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Yes, this 30-something woman is trying to get teenagers in trouble at school for being edgy on TikTok. Because "accountability."

With an aura of smug superiority no other lolcow can rival, white woman Savannah Jane Tumbling Malm has gained notoriety on TikTok for doxing people and trying to get them fired for not bowing to woke orthodoxy. She's a pharmacist (lactation consultant/Pharm.D/IBCLC) and disguises her Karening over others' improper mask-wearing as genuine concern, often trying to use her training to argue as though she is a public health authority. She's also tried to get nurses fired for making fake vaccine card jokes and random people banned from airlines because they wore the wrong kind of mask. In other words, Malm has less of a life than the denizens of this site despite having an actual child she should be taking care of.

The Most Infamous

Malm's antics on TikTok have earned her a controversial reputation. The woke defend her, everyone else hates her, and now it's our turn to laugh at her. Here are the TikToks she made which generated the most spice.

In this video, Savannah contacts a man's family members because he made a rape joke on TikTok. Several female family members tell her off, but she remains oblivious to the fact that her input on their family member is unwanted.

In this video, a pharmacy tech says she grabbed blank vaccination cards for herself and her husband. Savannah tries to get her fired.

Then Savannah went full autist, putting even some of the hardened thread-makers of KF to shame in her quest to get yet another woman fired.

In which she justifies publicly posting where people work so her followers can join in a cacophony of cancellation:

The TikTok was deleted, but this Axios article (a) contains an interview with Savannah about how she got a man fired for selling fake vaccination cards. She got quite a bit of media coverage over this incident.

In this video, someone who Savannah targeted decided not to completely abandon a career in medicine after her attempt at cancelling him. One of her followers messaged him on Instagram about how he had been offensive or something, and he rudely told the guy off, thus giving Savannah more fuel to try to get him kicked out of med school again:

Savannah's doxing efforts aren't always successful. In this incident, a hospital was flooded with calls from Savannah's followers after a woman, who had not worked there in 6+ months, was doxed by Savannah.

Marissa, part 1: a Republican lesbian named Marissa wears an ineffective mask and criticizes BLM. Savannah Karens the fuck out and tries to get her banned from flying on that airline.

Marissa reposted the video and silently reacted, mocking Savannah. After getting harassment from Savannah's followers, Marissa made another two videos (1, 2) - apparently Savannah's doxing attempt got Marissa 30,000 new TikTok followers and her boss backed her up.

Marissa then made a video calling out Savannah's hypocrisy, having initially been against doxing, then building a TikTok persona on it:

Seeing this, Savannah, likely seething internally, pointed out to Marissa that she's changed her mind on doxing. Of course, it's fine for her and her followers to pile on people, but as the videos in the next section show, it's "harassment" when people pile on her and her supporters.

More About Savannah

Of course, Savannah paints herself as a victim despite being the one who instigates literally every drama surrounding herself.

"Everyone who hates me is far-right!"

Savannah is married and has one daughter. Her husband doesn't appear in her TikToks, but she says he's in the military, into anime and doesn't have friends. I'm guessing this is because she doesn't allow him to.

Here's a picture of the couple from before Savannah's eyebrows took on a life of their own:


Everyone reacts pretty strongly to Savannah, one way or another. There were two large 4chan threads (1,2,a,a) about her, as well as plenty of Twitter threads by right-wingers criticizing her videos. Media reports about her have been neutral to positive.

Newsweek (a)
Daily Dot (a)
MSN (a)

Information-Gathering Controversy

How does Savannah get all this information about people? She googles most of it, but apparently also uses her sister to look up people's dox. Her sister works at a Walgreen's pharmacy.

These videos (1,2) make a strong case that Savannah is using her sister to dox people, which would be illegal since the information her sister is allegedly accessing is supposed to be private:

MilkyMalm, LLC

MilkyMalm, LLC (a) is Savannah's lactation consulting venture. Basically, she talks to women about breastfeeding and post-natal care, and tailors medication recommendations to their needs.

According to OpenCorporate (a), the LLC was created in Idaho. Malm and her husband now reportedly live in South Carolina (per dox compiled by chan autists), though she says she lives in Mississippi. The initial filing and first annual report for the company are attached as PDFs at the bottom of the thread. The annual report appears to confirm the address listed below is correct.


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The amount of entitlement that is seething out of this woman, is unfathomably irritating. The way she talks like she's the arbiter of who's right and wrong and who should be "accountable" makes me want to puke and the condescending way she composes herself to other people is just wow. I cant believe this woman ceases spending time with her family to make these videos it's sad. And the tinge of reddit that comes out of her person hurts my soul