Cultcow Russell Greer / @theofficialinstaofrussellgreer - Swift-Obsessed Sex Pest, Magical Star Buddy

I think ED has a system failure and there weren’t backups of all pages.

Russ focuses on his teeth because he can’t close his mouth and they always show. Why he feels like they should be clean and white and the rest of him can be dirty and greasy is part of the mystery of Russ. I think he’s probably so focused on his deformity that’s all he cares about.
I think Ive mentioned this before, but being a mouthbreather and having even mildly chronic dry mouth greatly increases your chances of cavities and gum disease like gingivitis. I was curious so I looked on wikipedia and they say saliva does have some antibacterial properties. It kind of makes sense that he's always worried about them in that regard. I also dont think he thinks he looks greasy and dirty and doesnt see any disparity there. That his dentist was giving him an electric toothbrush (though it might just be in one of those sample bags some dentists hand out) may mean he isnt taking as good care of them as he could be.

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