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Rose is correct about people going after her. But she's at least three different kinds of crazy so she also claims they're going to maybe assassinate her.
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Oh woe is her. A bunch of people are calling her a transphobe on twitter. Even worse she is getting some hit pieces written about her. Guess what bitch? That's what people on the right deal with all the time. Turns out real activism isn't you pumping your fist in the air and saying "pussies grab back". Stupid cunt is preaching all this communist bullshit, but she came dangerously close to naming the jew, so now she has to go.
There's a new York Times article about the spy firms Harvey Weinstein hired to fuck with her, they were an organization hired by various governments internationally, spies have infiltrated her inner circle and journalists to try to get dirt and humiliate her. She might be paranoid but it's not without reason. I can't say how I would react to befriending and confiding in someone who turned out to be an international spy hired by a rapist.

Edited to add: it was the new Yorker actually, here's a link
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Just watch the bathtub scene from The Doom Generation on loop and you'll get much more enjoyment from Rose McGowan than anywhere else.

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Alright, I made a copy of all the posts I felt relevant over, they're in a separate locked thread over in Sisterwood right now but they should be merged soon.

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