Ryan Sanchez / Culture War Criminal / @FranciscoNunez / CWC - Battered schizoid wignat cohost of the Killstream


Osama bin Ladkin
A lot of people in this thread don't seem to understand that you can be both hispanic and white. They aren't mutually exclusive categories.
If you looked at CWC you’d not expect his last name to be Sanchez. He must be a Cuban or Tejano or something. Many places in Latin America have an informal caste system where Castizos look down on blacks and Mestizos and identify with their Spaniard blood pretty fiercely.

It could also be a Fuentes situation, where 3/4 of the family tree is non-Hispanic white so he has little or no identification with any Latino culture, and grew up as basically just another suburban white ethnic.


give it 3 pages before it starts mentioning the juice.
I actually already alluded to the jews

Goddamn, some of you wiggers are more pitiful than Ryan and Nick.
Who fucking cares if they qualify as white or not? Unless you plan on fucking them, let's get back to the funny.
i think Sanchez and Fuentes being the spic fuhrers is a pretty funny concept and i think its important to remind them as they read this thread that theyre not now nor will they ever be white and that theyre practically shitskin niggers.

Whether he's an ogro de las americas or la luz extinguido, being so hard up for attention and shekels that he's trying to use Ralph's gunt grease to build his brand is the pathetic part.
also the fact that theyre coping about being white whilst hiding a tiny mexican flag and a taco behind their backs at all times.


I was planning to do a write up on everything I have seen from the culture warrior, but I am too busy with other things and the last killstream was horrendous. OP is prone to change as it is a new thread and people started posting things I was drafting ("don't say that about my boss").

@AltisticRight can you calculate culture warrior's height with the flag he is holding? Pretty sure flag height is standardized enough to get his exact height, reference object is right next to him.


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@AltisticRight can you calculate culture warrior's height with the flag he is holding? Pretty sure flag height is standardized enough to get his exact height, reference object is right next to him.
Feel free to add to the OP with what you got.

CWC is a manlet, look at the photo with the Identity Fedrovpa flag.
I can probably calculate a good estimate by simply finding their shitty logo and doing some simple proportions. Hell, it'll be possible for everyone in that photo. For accuracy's sake, the flag can be used to establish a vanishing point too.

I'll do that when I'm bothered. My recent autism was Spicolas Fuentes' height using a steering wheel, he is 5'7'' at most.


ya'll often get the deets wrong
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he has been added to IP2. I guess good luck? what IP2 is for those unaware


It's a shame really how many veterans never make it home or kill themselves. And yet this faggot has so much confidence and is so goddamn proud of himself. I wish this smug bitch would suck on a glock.
Wait. I know he was other than honorable discharged from the marines but did he ever see any actual action? I don't want to go as so far to call him a veteran if he was never deployed.

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