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Jan 26, 2018

Meet Robert "Robin" Tran, a 35-year-old incel-turned-comedian from LA. (Yes, this thread is about a tranny named Tran. The jokes write themselves.) Though able to deliver witty anecdotes, Tran prefers to turn his sets into a bizarre psychosexual humiliation ritual where he spills his guts about his disturbing porn habits to his audience. It's only funny because he's a balding man in a dress publicly embarrassing himself. What isn't funny is that he's getting off on it.


And before anyone asks, yes, he is.

Who Is Robert Tran?


Robert Tran was a normal-ish Vietnamese-American guy in LA who tried to make it in comedy, but never really found himself because he tried too hard to fit in. While much of his pre-transition internet presence has been wiped from the internet, it's clear he maintained good relationships with his family and had a few friends. However, he struggled romantically. He tried online dating and never received responses. He explains how in his loneliness, he began to watch increasingly more extreme pornography. It's almost certain this is what led to him developing autogynephilia and trooning out.

Tran also suffers from depression and has reported suicidal ideation. Trooning out didn't make his suicidal thoughts go away; he trooned out 5 years ago and remained depressed for 3 years after that. Given his fraught mental health history, I wouldn't be surprised if his depression returned by the time he turns 41.


Growing up, Tran was kind of a loser. This had a profound impact on him psychologically even into adulthood.


Before his tran-sition, he had an autistic obsession with pro wrestling and took reasonably good care of himself. He clearly no longer works out and will soon belong in the Deathfats forum at the rate he's gaining.

Tran's Coomedy Career

Like his father before him, Tran decided to try his hand at stand-up comedy. He began doing small shows, then gained a small following before he started uploading his material online in 2015. When the coof arrived, he started posting on TikTok and quickly amassed over 170k followers. He Here are some of his popular "jokes" which he totally never repeats:

"You can call me the c word, I'm one of the good ones" and a ton of misogynistic stereotyping:

This is straight out of r/thathappened:

Holy autogynephilia Batman. Also look at that bald spot!

Here he is talking about his dick:

He really doesn't like the MAGA crowd and makes cringeworthy jokes about them that only seem edgy to (r)aging Alyssa Milano types.


He also routinely mocks Joe Rogan for being 5'3" and for spreading "Covid misinformation." His obsession with Rogan, also known as transparent envy, has led to him putting "Joe Rogan is 5'3" in his Instagram bio.


In addition to his own sets and roasts, Tran has written for Netflix and was featured on the show Comedy InvAsian. He first attracted mainstream attention when he was featured on Jeff Ross' Roast Battle on Comedy Central.

Robin Tran is a stand-up comedian who has been rising in stardom significantly over the past year. A large aspect of Tran's comedic style is her candid commentary on her identity as a trans woman, but even those who might not relate to Robin Tran's experiences will surely find reliability in her stories. She's a dynamic comedic storyteller who knows how to keep any audience engaged.

In addition to her stand-up shows, Robin Tran has also written for Netflix's Historical Roasts and has had her very own special episode on the show Comedy Invasian. Her talents suggest that she'd contribute some hilarious commentary to SNL's Weekend Update, for example, and she definitely has the potential to be a writer on the show, as well.

TERFs and Haydurs

Tran's perversions have landed him in hot water with TERFs, who recently mobbed him on Twitter. While I'm sure Tran secretly enjoyed it because it's the most female attention he's received in his lifetime, he fought back against their criticisms and tried to paint himself as some sort of marginalized, misunderstood soul when really he's just a creep.



Tran is ALWAYS online and often responds to his critics. "All engagement is good engagement" or something like that, I guess.

The Variety Article

Recently, Variety featured Tran (a) in a series of interviews of up-and-cooming comedians.

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.


Facebook (a)
Instagram (a)
Twitter (a)
Patreon (a) - he gets $430 per month from this
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May 31, 2020
If there were a ’90s-style sitcom built around you and your material, in which you had to have a different job than comedian, what would be the title and logline?
Trans roast battler from Little Saigon is forced to live with her white girlfriend’s family. It’s called Fresh Princess of Orange County.

Except really you're more of a Fresh Princess of Agent Orange.


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Jan 5, 2021
From the first linked "comedy" video (about using a stereotypical bimbo voice):
"Because of that, I'm afraid I'm going to be the first transgender woman in history to like.. progress the trans' movement forward while sending the women's movement back 50 years at the same time.."

No you massive faggot, you are describing the vast majority of troons (if not all). I want to see the first male-to-female tranny that is NOT pushing back on women's rights. Do a flip.
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Nov 3, 2021
I feel all he had to do to get a girl was to keep trying, he didn't look impossible to love. Even if not, being alone forever is probably a better fate than trooning out.

Also what the hell is that comedy, I'm not a moral nancy but that shit just isn't fun, why would it be fun to know about someone's masturbatory habits in so much detail. The only fun would be making fun of them for it.

I'm surprised there are people laughing to that shit, I was honestly expecting a booing.
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