Sam Vogel "Antonovich" / Kaara / allthefoxes / theotherredfox / vincelocktip / samman412 / vlt412 / atf412 - Powertripping Discord staff member with a dash of cub-defending and furfaggotry, AKA the "cub porn Discord mod"

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Jul 12, 2018

Original Poster Update: There has been dossiers and other Google Documents that were appearing and most of it contains the same shit I have here, so I'm going to ignore those for now. I've also updated the name to have the other last name with quotes. But both names are correct, just separate family members.

Also while I've been tending to my personal needs, I do still keep an eye somewhat to ATF whenever I can, or at least whenever he's close to me, and for now, he's a bit close. So I've added stuff that is in regards to the ATF situation, and while Conversations here do get automatically deleted, I might have lost some of that needed information to update OP as intended. But with the help of TheSurveyMaker, I can at least update OP accordingly. Please keep in mind that I'm not gonna rag to Meowthkip on believing that piece of evidence, but god damn, this is too spicy for me. Now onto the post!

"Just because you have an actual career does not make you exempted from a KF thread if you're a son of a bitch."
- Nietzsche, probably

Sam Vogel, commonly known as allthefoxes/theotherredfox is a long-time furry with a "decent" amount of moderation experience on communities such as Reddit and Discord. In the past he has moderated big default sub-reddits such as r/Gaming and r/pics and has received plentiful of Reddit awards plus recognition for so. He is currently an actual Discord Trust and Safety staff with a not so pristine record of constantly abusing power, banning people for biased reasons, acting severely unprofessional on e-mail responses, and showing preferential treatment towards keeping cub-porn on said platform, which actively purges underage pornographic material.

samvogel.jpg sam2.jpg sam3.jpg
Sam Vogel "Antonovich"
June 5, 1995 (Age 26, as of this edit)
25 White Plains Ct., San Mateo, CA

The Vince Locktip and allthefoxes Identity

Vince Locktip is one of Sam Vogel's pen-name and furry name, he prefers to be called with that name since it is what identifies his fursona (see spoiler below) and his writer's persona together. Vince has attempted to also become a DJ in earlier years and reunite other furs and possibly failed due to lack of interest, there's a possibility the DJ position was for Second Life as it lists an account but does not exist. In addition to becoming a DJ, he also wrote erotic stories, one of the projects titled "Waiting" were one of his work-in-progress furry themed gay romantic bdsm story, soon to be published in Smashwords. The story is still available on the Google Drive but requires access request to grab it. He was active as /u/vlt412 on reddit (now deleted user) on the r/Furry_Wordsmith sub-reddit.

Of course, every fursona requires a F-list to display their degeneracy, keep in mind for some later on.

After sometime, Sam dropped the Vince Locktip identity (thus deleting /u/vlt412), dropped from being a writer, and became more active on the reddit under the new alias of /u/allthefoxes. With the identity change, he became more active and helpful in the Reddit community. From his Reddit contributions he has gained moderator abilities for default sub-reddits such as r/Gaming and r/pics.

The Reddit Moderation Incident

Allthefoxes was a moderator on the r/Gaming sub-reddit before getting involved in an incident with Horror the Cat which would end up costing him that position. Horror the Cat had issues with Twitch users with a global emote about his furry boyfriend that was added, which lead to a shitstorm of him going censor-happy, in a butthurt matter, that drags in other speedrunners and Twitch mods. Some Twitch mods weren’t even sure why they were censoring to begin with, clueless to Horror abusing his power.

What likely happened next was Horror got into contact with allthefoxes to censor anything he can, knowing that he was his furry buddy and a mod on the r/Gaming subreddit. Allthefoxes obliged and shit hits the fan even harder with people complaining about the censorship. During this shitshow, allthefoxes claims on his Tumblr that he was doxxxxxxed. The dox information contained his previous internet history and some other personal information, thus unraveling the Vince Locktip identity.

Eventually, the other mods on the r/Gaming subreddit are confused about the ordeal and start to take notice aggressively to each other. In a leaked conversation they had together, allthefoxes admits blame for starting this incident and has been forcibly removed from his position. He is no longer a moderator for r/Gaming and r/pics after his admission.

The Discord Committee neither Trusted nor Safe

Our story begins with a Reddit user as he attempts to get his account back after it is disabled, being told that upon investigation, he was in a server that promoted non-consensual pornography. He found this odd as he was only active in 1 out of 20 servers and upon asking again, he is only told that by the results of their investigation, his account will remain disabled. Curious, he started searching and found an Imgur album of people having similar issues stemming from a similar moderator – allthefoxes.

Putting two and two together, he starts looking into allthefoxes’ history and discovers that he was involved in some drama regarding his positon as mod on the r/gaming subreddit. Now concerned, he attempts contacting the Discord Twitter for help regarding his account but is given a runaround. Finally, he tries posting on the r/discordapp subreddit only to discover that his posts are not going up and is met with a familiar face – allthefoxes is a mod. Skimming through his posts, the user finds that allthefoxes replies to people have issues of this kind with the generic response of, “We’ll look into it”, followed by radio silence. By this point, he had seen enough to know just how bad the moderation of Discord was handled in general, especially by allthefoxes.

Of course, this led with a bunch of people fairly disappointed and/or disgusted and opened up about how inconsistent the Discord Trust and Safety team work.

On top of still having the same old moderation behavior, his preferential treatment towards cub-porn is still strong, as shown within his long time F-list (having Young in yes and Underage in maybe) and additional complaints of how he has allowed such pedophilia behavior go almost untouched.

