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NGL that sounds like so much fun. Wish I had something like that in my area.
The most hilarious story to come out of that was when one guy was adamant about wanting to rape the barmaid.

Only the barmaid was level 3, they were all level 1, and she had a +1 rolling pin.

He was not invited back.


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Sorry for the lack up updates. But I bring you a taste of milk today.

I don't think she's getting her middle school body back, ever.

But, onto current events. These are presented in the order they happened.




Now, I don't believe Sammie got a job. I think she's lying about having gotten a job, because Perria probably cited her being a dead beat with no future who lives in her mothers house as part of the reason why he dumped her. The main reason I think this is because Sammie IS a dead beat who with no future who will live with her mother until her mother dies, and than she'll just move in with Ben and whatever retarded white trash he's knocked up at that point. But also because D.S Smith seems to be a paper company based out of England, with no manufacturing site in Arkansas.

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He Rapes To Make That Money For His Family
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Smithfield Foods is a huge food production plant and slaughtering is a big industry down south. Probably looked up no-skill jobs and hit on Smithfield, then just kinda rambled around the website to find this place. Can't be slaughtering our own kind now, can we Piggy?
There are a few Tyson's chicken plants in Arkansas, but they basically only hire Mexicans. Which works out, because Sammie is CLEARLY a Mexican!

Anyway, she went Live, and I'll upload and summarize that later but our boy Perria is a straight savage. A day after dumping Sammies crazy stinky ass, and he's got him a kinda cute black girlfriend! A bit thick in the middle but compared to Sammie she's a skinny legend. And the funniest part are all the comments his post got. He never mentioned Sammie on his FB once, but this chick has his whole family out and happy for him.

Honestly, it's pretty obvious he was using Sammie as a free fuck and bed when he was in Little Rock, and was running around with this chick when he was telling Sammie he was with his family, and that's kind of fucking sleazy. I don't think Perria is a smart man, but he's of average intelligence, enough that he should realize Sammie isn't all these. Taking advantage of a re.tard is kind of gross.