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You can't be a drag queen if you are a woman or identifying as one. Because the whole point is that it's supposed to be men dressing in outrageous female clothing and accessories. Take the male part away and it's just women in costumes. Why does everything have to be inclusive? We're going to reach a point where all the forced inclusiveness just results in a massive push back from people who are tired of having the one space they are allotted invaded to prevent hurt feelings. And all it's going to do is set everything backwards even further then it was.

I hope Rupaul isn't pressured into putting what will likely amount to fakebois and crazy autogynephile troons on his show to keep the screeching to a minimum.

Holy shit thank you. I get that some people on youtube, like Jenna Marbles and Mikaela Long have attempted "Drag makeup", it's essentially female makeup but 1000x more extra (I believe that's what Mikaela said, as well as joking about "lol this is what i do every day anyway"). But that's not drag. It's still women dressing as women. Which is not drag.

I don't even really understand FtM people who do it. If you're a makeup artist, like Ascher Lucas (though he doesn't do "drag"), I get doing creative things, though you still look like a man in makeup, just like Mannymua, Jeffree and James Charles.. I'd link some here but Ascher seems to have deleted a lot of his content. I understand it to a certain extent, as a makeup artist myself. But drag? No. You want to be seen as a man, you are transitioning to become a man, why would you want to dress as the thing that made you dysphoric whenever you saw it in the mirror?

I do doubt that Rupaul will have trenders and things like that on his show to appeal to the masses. He's accepting of trans people and also drag kings (maybe bio queens too) to my knowledge, but he does seem very old school about certain things, and doesn't seem like the type to let the internet bully him into not having an opinion. He doesn't seem to have backed down yet, but keep in mind that he stopped using "she-mail" (as in "you got mail/she-mail") because people complained about transphobia.

Some people have called him out for letting other queens like Detox, Chad Michaels and some others despite having surgery. Excuse me but they're not trying to transition to become women. Nor do they consider themselves women. There's a difference between getting a butt lift/face fillers for reasons like body image issues, and going on HRT/getting some new tits because you want to become a woman.

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I've never actually watched "Drag Race", but didn't Rupaul once do an episode where he had ciswomen on the show, and did makeovers on them? Or am I thinking of something else?


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I've never actually watched "Drag Race", but didn't Rupaul once do an episode where he had ciswomen on the show, and did makeovers on them? Or am I thinking of something else?
There was a side series called Drag University where they would do make overs, it really didn't last that long.

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Drag is essentially a expression of femininity as a performance, not being a woman. Anybody who's not a guy can do drag, too.
Most troons don't realize that them dressing up is considered drag, because they're essentially "performing to pass". Drag shouldn't be a negative term for them, since a few pioneers of the LGBT community were drag queens, a few of them also happened to be trans.
Also Ru Paul tried to apologize to the trans community by sharing a trans flag, but it was actually the first Google search result for "trains flag" instead.
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maybe he's addressing trainkins, idk, shits fucking autistic now-a-days.


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Wait a minute. Wasn't Rupaul the guy who was okay with having a 10 year old drag queen on his show?

Edit: Feel free to correct me on this, but I recall that Rupaul praised a 10 year old for being a drag queen.

I think so yeah. There's also another 10 year old drag queen called "Lactatia" or something. He's either 9 0r 10, I don't know.

I'm like ok sure kids play with makeup all the time but then I look at the name and I'm thinking "uhhh..." I mean there's plenty of drag queens with names that aren't bordering on slightly inappropriate. If you've been part of drag at any point it can start morphing into a sexual thing, as in men dressing as women and the way they act while performing/in drag generally. I personally don't agree with kids being involved with something that does garner a reaction from it being sexual at times, but that's just me.

I mean we all know what lactating fucking is, and attaching that sort of thing to a 9 year old kid (by means of the name "Lactatia"), just feels really off.
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