Unban the Quack; #DiscordUnbanQuackity

Recently on the new years, Quackity was kicked out his discord call with his friends, mostly content creators on Youtube as well. After attempting to log back in, he was met with the "This account has been locked" error thus ended up opening a ticket for his appeal. During the appeal process, a discord staff reviews the appeal and sends it back with a denied reason having snarky reasoning, similar as if your mother was scolding you. Once the account got deleted, Quackity opened up with a video the happenings and outcome of the whole ban and appeal process. From how it was laid out, allthefoxes was the one who made the ban and appeal process. This ensued the #DiscordUnbanQuackity twitter movement to start in order to get Discord cease all power on allthefoxes.

More videos describe the issue of how it happened in better detail.

He is still yet to receive an open statement from Discord, or even from allthefoxes himself. Oh wait, silly me, there's already one from him! Plus, he isn't well versed in giving proper tweets, or even bother to ignore the heat.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
MOD UPDATE: /u/KaaraRaven on Reddit (who happens to be a Reddit furry moderator with a very similar looking fursona) is NOT allthefoxes. Another moderator on the site was provided proof of this including a timestamped driver's license.

This OP has been edited accordingly to clarify this, since many people on this site and Reddit have mixed up the two all the time, using deletions as proof.

I've gotten confirmation that u/KaaraRaven is not actually Sam, and is somebody else living in the UK.

It appears there's been some convergent thinking here, both having raven fursonas named after the Japanese karasu tengu, which can also be spelled as kaarasutengu or kārasutengu. So this isn't much different from two different dudes naming their fox fursonas kitsunefox or kitsufox or something along those lines. It's just a lot more rare being that birds aren't as common for fursona types as foxes are, so it's a weird coincidence.

I can confirm this as I have been contacted by u/KaaraRaven and have been shown proof he's not the same dude, and he's certainly not living in San Francisco.

I would but this guy is extremely paranoid and in order to get this confirmation, I had to assure him that I would not post it.

Part of my job as a moderator involves keeping things in confidence if a source needs to be verified but only wants to do so privately. I have absolutely no vested interest in this dude, I have no idea who he is, I don't know him from Adam, but he was very much freaked out that he was accused of being Sam.

I can give you my word that this is a different dude, he provided evidence of a UK driver's license that was timestamped, and since he is a different dude, he's no longer relevant to this thread.

However the Twitter account @Kaara_Raven is still Sam's Twitter account with a very similar looking fursona.

When you think people can weasel out of their problems, it just seems to hit them back like a truck. Probably because they've been unlucky to be found out easily? Maybe because they want to keep it a "Down Low" but still manage to make it a "LOUD FUCK"? How? Well it's easy, just simply repeat the same behavior you have under a different name that's similar to the last one! (Or not even similar, just the fucking same then say you aren't them. GALAXY BRAIN LOGIC)

This turned out to be the very same bad fate for Allthefoxes... Meet KaaraRaven, I mean CorvusCalvaria, the totally not Allthefoxes alt. The only small problem that KaaraRaven/CorvusCalvaria had was the audacity to say that they are from the United Kingdom (see first spoiler below) when they weren't in the first place, how? Let's bring the politics to the table.










Anyone who's on the far-left wouldn't be able to seethe so hard about US politics if they were from the UK. Like come on... Or better yet, let's get some delicious pastry or some good non-existent UK chick-fil-a... over at the US, while "living" in the UK... GLORIOUS! OH, and what about the movie Zootopia... wait oops, you actually meant Zootropolis. PS: Wrong timezone too buddy.




If anything, if you want some positive feedback, your gay op-sec is shit, and for Meowthkip, I forgive you.

Sources (feel free to point out more)



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Jul 12, 2018
Only tip (since I got nagged for it) condense the list of profiles into a Spoiler or move it to the bottom
Condensed it with a spoiler since more can still come, the guy has a giant internet profile list. Some of it is deleted such as the Second Life account, or maybe it does exist and its under a different username.

Plus about the name, I'm still having the debate that its either Sam -Edward- Vogel (confirmed by address listed there and FB profile) or Sam Vogel -Antonovich- (confirmed by FB profile with name in parenthesis and relatives in Friends). The Antonovich comes from probably his mom and dad which still reside in Michigan. However their Facebook profiles are basically gone to at least confirm more of the info, though that will be me doing extensive searching on the site.

I'll change it to Sam Vogel Antonovich to keep it safe from failing to guess/dox the correct middle/last names. There's a small chance both will be part of his full name.


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Mar 24, 2017
Why is it that no matter what the platform is, no matter whether they’re right or left or whatever labels you want to put on them, they always end up devolving into an extremely biased shitshow where logic is thrown out to bend rules and essentially throw their power around? Every fucking time. They always use it to let people they arbitrarily deem okay to slip through or get fair or even unfairly good treatment while anyone else gets shit on and banned if they don’t like how things are run. You see this on almost every platform or community unless it’s run like Gab where there are practically no rules or regulations, and we all know how that turned out.

Why is it always these irresponsible fucksticks that get somewhere that allows them to do this?

Big moth tiddies

Anyone got a light?
Oct 14, 2018
Why is it always these irresponsible fucksticks that get somewhere that allows them to do this?
Because the people pull in their friends and acquaintances and as it turns out, the people they know don't always turn out to be stellar individuals, and since they're friends, they let them slide with horseshit.
Happens every time.