RV Gunt -

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LMAO Is there a larger picture of that Ralph face? I don't think I've ever seen that before.

It's one of my faves.


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If, BIG IF, this is actually what is going on, there is no way Ethan Ralph will lock himself into an RV with a lunatic who can best him in weight, is over a foot taller than him and has threatened to sodomize and hospitalize him. Ethan is fuckin dumb, but he's not diagnosed as an actual retard. Now, getting Warski into an RV with Little Stevie and Surfer does sound very doable
The Digi family is going to beta test with Byrd if it's possible to live with a human so smelly in a confined small space. Then they will greenlight the swine we call da gunt to step pied de cochon inside the vehicle.
No, you're misreading the matchup. Surfer is perhaps the one man alive who can out-autism Little Stevie on retarded political positions. Surfer walks with the Lord now
I am getting my hopes up, true. Looking forward to the RV trip if true. I am a happy pod people consoomer if we get more gator footage to greentext about.


Now that I think of it, I listened to Rackets going on about Ralphs adventures in loliland last night and he offered to buy any one of them a beer if they made it to central Minnesota. He made sure to add the caveat that they weren't allowed to enter his house. It's probably nothing, but it would be funny if they showed up.
If we're going road trip to Minnesota, the season finale is obviously on Father Jim's new lawn


Ivy Clover's very Epic Seriousness
I think that was Godwinson and basically they said that Gator would be off limits because he'd be the one driving and controlling cameras/streams and such.
Ways to get the sweet gator nectar.
  • superchat surfer to point the camera at gator
  • send gator's mass shooting takes to desTINY to deliver khantant
  • get smug (drunk) Ralph to point the camera at gator


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Gunt, PPP, Surfer, Destiny, possibly Digitroon squad....holy shit possible kino of biblical proportions. Get them to face off with the IP2 RV somewhere and we could get a content supernova for the ages.
I read this and I really want to see the RVs crash into each other. The thought of the two clown cars crashing into each other and the Gunt and PPP flattening Destiny is so fucking hysterical that my face and eyes were going red and I had a hard time brushing my teeth without laughing. The fist fights that would occur would make the slap fight at Digi's house look like a playground spat.

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It wouldn't surprise me that Ralph hasn't learned his lesson about irl streaming.

I doubt Ralph will last 2 weeks before he's kicked off the RV. From all the evidence we have, Ralph is insufferable to be around, you add that with his rampant alcohol abuse, and you put people he wants to pick fights with like Destiny and PPP on there, it's going to the harvest of the decade.
Ralph isn't capable of learning.