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He looks vaguely Wesley Willis-esque, doesn't he? Little Rock over London.

I'm glad I have the restraint to only dip into this thread once every few weeks because that's about all I can muster when Sammie is posting exhibits that will be used in Bentley's and Lucy's inevitable emancipation hearings.
Sammie doesn't have legal custody of neither Ben nor Lucy. Unless they file for emancipation from Mama Shart, which is honestly understandable given the old bag didn't turn out to be much better.

Hell be 6 in December right now hes 5, and it's crazy that both kids had so many issues but it's not surprising at all. I'm so glad she appears to be sterile.

To my horror someone in the shart family got another damn dog. Once it grows itll probably be tossed away like the others sammy writes about.
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Fucking vile on so many ways.
It's bad enough modern socieity is too scared to do even a tiny bit of eugenics to stop these people from breeding but they involve animals is even more disgusting.
Children can recover from shit parenting but animals will never understand the abuse they get, that dog is most likely too young to be taken away from its mum and will not receve any vaccines or worming or parasite protection and even if it survives being a puppy it will never escape the abuse and neglect.


Nothing really new in sammy land.

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