're talking about Bob so I honestly don't know if you're implying Bob is never within 12 feet of people because he's so anti-social or because he's so fat that there's always 12 feet of blubber separating him from everyone else.
I was getting at, any sane and social person would find an excuse to not be close to him. Like, he enters the same room as you, good time to leave that room.

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Can't believe this shit.
If anyone is still on the fence about whether Bob literally wants to kill all Trump supporters:
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Replace "God" with "Science" then "Heaven" with his "Superior Future," and voila! Bobby has more in common with the MAGAs than he cares to admit.
Fewer jobs for the obsolete! Hooray!
Nah Bobby's been learn-to-coded by the Escapist.
Bob really sucks at the science he worships as his personal deity. Man, if only there was some process that turns carbon dioxide into oxygen. Oh wait, that's photosynthesis, dipshit. I mean deforestation and ocean acidification are real problems, but I don't don't think one (of many already existing) pipelines means that humanity is going to suffocate.

Also, none of the jobs Bob has held where particularly useful nor did they require much skill.
Fewer jobs for the obsolete! Hooray!
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Nah Bobby's been learn-to-coded by the Escapist.

What new job? no, really, tell us about this New Job of yours Robert?

And what numerous jobs have you ever had to qualify throughout your life Robert? because we all read your crappy biography fatass, and all you did in your whole life was hold entry-level retail jobs and then you got lucky at the start of youtube and now you drag along being a "content creator"

So what numerou skills you had to learn Robert? Because the best thing I can say about your videomaker skills is that you can balance your audio... that is it. 13 year olds doing minecraft videos have a better grasp at editing than you.

Also, in Robert's tiny head, he probably thinks only the knuckle dragging grunts are getting the boot, when construction workers are highly skilled jobs, not to mention engenieers and such are also getting the shaft.

And these people have families to feed and mortgages to pay, you think the bank is going to wait for a person to get the learn skill for a new job? And where the fuck are they going to get a new job? Aren't we, according to Robert, living under a "FUCKING PLAGUE!!!!!"?

Even if these people get new jobs, it is a location based job, these workers were living where they were laying the pipes, so who is going to pay for the move, housing, alllll that shit that comes with the shit that is to lose your job.

If the Biden adm is trying to save the world by cutting jobs or whatever, the people voted for it, so what can be done?,The issue is that Buttigieg asshole being callus and saying "just get another job", when he isn't the one that has to deal with the hardships that comes from it.

And worse comes from Robert, a man who has no family to take care of, no house to pay, uses his brothers kids as a proxy family, a excuse for living a hollow, lonely life, over a decade living in a small basement apartment, sleeping under a Ninja Gaiden poster, being just as callus and bragging about "getting a new job" when all he has are his shitty, divorced from reality, rants and blockbuster movie takes.

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Can't believe this shit.
"Current resident of reality."
"Owner of a functioning fully-evolved human brain."

Whatever you say, Bob. If that mass of jellied fat he called a brain understood basic biology, then he would know that biological sex is determined by what chromosomes an individual possesses. Someone can say that they identify as the opposite sex. They can dress and act the part. They can even surgically alter their body to that end if they believe that it will make them happy. It's no skin off my back. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and all that jazz.

Sexual dimorphism is real and there is no way to overwrite one's genetic code so a MTF troon will always be male at their most fundamental level with all of the attributes of said sex. Hormones and surgery will only make them appear female, but they will not magically turn them into a biological female.

"Science is real."
To quote wikipedia, "Science is the systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe." It is not a god that is going to descend from the heavens and smite MAGA as if it were fucking Judgment Day. Bob can go fuck off to the mythical Superior Future™ with his cargo cult religion.

Odin almighty, it baffles the mind to see how mind-numbingly stupid this mouthbreathing Masshole is.
Fully evolved brain, so Robert is a pokemon now?

And what about science? If you pray to the god of science enough you gonna convince people who were born male don't have a higher muscle mass than female? is that it?

I'm pretty whatever for the trans issues, wanna cut yout dick off? fine, i can say whatever pronouns they want, sure gender is a social construct, whatever you say, as long as you leave me alone I don't give a fuck.

But this shit about trans atheletes fucking up women's sport still haven't got the huge backlash it deserves because:

A- It hasn't got to the big leagues yet, as in, Olympic level competitions, not in a large scale anyway.

B-The trans atheletes competing right now, most of them suck anyway, so you haven't seem a major take over by trans people in women's sports.

But, if that were to happen, and say, 2024 we got a bunch of trans women on the USA olympics team, how the fuck do you think the rest of the world is going to take it? twitter can only do so much, and it is going to reach a point people will the trans atheletes as bullies no matter how much support they get from media, movies, etc.

Doubt that is going to happen anyway, but it would be funny if it did.

Still, this zealot mentality Robert keeps having about "the science" is getting creepier by the day.